Classic Hardcore Victory Records’ releases now available on iTunes with limited time pricing

Getting tired of classic Christmas carols? Finding it hard to mosh along to “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”? Victory Records has decided enough is enough. No more corny Christmas music. So slap on your Santa hat and grab your ugliest Christmas sweater, the time has come to mosh your way through the holidays. As an early surprise, Victory Records has rounded up some of their most iconic releases with limited pricing for the Hardcore for the Holidays promotion on iTunes. The promotion runs until December 17th 2012 so be sure to make a list and check it twice, these prices won’t last forever. Never before has there been such an impressive hardcore collection in one place, making perfect gifts for the music lover in your life.

The following releases are featured in the “Hardcore for the Holidays” promotion:

Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
Comeback Kid –
Wake The Dead
Snapcase –
Progression Through Unlearning
Earth Crisis –
1991-2001 Forever True
Blood For Blood –
Revenge On Society
Warzone –
The Victory Years
Strife –
In This Defiance
Integrity –
Systems Overload
All Out War –
For Those Who Were Crucified
Cause For Alarm –
Cause For Alarm
Reach The Sky –
So Far From Home
Buried Alive –
Death Of Your Perfect World
Skarhead –
Kings At Crime
Grey Area –
Fanbelt Algebra
Strife –
One Truth
Path Of Resistance –
Who Dares Wins
Shutdown –
Against All Odds
No Innocent Victim –
Flesh and Blood
Ringworm – Birth Is Pain

Join Victory Records as they celebrate more than 20 years of headbanging with a selection of albums that shaped the foundation of the hardcore genre. With no outlet for serious hardcore artists, owner and CEO Tony Brummel founded Victory Records in 1989, giving a voice and legitimacy to bands that truly deserved to be heard.  Commended for playing an integral role in breaking hardcore bands, Victory has compiled a collection of releases that have single-handedly defined “hardcore”.  The Hardcore for the Holidays list boasts some of the most prolific hardcore albums of our time, including Hatebreed’s Satisfaction is the Death of Desire(1997), described as “sincere” and “unrelenting”, with guitar chugs that paved the way for bands to come. Also on the list is an undisputed favourite, Snapcase’s Progression Through Unlearning (1997); demonstrating intricate musicianship with a clear, positive message of staying true to who you are. No Holiday list would be complete without the Earth Crisis compilation Forever True 1991-2001, a selection of the band’s best releases spanning a 10-year career. Without a doubt this list is the end all be all for high-quality hardcore music – if you are looking for classic hardcore, there is simply no other place to find it. Whether you are a seasoned player or brand new to the world of hardcore, listen to a Hardcore for the Holidays release and you’ll be transported to a time when music was heavy and the message was clear. In an era of bubblegum pop punk, self-pitying alt rockers, it’s time to go back to the classics.

As America’s leading independent rock label, Victory Records is proud to present the most comprehensive classic hardcore collection to date, guaranteed to liven up any Christmas party. Visit the Victory Records webstore for more information on their “Hardcore for the Holidays” promotion and be sure to check out all of their exclusive Holiday items.

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