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Turisas Announce North American Tour with Firewind for 2013

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Following the success of headlining the North American Paganfest tour, Turisas have announced that they will be returning to the states next February/March for headlining U.S. tour with Firewind and The Stolen Babies.

Listed below are confirmed dates for the “Guards of Glory – North American Tour 2013”:

Feb. 02 – Jacksonville, FL – Roc Bar
Feb. 03 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade – Downstairs
Feb. 05 – Richmond, VA – Empire
Feb. 06 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
Feb. 07 – Worcester, MA – The Palladium – Upstairs
Feb. 08 – Montreal, QC – Les Foufounes Électriques
Feb. 09 – Toronto, ON – The Mod Club
Feb. 10 – Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
Feb. 11 – Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s Downunder
Feb. 13 – Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights
Feb. 15 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre
Feb. 16 – Salt Lake City, UT – In the Venue
Feb. 18 – Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
Feb. 19 – Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret
Feb. 20 – Portland, OR – Branx
Feb. 21 – Oakland, CA – Oakland Metro OperaHouse
Feb. 22 – West Hollywood, CA – Key Club*
Feb. 23 – Santa Ana, CA – The Constellation Room*
Feb. 25 – Tempe, AZ – 910 Live*
Feb. 28 – Dallas, TX – Door*
Mar. 01 – San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit*
Mar. 02 – Houston, TX – Warehouse Live*
Mar. 04 – Orlando, FL – The Social*
Mar. 05 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room*
Mar. 06 – Tampa, FL – State Theatre*

* Turisas and Firewind only

There are also special VIP tickets being sold for the show and they are very limited. So if you’d like to purchase VIP tickets, please see

Fans can also see Turisas before this tour on the 70,000 Tons of Metal metal cruise which kicks of January 28th in Florida.

Cradle of Filth w/Support @ Klubi, Tampere (Finland)

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Dark End, Rotting Christ, God Seed, Cradle Of Filth
Klubi, Tampere, Finland
15th November 2012

Klubi is a medium sized gig venue located in the heart of the Tampere city. Last night it was packed full of goths and metalheads who had all come to witness the nightmare that is the Finland leg of Cradle of Filth’s ‘Creatures From The Black Abyss’ tour.

Dark End
This Italian symphonic black metal band really likes their stage props. Their performance featured amongst other things: a blood stained cloth, burning incense and some twig-like gloves for the singer. They were also planning to use some live pyrotechnics but the venue owner didn’t give them permission to do so. Sadly, in spite of all the props, their show lacked in energy and most of the songs were slow and not particularly memorable.

Rotting Christ
These guys proved that you don’t need any corpse-paint or fancy stage props to put on a great show. Rotting Christ’s energetic, no-frills approach to black/melodic death metal won them several new fans as they entertained the crowds with a set packed full of fast metal tunes. I’m not familiar with their work but after that performance I’m tempted to check out some of their stuff.

God Seed

I’ve actually seen this band live before, albeit very briefly at Hellfest a few years ago. The only things I remember about them was that they play black metal and feature two former members from Gorgoroth. Anyway, this time their show was a case of hit and miss. Some of the black metal tracks they played were good but then they had these slow ambient style songs featuring some weird, pop-esque keyboard which didn’t fit the music at all.

Cradle Of Filth
This was my third Cradle Of Filth gig and once again they did not disappoint. Their set was packed full of hit songs which have left their mark in the band’s long history including: ‘Summer Dying Fast’ (one of my personal favorites), ‘Funeral In Carpathia’, ‘Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids’, ‘Nymphetamine’, ‘Lilith Immaculate’ and two tracks from the new album. Interestingly enough they did not play ‘Her Ghost In The Fog’ or any other track from the ‘Midian’ album but instead they ended their set with a performance ‘From The Cradle to Enslave’. Another thing that had changed since the last time when I saw them live was that the female backing vocals were sung by the keyboard player at times, and from play-back on certain songs. This made some of the older Cradle of Filth tracks sound a bit different to the way they do on the albums. Nonetheless I’m really glad that they chose to play the older stuff and I hope to see them live again in the future.


