BloodRedSky – A Cross To Bear & Hell To Harness

A Cross To Bear & Hell To Harness
Due for release/Released: November 2012
Stoner Rock / Heavy Metal
Released via Label: Inverse Records

‘A Cross To Bear & Hell To Harness’ is the debut album from the Finnish stoner rock band BloodRedSky. The band’s sound has been likened to “a combination of Kyuss, Danzig and Motörhead”.

What struck me the most about the opening track ‘Locked’n’Loaded’ was just how heavy the guitars sounded. This band’s guitar riff style is so powerful that it’s verging on metal at times and the guttural vocals make me think of Black Label Society with a hint of Danzig. Having said that, this is faster and lacks the sludge elements of BLS. Also the singer has this southern rock sound in his voice.

Yet it’s the guitar riffs which make the individual tracks stand out. An example of this is the groovy guitar solo and catchy riffs in ‘A Hero To A Few’. Then there’s the melodic, groove laden intro to ‘The Dead’ which quicky gives way to more hard rock style of guitar riffage and guttural vocals that come close to sounding like semi-growls at times. ‘Stoneskin’ emphasizes the band’s take on stoner rock with it’s mid-paced, heavy riffs and the aforementioned Black Label Society -style vocals. Other noteworthy moments include: the ridiculously cheesy sounding chorus of ‘Goblin King’, which is compensated by the catchiness of the groovy guitars and the solo towards the latter part of the track; and the energetic sounding guitar riffs in the intro to the instrumental ‘Skulltower’.

Overall, this album offers an interesting take on stoner rock. It’s actually heavier and faster than I expected it to be. It’s not to my personal taste but if you like your stoner rock with a slight ‘kick’ to it then ‘A Cross To Bear & Hell To Harness’ is for you.


Iza Raittila

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