The Addication – The Addication

The Addication
The Addication
Due for release/Released: December 2012
Thrash Metal
Released via: Inverse Records

‘The Addication’ is the self-titled debut album from Finnish thrash metal band.

The opening track ‘Burning Down’ offers some fast paced, powerful guitar riffs, solo and vocals akin to the Finnish speed thrash metal legends Stone. A promising start so far… Then the vocals suddenly change for the worse on the next track ‘From The Ashes’. This is a shame because the rest of the music, especially the guitar riffs is actually pretty good.

Sadly this vocal change seems to stick like glue, with the rest of the album following the same pattern. The lead vocals resemble a mixture of wailing and howling which means that the rest of the musicians, particularly the guitarists, have to work that much harder to make amends. Take ‘Last Seconds On Earth’ for instance, it has a promising start with the thrash metal guitars and even the vocals are ok for a while then the wailing starts again. Luckily there’s a good guitar solo in there which provides some relief to my ears before the dreaded vocals resume. Then there’s ‘Rust’ with its melodic, acoustic guitar parts at the start of the track which highlight the bad vocals even more. I mean – let’s face it; the speed thrash metal style guitar riffs are the only thing that actually stands a chance of masking the cringe-worthy vocals. Good thing the song picks up the pace later on which makes it listenable though still not great.

It’s really difficult to find a track with some potential as they are all tainted with the aforementioned crappy vocals. ‘My Testament’ has some decent guitar solos and Machine Head style riffs, just try to ignore the vocals and you might actually enjoy it! Then there’s ‘Out From The Inferno’ with quite possibly the best intro of the album thanks to the opening guitar riffs, shame that they had to add the howling vocals.


Iza Raittila

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