Huldre – debut album “Intet Menneskebarn” out now

The Nordic folk metallers HULDRE meet highest of demands with their brilliant debut album “Intet Menneskebarn”! The new album is a bright feast for every lover of folk metal.

Huldre is a Danish folk metal act with a strong emphasis on the folk elements of this genre. Drawing inspiration from the varied backgrounds of its seasoned and experienced musicians, Huldre creates heavy and melodic folk metal based on the legacy of medieval Danish and Nordic folk music. Huldre is dedicated to delivering a unique form of folk metal, where both folk and metal are equals and interwoven into an audio tapestry of heavy frolicking and headbanging delight.

Huldre has been compared to bands like early Lumsk and Gåte while their live performances have been described as “[…]this could easily have been a dance-moshpit which could rival the best of Korpiklaani” (

Huldre’s first full-length album “Intet Menneskebarn” was released at summer solstice 2012 (21th of June). It was largely self-financed and self-released although with distribution aid and consulting from Dansk Musiker Forbund (Danish Musicians Union) label “Gateway”. It was recorded at LSD-studios in Lübeck, Germany and engineered, mixed and mastered by Lasse Lammert. The album is available physically from Gateway Music: and digitally from places like Spotify and iTunes.

Huldre began back in 2006 with Bjarne Kristiansen (Bass), Laura Beck (Violin) and Nanna Barslev (Vocals) but it wasn’t until early 2009 that it became as you know it today. The band really started to take shape with the addition of Lasse Olufson (Guitar) and Mikael Skou (Drums).

In late 2009 Mikael left the band to pursue other goals and his replacement was found in drummer Jacob Lund. During the following year Huldre recorded a low-budget, self-titled 5-track demo and made it available to the public for free. The demo served as a sort of business card and landed the band a lot of gigs as well as fans.

In 2010 the band was joined by Aarhus based flute and hurdy-gurdy player Troels Nørgaard and thus the lineup of today was complete.

The 6 members of Huldre have backgrounds in genres such as: traditional acoustic medieval music, death & black metal, reggae, trad. Danish folk music, classical music and from bands such as Gny, Lurpakket, Asynje, Virelai, Submission, Eldjudnir, Roskilde Symphony Orchestra and Voodoom.

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