Avenged Sevenfold’s new song and surprise video

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Avenged Sevenfold‘s new original song Carry On is featured as a surprise video following the credits in the in the highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops II, available on all major platforms now.

It is a very unique performance and unlike any other ever. Watch it below to find out what we mean.

The performance also features characters Raul Menendez and Sergeant Frank Woods performing alongside AX7.

If you just want to see the virtual AX7 playing new song Carry On skip to 1:36 in the video.

Avenged Sevenfold – “Carry On” is available now on iTunes.

Fall City Fall invite fans to participate live video shoot

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Calgary, Alberta’s supreme hardcore outfit Fall City Fall invites fans to come out and take part in their upcoming LIVE music video shoot for Lovebirds and Dissentipede from their forthcoming album Victus, out January 22nd, 2013. The event will take place on November 23rdat Albert Park Radisson Heights in Calgary and will begin at 6:30 pm.


Head over to the Victory Records’ webstore and check out Fall City Fall’s merchandise. Stay tuned for updates and the announcement of their pre-order packages.


Listenable sign French metal innovators Supuration

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Don’t be fooled by the band moniker, Supuration do not specialize themselves in unleashing short grind-gore blasts but deliver more of measured yet muscular balanced metal through a more profound, subtle and enigmatic musical world.

Born in Valenciennes in the North of France in 1989, Supuration or their more progressive incarnation S.U.P., have been releasing a numerous amount of records over their 20 year career, developing a series of conceptual albums called The Cube .

The Cube 3 will see its release in 2013 – 20 years later after the debut album release initiating the story about The Cube and 10 years after the similar in concept and powerful Incubation in 2003

Popular for their massive wall of guitars and tasteful vocal delivery making them sound like an unexpected mixture of a crushing Carcass and an intimate Pink Floyd, Supuration have made themselves a cult recognition in the live circuit for not playing too often in the recent time but delivering mesmerizing and unique performances.

Often tagged as progressive death metal, Supuration (or S.U.P. for their extra conceptual albums), is a very interesting proposition to the metal world in 2012. Some European festivals have already showed interest and The Cube 3 is a very strong offering that will rip quite a few minds next year on Listenable.


Pentagram announced for Desertfest London & Berlin

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Pentagram have been announced as one of the big hitters at both Desertfest London and Desertfest Berlin 2013. In London they’ll join Conan, Admiral Sir Cloudesly Shovell and many more to be announced.

Desertfest London takes place at the Electric Ballroom, Underworld, Purple Turtle and Black Heart in Camden Town, London between April 26 – 28, 2013. For more info, click here. For ticket info, click here.

In Berlin they’ll join Lowrider, Dozer, Gentleman’s Pistols, Lonely Kamel, Kadaver and many more to be announced.

Desertfest Berlin takes place across three stages at Astra Kulturhaus, Berlin between April 25 – 27, 2013. For more info and ticket details, click here.


Interview with V’gandr [Helheim]

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Helheim have been a lasting and destructive force on the Norwegian metal scene, while not achieving the same amount of commercial success as other black metal acts from Norway such as Dimmu Borgir or the infamy achieved by Varg Vikernes, the band have continued their reign of Norse-influenced terror in their own way. Regarded as pioneers of the Norwegian Viking Metal scene, Helheim have been apart of the scene for 20 years and with the release of Heiðindómr ok mótgangr last year, the band show no signs of slowing up.

Nico: Helheim is the abode of the Norse deity Hel, daughter of Loki. What inspired you to adopt this as the band’s name?

V’gandr: We adopted the name back in 92 after numerous of other names. We wanted to have a Norse approach to our lyrics where we had focus on the darker and more sinister parts of the Norse mythology and thus we chose Helheim as our name.

N: Heiðindómr ok mótgangr is the band’s latest album, what are the main lyrical concepts behind the album?

V: The main focus are circled around the four viten & mot parts which are based on the words of the wise (Odin) and his håvamål. Other than that the lyrics deal with human nature and its lacking of truthfulness towards the pagan. It’s all about longing as well as restrained hate. Heathendom is resistance and that’s what we’re all about.

