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Threshold announce one UK show as part of European Tour

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Legendary British progressive metal maestros Threshold, proclaim the March of Progress!

Matching the title of their highly successful new masterpiece March Of Progress (out via Nuclear Blast since August 24, 2012), the band will finally return to the European stages in March, 2013.

Guitarist Karl Groom states enthusiastically: “It will be great to be back on the road with Threshold – and in particular to play songs from our latest album!”

Make sure to be there when the magic happens on March 1st, 2013 – London, Underworld.

To purchase tickets please head over here.


Interview with Paul Mazurkiewicz [Cannibal Corpse]

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Being arguably one of the most respected and founding bands of death metal, Cannibal Corpse are still going strong with the release of their newest album, Torture, which came out in March of this year. Before performing at The Met in Pawtucket, RI, I got a chance to chat with Cannibal Corpse’s drummer, Paul Mazurkiewicz, about some highlights from this past year, inspiration for their lyrics, and some inspirational advice for any upcoming bands.

Cannibal Corpse is currently on their US Torture Tour with Misery Index and Hour of Penance which ends in December. They will then be touring with Devildriver for a full headlining tour in Europe.

Rammstein to release video collection and new single

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Sex and crime, blood and fire, monsters and mutations…

What sounds like a compendium of midnight movies is really just a collection of music videos. If we call them clips, at least Americans will think of the gun magazines they use to reload their weapons. That suits the explosive content.

With just a small creative core to set the agenda, Rammstein have consistently created stunning image sequences that are unparalleled internationally. Directors working with the band have demonstrated a clear sense of vision, tremendous courage, plus a unique refusal to compromise – and no box-set to date can attest to this as gloriously as the forthcoming box set, Videos 1995-2012 (editor’s note: You think they could have thought of a more creative title for the video collection), released through Spinefarm Records in the UK onDecember 17th 2012.

Almost a decade after the arrival of their first video retrospective, Lichtspielhaus (2003), an up-to-date and more complete picture of the band has finally emerged. While the clips show Rammstein in their purest form, a few lesser-known facts also come to light, primarily via the behind-the-flames footage from the individual shoots, plus the many interviews with the various people involved and of course the band members themselves.

A high point is the new clip for Mein Herz Brennt (My Heart Burns), lead track on the seminal Mutter album (2001), and the story behind it. So time-consuming was the promo to get right, that some of the band members started to see it as the ‘eternal video’, one they would be working on until their collective death. It ultimately took several attempts and the work of two directors to get this monumental piece off the ground.

Not only did this result in one of the most unusual videos in the history of a band notorious for their output in this area (Du Hast, Sonne, Links 2 3 4, Mein Teil, Mann Gegen Mann, Pussy, etc.); but as a reward for all the hard work, some extra footage was shot featuring front-man Till Lindemann in a solo performance of the ‘piano version’ of Mein Herz Brennt – the clip will premiere on the Rammstein website onDecember 7th 2012.


This ‘piano version’ of the song will be released as a singlevia Spinefarm UK on December 10th 2012; the single will be available on7” vinyl & CD Maxi, with both formats featuring the previously unreleased studio recording, Gib Mir Deine Augen.

Videos 1995 – 2012, meanwhile, is available as a Digi-pack Box Set with 3 DVDs or two Blu-ray discs; all 25 videos, including the makings-of (24), have been recently  updated – a full eight hours of official content complete with a detailed, 56-page booklet plus lenticular cover.

With this box set, Rammstein presents itself in all its glory: larger than life, larger than Hollywood.

Mein Hertz Brennt preorder:


Singles 1995 – 2012 preorder



Enforcer sign to Nuclear Blast and announce new album for early 2013

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The Swedish Heavy Metal bloodbrothers, Enforcer, recently signed a new worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records and will release their new album Death By Fire on February 4th, 2013.

Enforcer are the leaders of the new generation of metal bands, cut from the roots of real metal, in spirit, in sound and in appearance.Bandleader, vocalist and guitar player Olof Wikstrand comments “It feels great to finally have finished this long awaited third ENFORCER record. Now with Nuclear Blast on board we’re gonna make sure to spread it to every corner of this planet. You can expect nothing but the total, self-defining Enforcer record.

Formed in 2004 in Arvika, Sweden the band released their debut album Into The Night in late 2008.The record bucked the trend of overproduced, clean plastic albums with tons of tracks and triggered drums. Into The Night was a pure metal record, in the grand tradition of acts such as Exciter, Agent Steel and Anvil. Musically, Death By Fire refines the sound of the previous two records – more focused, with strong melodies, outstanding riffs and a voice as strong as steel.

“The album title refers to the most horrific ways to die”, says Olof . “All lyrics on Death By Fire hold the same theme throughout the record: death – in all different shapes.

Once again, the album has less than 40 minutes of playing time – an Enforcer trademark: “We write all music for the vinyl format and a normal LP can never be longer than 19 minutes on each side without losing sound quality. None of my favourite records are longer than 39 minutes anyway. The record is made for listening to as an entirety and when it’s over the listener should be craving for more, not less. We don’t write any fillers.”

Olof sums it up : “We decided to do the ultimate Enforcer record rather than trying to break new ground. Take all elements that make us stand out from all other bands of today and exaggerate it 1000 times. Behold… DEATH BY FIRE!”
Be excited. Be very excited.


Beyond Mortality sign with Worm Hole Death Records and Grom Records

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The Swedish melodic death metal band Beyond Mortality have joined forces with Worm Hole Death Records and Grom Records.

