Dead End Finland – Stain of Disgrace

Dead End Finland
Stain of Disgrace
Due for release/Released: June 2011 (original) / 2012 (worldwide re-release)
Melodic Death Metal
Released via Label: Inverse Records

‘Stain of Disgrace’ is the debut album from the Finnish melodic death metal band Dead End Finland. The album was originally self-released last year before the band signed to Inverse Records.

After the symphonic keyboard infused intro to ‘My Fate’ it’s straight into some In Flames style melodic death metal. Keyboards aside, this is pretty much what is says on the tin: average melo-death with an emphasis on the guitars and a mixture of standard semi-growls and clean vocals. The main thing that sets these guys apart from the vast sea of similar sounding bands are the symphonic metal keyboards which breathe new life into the genre.

The aforementioned keyboards really come into their own on songs such as ‘Fields of Silence’ where they add a new dimension to the music. It’s a somewhat unusual mixture, more akin to power or symphonic black metal than melo-death but somehow it seems to fit the bill. The same, however, cannot be said for the clean vocals on certain tracks, most notably ‘Sea of Eternity’ where they seem more aligned with the keyboards than the guitars making for a very disjointed song. ‘Sinner’s Day’ suffers from a similar problem and, in many ways, I think they would have been better of just sticking to the growly vocals. I’m not sure what to make of the short instrumental ‘Riot’ as it doesn’t seem to fit the rest of album. Nor does ‘Cry For Innocence’ with that bizarre sounding, ‘techno’ style keyboard intro paving the way for more melodic death metal.

Overall this album has its strengths but there’s still a long way to go before Dead of Finland conquer the world of melodic death metal.


Iza Raittila

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