N: What would you say are your favourite tracks from Heiðindómr ok mótgangr and why?

V: I’m proud of the whole album and every song got its moments, but the opening track kind of sets the mood and standard, so I really like that one.

N: Helheim have been a dominating force in both the Norwegian metal scene and the international metal scene. What do you feel has been the key to the band’s long-lasting career?

V: A dominating force? That’s the first time I’ve heard that, but thanks, hehe. I’ve always felt a bit aside the scene as we’ve never strived for fame or acknowledgment, but rather being truthful towards ourselves. Well, we’re a little family now and none of us are ready to leave it just yet. We have no recipe to how, we just have been around for 20 years and we have more to say.

N: Even though Heiðindómr ok mótgangr was released last year, do you have any plans for a new release?

V: Oh yes. All the material for our next release is ready and we’ll record it next year. Beware!

N: As we’re nearing the end of 2012, does the band have any plans for 2013? Providing the world doesn’t end on 21st December.

V: Release a new album and continue playing live. No more, no less.

N: What song do you feel defines Helheim as a whole?

V: Hmmm, a hard one. I can’t only pick one actually. There’s a few tracks that kind of adds up Helheim and that is: Jormundgand, Jernskogen, Dualitet Og Ulver and maybe Åsgards Fall 2.

N: When it comes to writing new material, where does the band draw inspiration from? And how does songwriting happen for Helheim?

V: We are our own inspiration believe it or not, but for Åsgards Fall MCD we were directly inspired by Bathory. Myself and H’grimnir creates music pretty much the same way we did 20 years ago and that is with and none-amplified electric guitar, hehe. And so the writing begins. Inspiration come from the inside and one song or idea can lead to another.

N: If you could replace the soundtrack to any film/movie with your own music, which one would it be and why?

V: That movie haven’t been made yet.

N: How would you describe your music to new listeners?

V: Passionate, serious, dark and beautiful. A view into the Norse.

N: As Helheim have been around for 20 years, you’ll obviously have a wealth of experience and wisdom. Is there any that you’d like to pass on to the new bands that emerging on the scene?

V: Nah, not really. Bands should do what the fuck they think is right for themselves. We learned the business the hard way and got nothing for free and I’m glad it was like that. It made us rise up and keep on going and learning from our mistakes. I think this is the right way for most bands to do it as then you see who got it and who’s not. Well, that was an advise after all…more or less. Hohohooo!

N: If you could be any hero or deity from Norse mythology, which one would it be and why?

V: I really can’t answer such a question as it wouldn’t make any sense. I never look to heroes or deities or gods or whatever. That’s what we’re trying to say in Helheim, you know. The gods are the tools of the trade.

N: Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

V: As I’ve said before, I say again; heathendom IS resistance. Remember that kids, now go eat a kebab.

For further news and updates about Helheim:


Arch Enemy add second Mexico City date; To play Wages of Sin in its entirety

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Swedish death metallers Arch Enemy have announced a second show in Mexico City, on December 6th, where they’ll perform their Wages Of Sin album in it’s entirety.

The band released an update which states: “We are celebrating the 10th year anniversary of our Wages Of Sin album in 2012 – a defining release in the history of Arch Enemy as you might know. We have decided to dedicate the last Arch Enemy concert of 2012 to this album and our Mexican fans and play it in its entirety (plus an encore of rare Arch Enemy songs). If you are anywhere near Mexico City on December 6th – don’t miss out on this truly unique event which will not be repeated! Be there and become a part of Arch Enemy‘s history!” Tickets are available at this location.

The band also recently issued the following announcement regarding their plans for the DVD: “Big news for our upcoming Latin & South America tour! We will be documenting the entire tour for the next official Arch Enemy DVD (to be released in 2013)! We are bringing along the team from Filmefahrer Pictures (who also shot the Cologne, Germany 2012 show) to film the shows, do interviews with the band members, shoot backstage footage, fans and incidentals during the entire run of the tour. We are so excited to come back to Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico as well as discovering new places like Uruguay, Peru and Costa Rica that we simply must immortalize this experience – and the crazy fans we’ll meet along the way! Additionally we will have the team from Abysmo filming the Chile show in HD with several cameras. We are also looking into recording the Mexico show with a local film team there. Stay tuned and come to the shows, if you want to be a part of our next DVD (and Blue-ray) extravaganza! Khaos Legions – Heed Our War Cry!

