Play With Drugs – Drugland vol.1

Play With Drugs
Drugland vol.1
Due for release/Released: Summer 2010
Industrial/ Electronica
Released via Label: Use More Grass

‘Drugland vol.1’ is the debut album from the American industrial band and Vampire Freaks user Play With Drugs. The band was formed back in 2010 by DJ Maysin. The album as well as the new single are both available for free download from the band’s page on the Vampire Freaks Digital Music Store.

Now, considering the band’s name and the title, I don’t think need to say much more about the album’s main theme: drugs and the joys of taking them recreationally. So it’s no surprise that they have song titles like ‘Under The Influence’ and ‘The Perfect High’. Musically speaking this is dance floor – friendly, instrumental electronica.

The aforementioned opening track ‘Under The Influence’ sets the scene with some synth tunes that gradually pick up the pace as the song progresses. Time to get ready for a night out. By ‘MDMA’ you’re already at the club and you’re off straight to the dance floor. It’s full speed ahead as you show off your moves and believe me, this track might be short but its catchy synth and drum machine combo really does get you moving. ‘Perfect High’ has a slow start but, much like it’s predecessors, it’s not long before it picks up the pace and reveals its true colors as another dance track.

The ambient/atmospheric undertones in ‘The End Of All Things’ give the song a different kind of feel compared to the rest of the album. That particular song is also slower, lacks the dance floor feel and the overall structure seems a bit more complex as well. Then everything comes to an end with ‘Soiled Memories’ combining the atmosphere of ‘The End Of All Things’ with some mid-pace synth melodies which gradually speed up towards the latter half of the song.


Iza Raittila

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