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Deiphago stream new album on Zero Tolerance magazine’s website

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Today, Deiphago offer an exclusive stream of their brand-new album, Satan Alpha Omega, at Zero Tolerancemagazine’s website! A highly exclusive stream from England’s premiere extreme music authority, Deiphago‘s Satan Alpha Omegais out now through Hells Headbangers, and can be heard in its entirety for a limited time here.

Once a cult name in the darkest metal underground but now rising to dominance as arguably the most violent ‘n’ extreme band around, Deiphago recently received a 5.5/6 rating in the new issue of Zero Tolerancefor their latest Satan Alpha Omega, winning that issue’s coveted “Release of the Issue” – with the review stating that Satan Alpha Omega“raises the bar and sets a new standard for the genre.” And so far, the international press is agreement about Deiphago‘s latest ‘n’ greatest Satan Alpha Omega.


Zero Toleranceis England’s most tastemaking metal magazine around – the first (and final) word on all things extreme and underground. Read it as you channel Satan Alpha Omega!

Glowsun – Eternal Season

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Eternal Season
Released September 28th, 2012
Stoner Metal
Released via Napalm Records

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Stoner Metal has a tendency to be an American and British phenomenon, so as it was I found myself surprised to learn that “Glowsun” are from France, a country not particularly known for its output within the Stoner/Doom spectrum of the Metal genre. If you hear the name “Glowsun” and think of bizarre, psychedelic atmospheres, you’d be right – that’s exactly what’s going on here. The album begins with “Death’s Face” featuring light and echoey melodies, then towards the end of the album’s first song, the guitars really start to kick in and things get a little heavier. It’s a creepy psychedelic song that builds to a crushing crescendo. Much of the rest of this album follows this formula of blending the soft with the heavy into a strange brew that is crushingly heavy and also strangely calming and meditative. The album chugs along at a medium pace for much of its duration and achieves that great paradox of Stoner Metal that is to sound huge and intense whilst also relaxing. This is attained through the repetition of simple melodies at a slow to medium pace. This isn’t a very exciting album, but that isn’t usually what the genre is all about.

Judging by the colourful album cover, I assumed this album would sound more “warm” than it does. Instead much of the music here is intentionally atmospheric and strange. The vocals are sparse to say the least, and mostly unintelligible, this being primarily an instrumental release; however the song titles such as “Death’s Face” “The Thing” and “Sleepwalker” give away the darker theme that fits the style present on the album. Legend has it that Black Sabbath decided upon their sound when going to see a horror movie and wondering if people would appreciate the same kind of atmosphere in a musical format; and in truth the music here has more in common with the dark, apocalyptic riffs of early Black Sabbath than it does with the desert rock of Kyuss. That is not to say the album is totally dark and dismal however, and admittedly it is more psychedelic than anything else. The songs plod along at a comfortable pace and feature a more open composition than the pop sensibilities of bands like Spirit Caravan and Orange Goblin. Unlike their contemporaries Om, who build a spiritual, meditative sound, this has more in common with traditional riff based Heavy Metal. This record sort of straddles the line between obvious throwback retro metal and the more modern approach of largely instrumental, atmospheric and avant-garde Stoner Metal with long and repetitive, drawn out song structures. Like a soundtrack to a 70s horror movie played with heavily distorted guitars, it’s creepy, atmospheric and psychedelic in all the right ways. I don’t think this kind of thing will win any converts to the genre, but this is really quite enjoyable to anyone who has the patience for this style of music. I can see myself listening to this release many more times over the coming months. An acquired taste, but a taste to savour.


Paul Gibbins


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On the occasion of Dead Summer Society‘s official website launch, Rain Without End Records and Dead Summer Society (doom/gothic metal from Italy) have started a contest. 3 copies of Dead Summer Society‘s debut album “Visions from a thousand lives” to be won!

To enter the competition just visit DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY and RAIN WITHOUT END RECORDS websites!

Behexen – Nightside Emanations

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Nightside Emanations
Released: September 2012
Black Metal
Released via Debemur Morti Productions

‘Nightside Emanations’ is the long-awaited fourth album from the Finnish black metal band Behexen. It follows their 2008 album ‘My Soul For His Glory’ and their split with the Finnish black metal act Satanic Warmaster.

So after the spooky church organ ‘Intro’ it’s straight into some mid-paced, nihilistic black metal with ‘Wrathful Dragon Hau-Hra’ sending shivers down the listener’s spine mostly due to the singer’s unholy shrieks of doom. In ‘Death’s Light’ we are treated to some raw sounding guitar riffs accompanying the aforementioned shrieks and steady drumming.

