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Masachist – Scorned

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Released: 2011
Death Metal
Released via Selfmadegod Records

Masachist are a 5 piece death metal band from Poland and have an impressive array of members from some very notable bands, On vocals they have Pig a.k.a Wojciech Wąsowicz from Decapitated, on bass is Heinrich from Polish Black Metal band Vesania, On drums Daray who is an ex Vader drummer, Aro can be found on Rhythm guitar and founding member Thrufel is the Lead Guitarist.

All in all an impressive line up and expectations of a quality album is high. The Album itself is entitled Scorned and it’s promised to be, “40 minutes of your agony, 9 songs about your demise”.

The first track, Drilling Your Nerves powers in with a nice rhythmic piece on guitars and drums which is quickly followed by a thundering vocal that screams brutality through and through. Various influences are immediately evident and I would like to desist from comparisons with other notable polish bands, Behemoth being the main one as the similarities are stark which is to be somewhat expected with the close links to the band. The track itself is an exciting mix of death metal pounding and a surprising almost black metal feel to it, which is a nice blend of influence and musicianship, the rhythm of this track is by far its defining quality and it pounds you into musical submission!

The Second offering is entitled, The Process of Elimination and straight away I am caught by the blast beats and double bass pedal work on the drums, the guitar playing is blisteringly fast and choppy and the vocals lend an almost ethereal quality to the music, if you like a mosh and a head-bang then this track is most definitely for you. I am struck by the interesting contrasts throughout the track with rhythm and melodic brutality, if such a term exists! It does now!

Straight and Narrow Path is the third track on the album and it has a dredging, guttural feel to it. Which is then intersected by a middle 8 which gives way to a chorus effect on the guitar, this track is one that you can turn loud and annoy the neighbours with as the bass is punishing and the drums only increase the intensity that is equally matched by the guitars and vocals, an interesting track indeed.

Track 4, Manifesto starts off incredibly brutal and then has a brief melodic guitar part which quickly gives way to yet more unrelenting brutality, this track would induce a brain aneurism if you turned it up loud enough! That’s how unrelenting and punishing it is, if you like your music to punish your senses then this track certainly does that.

Next up is a track called, Higher Authority which to me is a blend of old school death metal and sliding guitar chords, the vocals really chop this track up and the blast beats on the drums really give an added element. There are some very interesting chords in this track and this track really gives you an idea of how good these musicians really are, the skill level is incredibly high and the track really gives the listener a taste of what these guys are all about.

Opposing Normality is track 5 and it starts off with a distorted organ sound and some interesting distorted/reverbed vocal effects, this soon ends and the guitars, bass and drums usher in a very old school style riff. Mid way through the song the brutality relents for a moment and then it smacks its way back in.

Track 7 is entitled Liberation and wow, this track is by far the fastest on the album, the double bass pedal and blast beats are nothing short of incredible, quarter way through the track is slows down marginally and gives the listener a mix of rhythm and interesting chord progressions, the track then speeds up to 1000mph again and the listener is left absolutely dazed!

Liberation II is the eighth track it is entirely with distorted sounds although this time it’s a mix of distorted vox/choral, it’s a momentary departure from the overall theme of the album, call it a auditory break.

Finally we have track 9, Inner Void. Which starts off with a very slow droning old school death metal feel to it, very cool! This track at the beginning almost reminds me of Celtic Frost but that is soon replaced by yet more old school idea’s, there are clearly many influences in this track and I feel this may well be a nice jumping point to where Masachist can launch their next album.

My overall thoughts on this album is that it is a very well thought out album, there are many influences and ideas going on within it and each member clearly brings aspects from their other bands to this one. If you think Masachist is merely a side project or plaything for these musicians then you would be sorely mistaken, it is very much it’s own entity and creation and the quality of musicianship is clear.

The production of this album is perfect, I cannot fault it, every sound is as I believe it should be and the overall mix is just right.

If I were to sum this album up in one word, which is incredibly easy to do in fact that word would be, unrelenting.

Each track pummels the listener into an auditory submission of sorts and they are perfectly placed lending an added quality to the next.

I am incredibly impressed by this album and the name of the band says it all, Masachist You have to have some masochistic tendencies to allow yourself such an assault on your senses, and I love it!




2 Wolves – Men of Honour

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2 Wolves
Men of Honour
Due for release/Released: November 2012
Melodic Death Metal/ Symphonic Industrial Metal
Released via Label: Inverse Records

‘Men of Honour’ is the second album from the Finnish industrial metal band 2 Wolves. It is the follow up to last year’s debut ‘Gentlemen, Please’.

After the symphonic intro, the opening track ‘Bygones’ shows its true nature offering some average sounding melodic death metal with a mixture of clean vocals and semi-growls performed by two different singers. So far I can’t detect even a hint of industrial metal in their sound. Oh, and by industrial metal I’m referring to bands like Ministry, early Fear Factory, Godflesh and so on.

Ah! There it is… About halfway through the intro to ‘Unreal Conversations’ there’s this electronic programmed noise beeping its way between the guitars just before the vocals kick in. Then there’s an alarm call part midway through the track. Though you really have to listen out for the so called ‘industrial elements’ as most of the time all you hear is melancholic, melodic death metal. Then there’s tracks like the Opeth-style ‘Warm Touch of Forthcoming Tragedy’ which is about as industrial as Nightwish is black metal!