The band’s video message about the Latin America Khaos Legions tour can be viewed below.

Arch Enemy’s tour schedule is now as follows:

21 – Teatro Caupolican – Santiago, Chile
23 – Teatro Flores – Buenos Aires, Argentina
25 – Carioca Club – Sao Paulo, Brazil
27 – Club Platense – Montevideo, Uruguay
29 – Centro de convenciones Scencia de la Molina – Lima, Peru

1 – Club Peppers – San José, Costa Rica
4 – Circo Volador – Mexico City, Mexico
6 – Circo Volador – Mexico City, Mexico (performing Wages Of Sin album)


ReVamp postpone release of second album

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Dutch symphonic metal act ReVamp have postponed the release of their second album due vocalist Floor Jansen’s recent touring commitments with Nightwish.

The following statement was released by the band: “Due to the changed situation in which singer Floor joined Nightwish on their world tour and summer festivals the band has decided to postpone the release. The new album deserves full attention and with the schedule as it is today is it not possible to do enough shows, tours and festivals. ReVamp wants to release the album in the fall of 2013. The exact date and more info about the possible tours will come as soon as possible. The recording of the album stays as scheduled and will start in December of this year!

This will no doubt come as bad news to fans of ReVamp.


Continents reveal artwork for Idle Hands

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Continents have revealed the artwork for their first Victory Records’ release Idle Hands, out January 22nd, 2013. Pre- order packages are available through the Victory Records’ webstore for $19.98 and include a CD, poster and t-shirt; for an additional $2.00 fans can swap out the CD for a slick purple putty or clear with black smoke vinyl. Order now and add additional Continents merchandise at a discounted price.


See them on tour beginning November 26th through December 14th in the UK and Europe. See a full listing of tour dates here.

For more information on CONTINENTS:

CONTINENTS limited edition holiday sweatshirt available here.

Victory Records Fall/ Winter Catalog Download

Tour Promo Video

Summer 2012 Video


Hatebreed reveal new song Put It To The Torch on!

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Put It To The Torch, the first single off Hatebreed‘s upcoming mosh feast The Divinity Of Purpose premieres today over on IMPERICON.COM. Click here to check out the official lyric video and to hear the track.

The Divinity Of Purpose marks the band’s first album for new label partners Nuclear Blast (Europe and more) and Razor & Tie (North America) and is touted to be their best effort since The Rise Of Brutality, bringing back the power of their legendary first three records! The album will be released January 28, 2013 in the UK.

Find Hatebreed online:
HATEBREED on Nuclear Blast


Cognitive – The Horrid Swarm

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The Horrid Swarm
Released 21st July, 2012
Technical Death Metal
Self Released

Only being an active band for a year now, Cognitive may not be too well known, but with the way they’re creating their music now, it’ll be a matter of time before their name gets spread around. With the release of their EP The Horrid Swarm, it branches from a sundry amount of metal genres but mainly sticking to the technical death sound. With underlying influences such as Nile and Spawn of Possession, any fan of death metal or metal in general will enjoy this EP.

The EP starts off immediately with In the Form of a Drone which is just a mix of brutal guitar riffs and punishing drums. I was personally taken aback by how clear and amped the sound was on this EP. I could clearly make out every instrument that was accompanying the low vocals which I believe made it easier to listen to. Especially on newer bands who may not be equipped with great recording equipment, I was definitely happy with how well they captured their musicianship in The Horrid Swarm.

I was also happy with the fact that there were 5 tracks to this EP. I feel that this gave more of a feel of what the band is capable of doing and it defined themselves as a band as well. Each song on The Horrid Swarm varied in content but it gave me that feeling of wanting to throw my computer chair across my room while forming a hole in the wall.

I highly recommend checking out Cognitive and seeing them live if you’re in the New Jesery and Pennslyvania areas. These guys deserve a ton of support and this album proves that they’re a talented band with passion and drive to deliver neck-breaking metal that appeases to anyone who supports brutal death metal.


