Tiamat – The Scarred People

The Scarred People
Released: October 2012
Gothic Metal/ Atmospheric Doom Metal
Released via  Napalm Records

‘The Scarred People’ is the long awaited new album from the Swedish atmospheric metal band Tiamat. It is the follow up to the 2008 album ‘Amanethes’. Now before I start, here’s a little background history for those unfamiliar with the band. They originally started out back in 1989 and their debut album ‘Sumerian Cry’ was a key part of the Swedish death metal movement along with Entombed’s ‘Left Hand Path’. Since then Tiamat has experimented with various styles ranging from gothic/doom metal to atmospheric rock.

First up is the title track ‘The Scarred People’ offering that wonderful eerily gothic atmosphere that Tiamat have become renowned for. Johan Edlund’s vocals are as haunting as ever and the melodic guitars help to maintain that melancholic feel. One thing that’s new is the use of speech samples such as the one in ‘Winter Dawn’. Then there’s the slow and somewhat creepy ‘384EKteis’ which reminds me of Tiamat’s earlier works such as ‘Wildhoney’.

On a general note ‘The Scarred People’ reflects a gentler and less heavy side of Tiamat with guitar infused, melodic ballads like ‘The Sun Also Rises’ dominating the album. It seems also like a step back from the metal elements of its predecessor ‘Amanethes’ and a return to the goth rock style of ‘Prey’. Having said that even these mellow tracks have a certain charm. However they are still no match for the up-beat sounding ‘Thunder & Lightning’; one of the undisputed highlights of this release, which takes me back to the time when I first discovered Tiamat after watching their video for ‘Brighter Than The Sun’.

Needless to say that if you’re a Tiamat fan like me, you probably don’t need much more convincing to acquire this album. For those who have never heard this band before, I’d recommend you to check out one of their earlier works first.


Iza Raittila


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