We Are Carnivores–Carnival EP

We Are Carnivores
Carnival EP
Released 5th October 2012
Alt. Rock

Since their formation, alt rockers We Are Carnivores have been ripping the British underground scene a new one with their own unique sound – as well as a cheeky Katy Perry cover here and there. The band have been featured on BBC Introducing and played a string of local gigs which has led up to the release of their debut EP: Carnival.

Beginning with the melodic, mesmerising title track Carnival the EP is already sounding promising as the riffs proclaim themselves with a strong, dignified sound that carries the distinctive vocals across the ocean of hypnotising guitar work and rhythmic drumming. Moving on through the EP comes to the unique sounding track Missing Resonance that belts out some very expressive riffs and soulful lyrics. It’s certainly a song that displays the euphonious song writing ability of a young band.

Bitten is a very mellifluously performed song, fusing strong vocal harmonies with lyrical guitar work and acute drumming while the cleverly titled Master Baiter (The Real Me) is more raw, aggressive and callous but still echoes a pleasing and catchy sound. The EP comes to a breezy, almost punk-sounding end with Genius which carries on in a similar vein of raw music and fierce vocals to the previous track whilst throwing in a few pop punk sounding elements to balance the song out in a sharp, somewhat sophisticated manner.

It’s very rare that a band release a good debut EP but We Are Carnivores have certainly done that. Carnival displays the catchy and melodic side of the band but at the same time captures their violent and hard rocking sound, mixing the two together to create a more than enjoyable EP.


Nico Davidson

We Are Carnivores are:
Harry Christopher – Vocals, Guitar
Damien Ward – Bass, Vocals
James Pickersgill – Guitar, Vocals
Scott Pashley – Drums, Vocals


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