Lauren Gowdy

Aeon – Aeons Black

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Aeons Black
Released: 20th November, 2012
Death Metal
Released via Metal Blade Records

I didn’t think that it was possible for Aeon to sound heavier than they already do, but they have proven me wrong with their newest album, Aeons Black. Aeon makes the kind of death metal that digs deep into your soul and is just a prime example of all things blasphemous and heavy. Their neck breaking riffs and punishing vocals definitely make this, in my opinion, one of the must have metal albums of 2012.

Starting with Still They Pray, you’re instantly hit with a wall of sound that gets you pumped up and instantly sucks you into this 15 track album. Usually I have a problem with so many instrumental songs being thrown onto albums, but I can honestly say that all 4 instrumental songs on Aeons Black only add to its shear awesomeness and brutality. Mixed with the heaviness of all the other tracks, it creates a spine-tingling buildup that makes you feel evil and inhuman.

The one song that stuck out to me the most on this album was I Wish You Death, which you can tell is definitely not a love ballad. Just the tempo and use of the whammy bar makes it stick out from the rest and really, to me, defines what this whole album is trying to portray: death metal with a bit of an added groove to it. Even though that was my personal favourite  I thoroughly enjoyed the album as a whole and think that every second of every song is worth listening to.

Being my favourite band for the last few years, Aeon definitely did not disappoint with this album. I’m thoroughly impressed with their musicianship and their drive to stick true to their sound. Their passion is shown in their songs, and I believe they will continue on to create more hard-hitting death metal that will make the death metal community and Satan himself proud.


Lauren Gowdy

Giants–These Are The Days

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These Are The Days
Released: 17th September
Post-Hardcore/Skater Punk

In the past 3 years since the roots of Essex quintet Giants formed, they’ve amassed a huge following amongst the UK hardcore scene. With huge anthemic tunes such as Another Day, Another Year and Home To Home under their belt, it’s also no wonder why their live set is exploding with energy and crowd song-alongs. They have quickly become one of the hardest working bands in the UK and ‘These Are The Days’ is a well-fitting showcase of what the band have to offer to new fans, and what they have to reward their loyal fans with.

The 7 track mini-album wastes no time in starting. Did It Mean So Much To You gives mere seconds for the listener to prepare themselves for the ride ahead before a genre defining punk-rock riff initiates the album. The bass and guitar tones blend perfectly into a wall of sound that is driven by typical (but fitting) punk drums. Ed Parker and Jack Longman perform their vocals in their standard ‘you shout, I scream’ way but extend into different territory with a swap of tempos between slow choruses and upbeat verses.  A stand out moment in this song is the breakdown. In typical Giants fashion, they reflect the heavy and chuggy guitars with a small lighter fills of guitar which may take away the brutal-ness of the breakdown but instead adds beauty.

One thing Giants can do expertly are catchy ‘two step’ beats and When It Comes Down To It contains perfect examples of this. The structure of the song is made up of 2 choruses which are followed by well driven drum beats, aggressive punk guitars and bouncing basslines.  The vocals also closely compliment this song with catchy choruses and memorable lyrics. I have a feeling that this song will add to the foundations of their live set due to the application of this songs features.

Snakes is a rampage of pure skater aggression. The short anthem explodes with pure angst that is rumoured to be based on scooters in skate parks. For fellow skaters who have experienced the same, this song with be a vent for all the anger and the lyrics speak the minds of all who agree; ‘You’re always getting in the way’.

The lyrics that Giants painted in previous releases always had a way of reaching the hearts of their teenage fans. Won’t Be Told follows suit by expressing that things that teenagers have always wanted: Freedom. Jack Longman’s vocals are heart felt and are greatly accompanied by a flowing lead guitar riff and beefy rhythm and bass guitars. They also leave room for those fans who just want to headbang or run around in circles by keeping the punk influence running throughout the song.

