Exirpation signs with Grom Records

The Italian blackened thrash metal band Extirpation have signed a deal with Grom Records for the release of their debut album “Reverse The Reality”.

Extirpation stated: “We are honored to work together with GROM Records, it is a great opportunity for us and we are very proud to introduce our music through them. Our first album, “Reverse The Reality” will be released in the coming months after a long and hard work! This album have 8 tracks and are a furious mix of Thrash/Black metal, This collaboration is very important for us and we hope it lasts for a long time.”

Grom Records stated: “Do you still remember how Thrash Black Metal sounded back in 80’s? Do you like that raw filthy grimness of first studio recording signed by masters as: Sarcofago, Sepultura, Buldozer, Necrodeath? If you’re able to feel these old spirits then EXTIRPATION is what you need baby! Sharp, dirty Thrash Black Metal rooted in decades behind us, behind nowadays scene and behind nowadays modern societies! It’s amazing to discover such a young group of metal heads who are able to re-call monsters of the past and present them in today’s sterile world covered in plastic and fake feelings. Their debut full-length “Reverse The Reality” brings all these forgotten values of extreme Metal and reflect brightness of glorious days of real underground! Italians once again proved that their old necro legacy still lives!”

Here is a video promo for “Reverse The Reality” which is out next year.

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