Maelstrom – The Midnight EP

The Midnight EP
Released: September 2012
Melodic Black Metal

Right from the start of the opening track ‘Eye’ we are treated to some symphonic black metal, complete with shrieking vocals, heavy guitar riffs and melodic keyboards. Though by symphonic black metal, I’m not talking Dimmu Borgir…Think early Hecate Enthroned or ‘Redemption Process’-era Anorexia Nervosa and you will have a better idea of the style of black metal I’m referring to. Though unlike those two bands, Maelstrom likes to add more emphasis on to the guitars with ‘Eye’ being a good example to how to incorporate guitar solos into black metal.

‘Midnight’ is slower and more droning in nature. Even the guitar riffs seem less refined compared to the previous track; the keyboards, though still present, are far more subtle. Then there’s the eerie atmospheric part at the end which fits in well considering the name of the track. ‘Miasma’ is another guitar focused track, complete with occasional solos breaking up what is otherwise a very droning and dry-sounding song. Then we come to the end of this journey with ‘Arctica’ combining the rawness of the other tracks with some atmospheric undertones and haunting, clean backing vocals. Once again it’s the guitars that stand out the most and with a large part of the track being instrumental, the solos become that much more noticable.

Overall this is a decent EP but it’s not one of those albums which you would instantly pick up. It makes for some uneasy listening and if you’re not in the right frame of mind, you are guaranteed to hate it.


Iza Raittila


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