Current fans of Giants are guaranteed to know track 5. Another Day, Another Year was originally released on 2011’s split EP with Evita and is now one of their signature songs that stapled their name onto the UK hardcore scene.  Unlike a lot of Giants’ songs, Another Day, Another Year has a feel good vibe. The pulsating vocals that sing about getting older but still remembering the good times, the sore throat inducing group chants and lead guitar that your ears worship all add up to an anthem that is a clear stand out amongst the rest of the album.

Bottled up is a nice and refreshing instrumental that is a break from all the carnage. The guitar tone is surprisingly beautiful and would fit in amongst bands like Basement. However, the break doesn’t last long as the final track Boneless brings the mini-album to close with a heroic mix group vocals, big choruses and intricate guitar work.

These Are The Days is not just another notch on the bed for Giants like most albums are for bands of their genre, it is the defining moment of their career so far and reflects their best work to date.  The display of Punk influenced hardcore and heart felt lyrics shown by the quintet sets the bar higher for all other aspiring artists that hope to make it big in the modern day music industry. All their hard work and touring has definitely paid off for them.


Sam Axup

Huldre – Intet Menneskebarn

Posted in Review on 13th November 2012 by izaforestspirit

Intet Menneskebarn
Due for release/Released: June 2012
Folk Metal
Released via Label: Self-Released

‘Intet Menneskebarn’ is the debut album from the Danish folk metal band Huldre.

Right from the intro to the first track ‘Ulvevinter’ you know you have entered folk metal territory. As with most bands of the same genre, Huldre plays a mixture of metal and traditional folk instruments. In this case the folk instruments include flutes and a violin-like piece of equipment known as the hurdy gurdy. Oh, and there’s two more things you should know about this band: they have a female singer and all the songs are sung in their native Danish.

‘Skovpolska’ is a melodic track which puts the emphasis on Nanna Barslev’s vocals and the accompanying melancholic sound of the hurdy gurdy. I can honestly say that my knowledge of this language is non-existent, but these guys make it sound very pleasant! Then suddenly the song takes a turn towards the experimental (read: weird). It’s as if somebody decided to play one of the instruments backwards (possibly the hurdy gurdy) and pick up the pace. Luckily the vocals return just time to redeem the song. ‘Brandridt’ is a far more balanced song with catchy folk melodies, beautiful vocals and heavy metal guitar riffs. Speaking of the guitars, they are a lot more audible on this track then on the previous ones and they have even managed to throw in a solo half-way in.

Other noteworthy tracks include the catchy, hurdy gurdy driven ‘Gennem Marsken’ and ‘Vaageblus’ with its eerie, atmospheric intro and a slight change in direction towards a more metal sound with guitars and vocals at the forefront. The latter is, in many ways a bit of an oddity on here, as it’s the one of the few tracks which puts a lot more emphasis on the guitar riffs than the hurdy gurdy. There’s also some catchy, folk metal instrumentals towards the end of the album out of which ‘Knoglekvad’ is the most memorable due to the use of the flutes.

Overall, Huldre offers an interesting take on folk metal. Their album has its weaknesses but it’s mostly pleasant-sounding, melodic and even melancholic at times. All I can say is give them a try, but don’t tune into this expecting to hear a Danish clone of Korpiklaani.


Iza Raittila

Interview with Tommy Dahlström [Aeon]

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After releasing their debut album Bleeding the False back in 2005, Swedish death metal band Aeon have taken off in the metal scene and are favored by bands such as Cannibal Corpse. Being one of my personal favorite metal bands ever, I was ecstatic to have the privilege of interviewing front man Tommy Dahlström about the band’s new album Aeons Black, a possible U.S. and Canadian tour, and the perks of being on tour.

<br />Aeon


Lauren: Who do you consider to be big influences on your music?

Tommy: We grew up listening to Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and a few more bands. They were a big influence back then and still are.

L: Is there any major differences music wise between your newest album, Aeon’s Black, in comparison to your previous albums?

T: No I don’t think so. We still deliver death metal the Aeon way; aggressive but with groove.

L: Aeon seems to always play in Europe. Any plans for a U.S. or Canada tour in the future?

T: We have been offered many U.S tours over the years but had to turn them down because of financial problems. But we are working on it and I hope we can do Canadian and a U.S tour with this album in our back.

