Red Moon Architect – Concealed Silence

Red Moon Architect
Concealed Silence
Due for release/Released: October 2012
Melodic Doom Metal/ Death Metal
Released via Label: Inverse Records

‘Concealed Silence’ is the debut album from the Finnish doom metal band Red Moon Architect. The band was formed last year as a solo project of Saku Moilanen (RoutaSielu, Crimson Sun). This release also features guest appearances from Frans Aalto (ex-Causemos), Anni Viljanen and Juuso Turkki (Hypothesis).

The opening track ‘Abscond’ offers precisely what you might expect based on the description of the band. There’s the growly (early Opeth/My Dying Bride) vocals, droning guitars and steady drumming along with some clean vocals acting as a contrast. One thing that’s unusual about this particular track are the keyboards which give it a somewhat more melodic and less monotone feel. Next up is the lengthy ballad ‘Funeral’ which continues in the same vein with more atmospheric keyboard parts, death metal vocals and melancholic guitar melodies. All these elements make it one of the highlights of the album with the keyboard instrumental part at the end being particularly memorable.

‘Death Rank’ has some elements of symphonic metal mostly due to the keyboards, which add an interesting dimension to the music. Then there’s the haunting ‘Black Butterflies’ which sees the band experiment with dark ambient to create an eerie atmosphere before the vocals kick in about half way through the track. This is also the second song on the album to feature both growly and clean vocals working in harmony with the guitars. Last but not least is ‘Realm’ which provides a mixture of the droning, doom- metal style guitars, guitar solos, symphonic keyboards and female vocals. An odd combination I must say, but it seems to work.

Overall this album has been full of surprises and it’s difficult to categorize it into any specific genre. This is for those who like their death or doom metal with an experimental side to it.


Iza Raittila

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