Wall of the Eyeless – Through Emptiness

Wall of the Eyeless
Through Emptiness
December 31st, 2011
Death Metal

Today, I had the pleasure of listening to the demo album of the amazing Swedish duo Wall of the Eyeless. Originally from Russia, SL (Guitars, bass, vocals) met Simon (Drums) at Swedish school, where they recorded this demo with hardly any post production (which does explain the “basement demo” sound). That “trve-like”  sound gives the record part of the melancholic, dark ambient it has, something I really like about it.

The first song is called The Hands. It sets the mood and the foundations for the rest of the demo. It has an exciting sound, very well arranged music and a really nice simplicity to it. The rhythm  although fast, makes you want to lie down in bed on a rainy day just to listen to this in a loop (which I must confess, I did) and just relax. The other songs just continue to pull you to that state of mind and creating that ambient that you can still feel after the music ends.

Regarding lyrics, I absolutely loved them. Very poetic, really beautiful, especially the last verse of Do We Belong Here?and the whole Wall of the Eyeless song. The Raingives it the perfect closure with a pretty, slow melody but at the same time, invites you to hit the replay button.

This Demo is brilliant. It has all the perfect components: The darkish ambient, the pretty melodies,  the harsh vocals, the poetical lyrics… they all come together in perfect harmony. This is a band I want to listen more of, and I hope I get to listen more form them soon. I am planing on buying their Demo to support them and I assure you, it is a good inversion.


María Mata

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