BAAL ZE UB debut album “..From The Cave of The Forgotten” out now

Duck & cover, here comes infernal Black Thrash Metal with vicious teutonic powers! BAAL ZE UB from Hanau, Germany unleashes the debut album “…From The Cave of The Forgotten”!

BAAL ZE UB was formed in February 2011. Today the band still plays in the original line-up: Patrick L. – Singer, Lukas A. – Guitar, Tobias E. – Guitar, Malte D. – Drums and Nicolas G. – Bass. In the first half of the year, BAAL ZE UB worked hard and sweated for their first demo. In June 2011 the band released their first record. This black metal product was limited to 50 copies. After the first live shows on stages in Rhein-Main Hessen, things calmed down for the band because they were already working at full steam on new material for the upcoming album. In the background, BAAL ZE UB worked really hard. New songs, new structures, update to image to produce their debut album. After the recording in July 2012, BAAL ZE UB announced the album name “…from The Cave of The Forgotten”. This full-length album will be presented to their fans and the whole world. With fast guitar riffs, blast beats, complex song structures and the extraordinary voice of Patrick L. BAAL ZE UB released this album on the 29th September 2012.

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