Beyond Mortality stated: “We are real happy to be a part of both the Grom records and Wormholedeath/Dreamcell 11 family and are really looking forward in working with them. This is just the start of the Beyond Mortality story and we are real happy to be able to share it with them. We intend to make a mark in history of extreme metal and we can’t think of anyone else to do it with”

Worm Hole Death Record
s stated: “We wanted to offer beyond Mortality a publishing deal since we had the pleasure to work closely with the guys and we really respect and admire them for their attitide and musical skills. Furthermore this is a great opportunity to co-release this album with our Serbian friends (in life) and great partners (in music) at Grom Records. I am sure this is gonna be the first of many cooperation between Wormholedeath and Grom!!”

Grom Records stated
: “We in Grom Records are more than proud to announce this collaboration with our friends and partners from Worm Hole Death Records. We already work on different projects for some time now and we strongly decided to make our partnership even deeper and start cooperation between our two labels. So, Beyond Mortality is going to be our first official strike on the scene and we are sure all sides will get benefits from this unity and partnership.Beyond Mortality offers strong and force-full Death Metal covering different styles of genre and creating quality and unique mixture of brutal emotions. Death Metal as it should be, raw, wild, brutal and merciless! Recorded at MathLab Studios and mastered buy Dan Swano himself. ”

Shining release cover of Alice Cooper classic

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Sweden’s Shining – featuring Niklas Kvarforth, who is considered to be one of metal’s most controversial artists – have uploaded to their cover of the Alice Cooper classic, Prince Of Darkness.

You can listen to it here.

Shining’s eighth studio album, Redefining Darkness, released via Spinefarm Records, is out now.


1.       Du, Mitt Konstverk

2.       The Ghastly Silence

3.       Han Som Hatar Människan

4.       Hail Darkness Hail

5.       Det Stora Grå

6.       For The God Below

Watch the video for Tillsammans Är Vi Allt from the seventh full-length Shining album, VII / Född Förlorare below.

UK shows are being planned for 2013.

Interview with Knaat

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The German band Knaat is the latest addition to the world of folk and pagan metal. Iza caught up with the band to discuss the scene, influences and “the magic of alcohol”.

Iza: Hi
Knaat: Hello!

I: Tell me a bit more about Knaat’s origins as a band. What was the main thing that inspired you to sort playing pagan metal?
Knaat: We didn’t start with pagan right away, we messed around a lot in the beginning and nothing made much sense. Then Adrian (keyboards) joined, we started writing our first more serious riffs and then it sort of happened that we played pagan metal. It fit our style and we were all big fans of pagan music.

I: Does the name ‘Knaat’ mean anything? 
Knaat: Nothing in particular, it’s basically the sound an old door makes when you open or close it. We were drunk when we named the band like this and we really liked it. Don’t judge us! 

I: Could you tell me a little bit about the lyrical themes for the songs on your new album ‘Die Lichtung’? 
Knaat: Basically it’s about typical pagan themes like battles with giants, men who face their own fate or the magic of alcohol. Sometimes the lyrics in the pagan scene refer to actual historical happenings, that’s not the case with Knaat.

I: How serious are you about the pagan/heathen theme? Is it an important factor in your music or do you see yourselves more as easy going party-folk metal band?
Knaat:We fit in the second category. We’re just really big fans of the music, that’s why we make it and our singer can write his lyrics about topics he is interested in. There’s nothing more behind it.

I: For a relatively new band you have accomplished some major things such as playing a major festival like Pagan Fest Munich. How did it feel to play in front of such a large crowd for the first time?
Knaat: Some of us were very nervous before the concert, especially when the intro kicked in. We didn’t expect so many people to show up. But as we kept playing we realized that the crowd was awesome and that there’s nothing to worry about. Sitting together with some of the members from the biggest pagan bands afterwards was simply incredible and unforgettable.

I: I can detect influences from bands like Korpiklaani and Ensiferum in your music. Which of these has had the biggest impact on your sound?
Knaat: Probably Ensiferum and Finsterforst

I: What does the year 2013 have in store for Knaat? What sort of plans do you have?
Knaat: Towards the end of 2012 we’re going to have our first little “tour” so we didn’t really plan ahead yet. We’re going to try to play on some festivals – some are more known and it will be tough to get accepted – and of course our concerts from time to time.

I: How do you feel about doing an international tour? Is this something you would consider at this stage of your career?
Knaat: Like I said, we’re having our first little “tour” in the end of this year, we will be playing in Munich, Italy and Switzerland. This will already be tough, since we have to drive there by ourselves, take care of our equipment by ourselves etc. A really big tour, like across Europe would be great, but not yet possible unfortunately. Maybe in in a couple of years, when we make more money (we all need to finish either university or vocational training) and we can actually afford some people who can help and also some sort of tour bus.

I: If you could pick any other pagan metal band to tour with in the future who would it be and why?
Knaat: Probably Finsterforst. They influenced us a lot and they are a Band that we always wanted to play with. They make great music and are finally getting the success they deserve!

I: Some people say that pagan and folk metal is no longer as popular as it used to be a few years ago. What are your thoughts on this?
Knaat: It is definitely the case that Pagan metal had a huge boom at some point which is now fading a bit, but the people who enjoyed it a lot before, still enjoy it. You shouldn’t stop listening to your favorite bands, just because the general interest in the genre is depleting.

I: Anything else you would like to add for your fans and our readers?
Knaat:Thanks so much for your support and keep supporting German breweries!