2 Wolves – Men of Honour

2 Wolves
Men of Honour
Due for release/Released: November 2012
Melodic Death Metal/ Symphonic Industrial Metal
Released via Label: Inverse Records

‘Men of Honour’ is the second album from the Finnish industrial metal band 2 Wolves. It is the follow up to last year’s debut ‘Gentlemen, Please’.

After the symphonic intro, the opening track ‘Bygones’ shows its true nature offering some average sounding melodic death metal with a mixture of clean vocals and semi-growls performed by two different singers. So far I can’t detect even a hint of industrial metal in their sound. Oh, and by industrial metal I’m referring to bands like Ministry, early Fear Factory, Godflesh and so on.

Ah! There it is… About halfway through the intro to ‘Unreal Conversations’ there’s this electronic programmed noise beeping its way between the guitars just before the vocals kick in. Then there’s an alarm call part midway through the track. Though you really have to listen out for the so called ‘industrial elements’ as most of the time all you hear is melancholic, melodic death metal. Then there’s tracks like the Opeth-style ‘Warm Touch of Forthcoming Tragedy’ which is about as industrial as Nightwish is black metal!

With ‘Stars’ you get to hear more of the programming; though once again it drifts into the background. The predominant focus is on the Katatonia-style clean vocals and the sombre guitars. The album also includes a fair share of symphonic/melodic death metal tracks like ‘The Path of Misery’ which, oddly enough, prove that the semi-growly vocals are a much better fit for this type of music. ‘Same Different Burden’ has some pleasant sounding guitar melodies making it one of the more decent parts of the album. It’s not until the final track ‘Enemy Inside’ that the electronic distortion starts to make an audible difference to the guitar and vocal patterns. Better late then never I guess, but it’s not enough.

Overall this is a very confusing album and it’s not just due the mix of genres. Industrial metal this certainly isn’t. There some faint hints of it here and there but take the programming parts out and all you would be left with is some very average sounding melo-death.


Iza Raittila

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