Knaat debut album “Die Lichtung” out Oct. 13th 2012

You thought that Pagan Metal boom is nearly over? Knaat don’t care about that at all!!!

Instead of thinking about changing anything in their style, Knaat prefer to deliver finest outstanding harsh & melodic Pagan Metal! The six-headed Bavarian Wood-Horde will enter the hearts of all Pagan Metal lovers with their promising debut album Die Lichtung, available from at 13th October 2012.

What started 2009 as a small project inspired by several big Pagan Bands such as Equilibrium, Ensiferum and Korpiklaani, should soon conquer stages in and around Munich under the name Knaat.

Since then, the six young heathens are able to convince more and more people with harsh but also melodic Pagan Metal.

At first there were shows on smaller stages and festivals but soon the Band could prove themselves as a support act for Wolfchant and Menhir. The boiling point was reached in the beginning of 2012, when Knaat were given the chance to play with Eluveitie, Equilibrium, Korpiklaani, Heidevolk, Solstafir, Negura Bunget and Primordial at the Paganfest Munich, in front of 1500 people.

The whole path led to their first Album Die Lichtung (loosely translated to “The Clearly”) which will be released on October 13th 2012.

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