L: How did you come up with the video concept for Forgiveness Denied and do you plan on doing another video for your new album?

T: We made the video from the lyrics of the song. As simple as that. Yes, we are talking about making a video but it’s way too early to say anything about that here.

L: Where did the band’s hate for Christianity come from?

T: From my heart and soul. It’s not only the Christians, it’s all gods followers.

L: What do you enjoy most about touring, and what do you dislike the most about them?

T: The girls, hahaha. I enjoy touring, that’s what I want to do. It’s awesome to meet people that like death metal as much as I do. To stand on stage and play the music that I love and have sacrificed most of my life to is a dream come true. If the tour goes as planned then I don’t have any dislikes.

L: Your house is on fire and you only have time to grab 3 things: what would you grab?

T: Only need my rifle so I can shoot the asshole that did set my house on fire.

L: What’s your favorite Swedish food dish?

T: Blodpudding.

L: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

T: I hope to see you at our shows. Stay metal.

Aeon’s new album, Aeon’s Black, will be released on 20th November, 2012, make sure to get yourself a copy!


Enforcer’s Into The Night reissue now on CD

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Into The Night, the debut album from Swedish heavy metallers Enforcer, has been reissued on Earache Records and is out now on CD, with a limited edition vinyl version due to be released on December 3rd.

Originally released in 2008 on Heavy Artillery Records, Into The Night is now widely available for the first time and features 9 tracks of traditional, high-octane heavy metal, and includes the band’s single and fan-favourite, Black Angel.

Into The Night is due to be released on limited edition coloured vinyl in the following quantities and colours:

100 – City Lights (White & Yellow)
200 – Into the Night (Blue & Black Marble)
300 – Mistress from Hell (Red)
400 – Black Angel (Black)

Get Into The Night now on CD or pre-order the limited edition coloured vinyl in Europe here or in North America here.

Into The Night is also available now on iTunes here.

Enforcer have just wrapped up a UK tour with Angel Witch and Age of Taurus, and are now taking a break to work on their new album, the follow-up to 2010’s Diamonds.

Get more Enforcer news and info at:

Official site –
Facebook –
MySpace –
Twitter –


Aeon premier new track exclusively on MetalSucks

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Today MetalSucks offers up an exclusive premiere of The Glowing Hate, the latest single of iniquity from Swedish death metal unit, Aeon. The track comes off the band’s forthcoming new full-length, Aeons Black, scheduled to drop this week Friday!

Comments guitarist Daniel Dlimi of the tune: “My goal with ‘The Glowing Hate’ was to write a really diverse song containing all sorts of elements and influences. Personally, I think it turned out great and it’s also the song that I am most satisfied with of the ones I wrote for the album. I also think [vocalist] Tommy [Dahlstöm] managed to write really great lyrics and awesome vocal patterns for it, and as usual it’s all about our everlasting hate against religion. The spoken parts at the end were something that Tommy and I came up with over a piss-warm beer in the studio after we were done with the main vocals of the song. It sounded cool so we decided to keep it.”

Get down with The Glowing Hate here.

Already crowned, “one of the best death metal albums of 2012,” by Revolver Magazine and, “a masterpiece of goddamned death metal,” by The Metal Observer, Aeons Black is slated for release on November 16, 2012 through Metal Blade Records. The meticulously executed slab of sacrilegious sickness was recorded at Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at Garageland Studios and features striking cover art by Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin (Bathory, At The Gates, Dissection, Emperor, et al).

Check out the title track, in-studio video footage and pre-order info here.

Tommy Dahlstöm ˆ Vocals
Zeb Nilsson ˆ Guitar
Daniel Dlimi ˆ Guitar
Arttu Mallki ˆ Drums
Marcus Edvardsson – Bass

The Greatest Show On Earth–UK legends Hell announce special one-off show for 2013

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UK metal legends Hell are putting on one hell of a show, to celebrate the start of the recording of album two.

