Dead Aeon–Apotheosis

Dead Aeon
Released 24th November
Death Metal/True Irish Guinness Metal

Formed 4 years ago in Monaghan, Ireland and with varying line-up changes over the years, Dead Aeon have been clawing their way into the Irish metal scene with what can only be described as unrelenting drunken fury. After a short break, Dead Aeon entered the studio to record their debut EP Apotheosis.

From the second Apotheosis begins, Dead Aeon take you on a hellishly exciting rollercoaster ride of murderous vocals and lethally executed riffs. Each track leaves you feeling like you’re at ground zero of an artillery barrage. The third track, All Shall Fade might relent in terms of speed compared to other tracks on the EP like Omnicide and Veins Of The Earth, but it still injects an unhealthy dosage of vitamin B(rutal) into your ears. The vocals of frontman Jack Penders are well refined, keeping a strong, ravenous sound hurtling through Apotheosis, especially during in the opening track Omnicide and the guitar and bass workings of Chris Winsryg (guitarist) and Daniel Doherty (bassist) easily go toe-to-toe with some of the bigger names in the death metal scene, with their work really standing out on Mass Culture Theory and Rise To Power. Drummer Evan McGuigan’s stylings certainly don’t go unnoticed through the EP either – It’s hard to not notice his thundering playing as he blasts through each track.

While each track on Apotheosis are each a masterpiece in their own right, the opening track Omnicide and Mass Culture Theory, for me, are the two strongest songs on the EP that really show what Dead Aeon are about, displaying an unholy aggression and and bone-crushing sound.

Avoiding the folky and Celtic orientated sounds of bands from their native homeland like Darkest Era and Primordial, and the more rock anthem stylings of one of Ireland’s biggest musical exports, Thin Lizzy, Dead Aeon have crafted themselves an authentic sound that rings out well throughout Apotheosis like church bells on a quiet winter’s night. With a heavy-hitting sound like this one, Dead Aeon have potential to put Ireland’s metal scene on the map.


Nico Davidson

Dead Aeon are:

Jack Penders – Vocals
Daniel Doherty – Bass
Evan McGuigan – Drums
Chris Winsryg – Guitar


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