With ‘Stars’ you get to hear more of the programming; though once again it drifts into the background. The predominant focus is on the Katatonia-style clean vocals and the sombre guitars. The album also includes a fair share of symphonic/melodic death metal tracks like ‘The Path of Misery’ which, oddly enough, prove that the semi-growly vocals are a much better fit for this type of music. ‘Same Different Burden’ has some pleasant sounding guitar melodies making it one of the more decent parts of the album. It’s not until the final track ‘Enemy Inside’ that the electronic distortion starts to make an audible difference to the guitar and vocal patterns. Better late then never I guess, but it’s not enough.

Overall this is a very confusing album and it’s not just due the mix of genres. Industrial metal this certainly isn’t. There some faint hints of it here and there but take the programming parts out and all you would be left with is some very average sounding melo-death.


Iza Raittila

Dames Of Darkness Festival set for 2013 after five years

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Dutch symphonic metal outfit Delain have been confirmed as headliners of the 2013 edition of The Dames of Darkness Festival, which will take place at The Robin 2 in Bilston, near Birmingham. The event which returns by popular demand after five years is set to take place on Saturday 11th May and features 8 female fronted metal bands from the UK and Europe.

Delain who released their album in June on Roadrunner Records entitled We Are The Others are looking forward to playing to their UK fans again having last played in the UK before the album was released due to label politics. A much publicised campaign by their fans to get it released was successful and now they will get their chance to see the band perform songs now familiar to them.

Also on the bill are Visions of Atlantis, a band which formed in 2000 and are currently signed to Napalm records. Visions of Atlantis are well known in the genre and have toured the world supporting acts such as Nightwish and Epica. They have not however played in the UK before so the festival will be their UK debut, much to the pleasure of their UK fans.

Highly rated French ‘philharmonic metal’ band Whyzdom have just released their second album Blind and will be playing the UK for only their second time but first with new singer Elvyne Lorient. Festival creators and hosts Apparition are amongst the bands and they have also invited Azylya from Belgium and Ex-Libris from The Netherlands.

Kicking things off will be Incarna, followed by Chemikill both from the UK.

For information on tickets, etc visit the following links:


Nya–Driving The Nails In

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Driving The Nails In
Released: 5th November

Bursting back onto the scene with their all-new line-up,  Nya are set to release their second EP Driving The Nails In. Already building up a busy schedule, the band are setting themselves to go beyond their horizons in the coming months.

The EP begins with the violent churning of guitars on Back To You that helps the vocals boom out like a metallic explosion. The riffs have their melodic and catchy moments as well, creating some memorable hooks through the song. You Are belts out with an uplifting riff that really hook’s your ears and keeps your attention when the vocals gently but powerfully echo out. The drums prove to be a driving force throughout the song, co-operating well with the bass sections and completing the track with a certain grace.

The third track, Open Your Eyes, is an interesting one. Taking a softer approach but still proving to be a hard rocking number with some catchy hooks and acute rhythm sections, the song drives into your ears with a poignant amount of majesty and strength. The poetically titled Choir Invisible displays a use of punchy riffs blended with divine sounding vocals. The EP ends with the title track, Driving The Nails In, which provides a completely new and somewhat alternative sound on the EP. Throwing heavy riffs and domineering drums into the fray with Olympian vocals and the band’s brilliant use of catchy hooks, Driving The Nails In is certainly the track that stands out the most on the EP.

I think it’s safe to say that Nya have pulled another great release out of the bag – Possibly better than their debut EP. Each track wails out with the band’s own sound that will no doubt hook the listener and keep them playing the EP on repeat for hours on end. No doubt 2013 will have a number of great things in store for Nya.


Nico Davidson


GODYVA: new album postponed to February

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Following a revision of post-production of their new album “Alien Heart”, the Italian gothic metal band GODYVA decided, in accordance with their own label “Southern Brigade Records”, to postpone the release until February 28, 2013.

In this regard, the guitarist G.G.Gohm says: “We realize that it is already the third time that we postpone the release of this album, however we are all convinced that this is our most mature composition ever and we’d rather have a little more patience and focus on a post production which gives full justice to the final sound of the disc”.

Note that the album will be distributed worldwide via Scarlet Records and will consist of 12 tracks including a very original cover version of Matia Bazar’s song “I Feel You”.

OPM release ‘Runaway’ video

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The ska punk band OPM have just released a brand new action packed video for ‘Runaway’.

The track is taken from the recently released ‘Heaven Can Wait’ EP which also features new recordings of classic OPM tracks such as ‘Stash Up’ and ‘Heaven Is A Halfpipe’. The Southern California based genre blenders have just completed a successful UK club tour and will return to these shores in 2013.

Out of Decay debut album ‘Arising Of Lost Souls’ out now

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Get ready for some kick-ass melodic metalcore from Germany!
With their promising debut album “Arising Of Lost Souls” German troupe OUT OF DECAY will show that Metalcore can be different!

The powerful guitars, brutal shouts and fierce drums mixed with soulful vocals & excellent melodies has a special place in their skillfully crafted songwriting.

OUT OF DECAY – short bio:
A dedicated band from Rhineland – Palatinate. The six guys really know how to set the fans’ pulses racing. After many shows with famous bands of the scene (such as Agnostic Front, Stick To Your Guns, We Butter The Bread With Butter, etc…) and an EP, OUT OF DECAY unleashed their debut album “Arising Of Lost Souls” in March 2012.

This combination works wonders at the live shows. The music is more than just a hobby for the band members. At every show the fans feel the passion and the emotions over and over again. In addition to the impressive sound, this is one of the reasons why the people are completely swept away at every performance. With these performances the band creates unique and epic moments with their friends and fans.