Then there’s the vocalized invocation of satan in ‘Circle Me’ making it abundantly clear that Behexen hasn’t changed their lyrical themes. The latter also happens to be one of the highlights of the album thanks to the eerie guitars which complement the singer’s delivery of his message to the Horned One. Other noteworthy tracks include: the atmospheric ‘Kiss Of The Dark Mother’ and the gloomy satanic anthem ‘Temple of Silent Curses’ which is all the more memorable thanks to the good guitar solo towards the end of the song.

Overall four years may seem long time but this was well worth the wait.


Iza Raittila

Noisey–Music By Vice premier Hexvessel’s new video for His Portal Tomb

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Today, Noisey (Music by VICE) premieres the exclusive new video for Hexvessel‘s His Portal Tomb. The song hails from Hexvessel‘s second and latest album, No Holier Temple, released last week by Svart Records. With all music and lyrics written by vocalist/mastermind Mat McNerney, the video for Hexvessel‘s His Portal Tomb was directed by Marja Konttinen for Brutal Gardener, with source material from Lot In Sodom (1933) by James Sibley Watson. McNerney explains the concept behind the His Portal Tomb video: “Images and inscriptions on Egyptian coffins magically place the mummy of the deceased at the centre of a miniature version of the universe. The body as a way in and out of existence. The tomb as a portal. Our mortal prison, where we’re to endure the wrath of god and the punishment of angels. Jude 1:7 records that both Sodom and Gomorrah were ‘giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.’ I wonder what the sarcophagus would tell us, if he could recall his life of earthly pleasures?” The video for Hexvessel‘s His Portal Tomb can be viewed exclusively here.

Hexvessel‘s No Holier Temple fuses the acoustic ’70s folk vibe of its critically acclaimed Dawnbearer predecessor into a more psychedelic, electric, doom-folk sound with Manzarek-like keys, screeching & rhythmic Velvet Underground violins, Miles Davis trumpets, and hypnotic freakouts. Weaving the uncanny songs together are the narrative vocals of Mat McNerney – who on this album has matured into the bastard child of Burke Shelley, young Jon Anderson, and Paul Simon – and inspired by the progressive, spaced-out haze of bands like Amon Düül II, Van Der Graaf Generator, and Ultimate Spinach – whose song “Your Head Is Reeling” they cover with religious abandon – their sound now expands outward from their eerie, signature, ritual-esque intros into a genre-twisting cauldron of otherworldly rock and the late-night, dreamy spoken-word of artists such as Jim Morrison (An American Prayer) and Ken Nordine.

The front cover (below) is by the artist Bastian Kalous and represents the reverence to the native forest and nature that Hexvessel wish to raise awareness and preservation of. The themes of the album “are inspired by the work of great men like Scottish-American naturalist and preservationist John Muir and more recent radical environmental advocates Dave Foreman and Howie Wolke,” discussing the definition of what makes something holy and sacred.

Frontman and founder Mat McNerney says of the album: “The songs were written specifically to be channeled by a group. This is the sound of a cult, all focused on summoning the same magic, joined in prayer, haunted by the same demons. We actively pushed for a new way to evolve our sound. I purposely strove to make this album a calculated move-on from Dawnbearer. This isn’t about using symbols of the occult. This is about a way of living that returns the old gods to their rightful place. We’re a family that worships nature through word and sound. We hope you will join us.”

God Seed to tour Europe in November & December

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God Seed are heading out to tour Europe in November and December with Cradle of Filth on the Creatures From The Black Abyss Tour 2012! You don’t want to miss this! Check out the dates below.

God Seed release the new album I Begin October 22nd in North America, October 26th in Norway & GAS and October 30th in the rest of Europe.

Creatures From The Black Abyss – European Tour 2012:

07 Nov – Holland, Haarlem – Patronaat
08 Nov – Holland, Leeuwarden – Romeein
09 Nov – Germany, Osnabrück – Hyde Park
10 Nov – Denmark, Aarhus – Train
12 Nov – Sweden, Gothenburg – Trädgarn
13 Nov – Sweden, Stockholm – Klubben
15 Nov – Finland, Tampere – Klubbi
16 Nov – Finland, Helsinki – Nosturi
17 Nov – Estonia, Tallinn – Rock Cafe
19 Nov – Belarus, Minsk – Re:Public
20 Nov – Ukraine, Kiev – Bingo
22 Nov – Poland, Warsaw – Progressja
23 Nov – Poland, Krakow – Kwadrat
24 Nov – Czech Republic, Zlin – Winter Masters Of Rock
26 Nov – Italy, Bologna – Estragon
27 Nov – Italy, Milan – Alcatraz (Small Hall)
29 Nov – France, Montpellier – Rockstore
30 Nov – Spain, Bilbao – Santana 27
01 Dec – Spain, Santiago De Compostela – Capitol
02 Dec – Portugal, Porto – Hard Club
04 Dec – Spain, Madrid – La Riviera
05 Dec – Spain, Barcelona – Salamandra
07 Dec – Germany, Geiselwind – Musichall
08 Dec – Germany, Bochum – Matrix
09 Dec – Switzerland, Pratteln – Z-7
11 Dec – Czech Republic, Prague – Meet Factory
13 Dec – Slovakia, Bratislava – Majestic Music Club
14 Dec – Germany, Munich – Theaterfabrik
15 Dec – Austria, Wels – Schlachthof
16 Dec – Germany, Berlin – C-Club
19 Dec – UK, London – Forum