This special performance coined as The Greatest Show On Earth, will be filled with “fire, brimstone and pyrotechnical madness”, with support coming from the epic Winterfylleth and A Thousand Enemies. The show will also be filmed live and mixed in 5.1 for a special DVD release, later in 2013. Next year, on February 23rd, the UK will see HELL stage their full ‘Church Of Hell‘  at Derby Assembly Rooms, Darwin Suite.

Over the last year and a half with HELL, we’ve always put on as much of a show as possible, but with limitations due to festival billings, Health and Safety and venue size”, says guitarist Andy Sneap.”We felt it time to unleash the band’s full potential to the UK as it’s something we feel is missing more and more.The theatrics and the bombastic stage productions of old remain with the Monsters of Rock, but is something a lot of the newer breed of bands seem to overlook whilst onstage staring at the floor.

The first Headline show I ever saw was ‘Iron Maiden’ on ‘The Beast On The Road Tour’ at Derby Assembly Rooms. It used to be a regular Midlands show on every bands touring schedule when they passed through the UK and anyone frequenting the first couple of indoor Bloodstock festivals will know how great a venue for metal this is. We can’t wait to bring a full on, unashamedly over the top metal show back to the Assembly Rooms on Feb 23rd 2013.

Tickets can be found here.

Cited as a huge indirect influence, and as one of the true founding fathers of occult metal, Hell formed in 1982 from the carcasses of UK metal bands Race Against Time and Paralex, whose White Lightning EP was listed by Metallica as a favourite, and which was subsequently included on the Lars Ulrich, Geoff Barton  ‘NWOBHM ’79 Revisited’ sampler album. Despite over five years of constant touring, the band were cruelly overlooked by the ’80’s music press, who just didn’t get it. Hell were too different, too extreme, too musically intelligent and far too thought-provoking for all but the most enlightened to understand them. A teenage Andy Sneap was a permanent fixture on the front row of almost every show Hell played and went on to form Sabbat and become a renowned metal producer. Upon meeting again, the remaining members of Hell – Kev Bower (guitar/keys), Tony Speakman (bass) and Tim Bowler (drums) talked with Andy about re-recording the old material to release in conjunction with the old demos. With Sneap replacing Halliday on guitar and David Bower on vocals, the band recorded 10 Hell classics from the 80’s that became their 2011 debut ‘Human Remains’.


Incassum – Rite of Passage

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Rite of Passage
Released: November 24th

Melodic Death Metal
Released via Rocksector Records

Rite of Passage came to my hands – my cybernetic hands -  when I was asked if I wanted to review a female fronted melodic death metal band [editor’s note: I never told Maria the band have a female vocalist]. Personally, I hate when female fronted bands use that female factor as a “Look at me! I’m special!” card – Though some bands do need it.

The words fast and aggressive describe this album pretty good. It gives me that feeling of craving headbanging to it even in the most awkward, crowded public places. The clean vocals and occasional acoustic guitars come and refresh the songs, taking away that cheesy feeling some death metal bands have after a few songs.

Listening to Incassum, I can’t help but to think about a now extinct Prog Metal band from my area. From the vocal style to the music they are quite alike and it gives me a pleasant flashback. Sadly enough it also takes me back 5-6 years to the time I would listen to stuff that sounded brOOtal just for the sake of being brOOtal.

Sharleen Kennedy’s vocals are a mix of Candace Kucsulain (Walls of Jericho) with Lacey Mosley (ex-Flyleaf) and the music seems to me to be a mix of Swedish Death Metal with a couple of touches of Prog Rock, a tiny bit or Core and a teaspoon of Opeth’s  mysticism. To some point, it actually had a bit of a Dethklok feeling to it.

Although I have mixed feelings about the album I’m going leave those subjective matters aside and tell you that Rite of Passage is a good Melodic Death metal album. It moves away from what the Finnish have done to the genre – though I will clarify, I adore Finnish death metal. Incassum is like a breath of fresh air out of that melancholic aura that Melodeath is now. To make it into a pretty analogy, it is like climbing to a tree top after being lost for weeks in the black forest.

Incassum are not one of those bands that play on the female factor. They should get rid of the Arch Enemy stigma associated to that kind of bands and just promote themselves as what they are: A good Melodic Death Metal band.


María Mata