Grand Magus announce 2013 UK tour

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After this summers highly celebrated release of sixth studio album, The Hunt, and a storming set at Bloodstock Festival, Swedish riff gods Grand Magus are heading back to the UK for a comprehensive 10-date tour!
The dates are as follows:

  21/02/13 – The Fleece – Bristol
22/02/13 – The Cathouse – Glasgow
23/02/13 – Stiff Kitten – Belfast
24/02/13 – The Pint – Dublin
26/02/13 – Mohu – Manchester
27/02/13 – Bogiez – Cardiff
28/02/13 – Slade Rooms – Wolverhampton
01/03/13 – The Pavillion – Weymouth
02/03/13 – Talking Head – Southampton
03/03/13 – Underworld – London

Leaves’ Eyes confirm Russian shows

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Leaves’ Eyes frontwoman Liv Kristine recently announce that the band have booked a pair of gigs in Russia.

31st – Vladivostok, Russia – Arena

2nd – Yuzhno-Sahalinsk, Russia – Rock & Jazz Club

Leaves’ Eyes are currently on tour with Firewind. Their next show is tonight in Southampton, UK at Talking Heads. A complete live itinerary can be viewed at this location.

Wolfbane’s October UK tour update

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The reunited original line up of mighty British Heavy Metal band Wolfsbane, who reformed in 2011 to record their first studio album for 17 years, Wolfsbane Save The World, released in January 2012 to huge acclaim, have added 2 more dates to their previously announced October UK tour at Winchester’s Railway Club on October 22nd and Derby’s The Flowerpot on October 28th. The full itinerary is now:

Weds. Oct. 17th – The Musician, LEICESTER

Thurs. Oct. 18th – Bootleggers, KENDAL 

Fri. Oct. 19th – Eric’s, LIVERPOOL

Sat. Oct. 20th – The Attic, RUSHDEN

Sun. Oct. 21st – The Corporation, SHEFFIELD 

Mon 22nd Oct – The Railway Club, WINCHESTER (NEW!)

Weds. Oct. 24th – Fibbers, YORK 

Thurs. 25th – The Garage, LONDON 

Fri. Oct. 26th – The Cathouse, GLASGOW 

Sat. Oct 27th – Robin Hood 2, BILSTON 

Sun. Oct. 28th – The Flowerpot, DERBY (NEW!)

A very special, limited edition CD, The Lost Tapes (A Secret History), the only live studio recording of Wolfsbane ever made, will be exclusively available on the tour. Recorded in 1993, The Lost Tapes (A Secret History) contains an early, visceral version of Wolfsbane’s entire eponymous third album, PLUS all the extra tracks put down at the time, and two cover versions – For You and Born To Run – which were taped during the Massive Noise EP sessions.

Wolfsbane who were formed in 1984 and signed to Rick Rubin’s Def Jam label in 1989, had just recorded their Massive Noise Injection live album at a tumultuous sold out London Marquee gig in February 1993, when they went into the studio to record some covers to go on the Massive Noise EP. With their daring third studio album written and ready to record, the band were really fired up, let alone ‘as sharp as a knife’ in the wake of constant touring and following intensive live rehearsals for the Marquee show. Once they had the 2 covers in the bag, producer Simon Efemy suggested that they ‘throw up some mic’s’ and record what was to become the band’s third album in its entirety. So they geared up and stormed through the set in a way that became legend.

The subsequent album recording sessions went well enough but the band never captured that spiritin the way they set out to, and then Blaze was whisked away in the night to join Iron Maiden, before the group had finished mixing the album. Following the release of Wolfsbane in 1994 the band imploded and it wasn’t till later that they realized the recording from that special night had been lost. No one had a copy. It was gone, just a memory.

Fast forward 18 years to 2011, and following Wolfsbane’s reformation, guitarist and producer Jase Edwards recalls; ‘We’re looking through stuff in the loft de-cluttering and the pile of tapes in the corner hoves into view. All the unmarked ones are set to one side and a tape player is dug up (a what??? say all the young people) I listen through and see what they are. I can hardly believe my ears when third in, I hear what can only be our lost recording! I instantly stop the tape in shock!! Could it be!! Am I mistaking it for something less finished from the rehearsal room? But it sounds too good to be the rehearsal room?! The snare had that trademark crack to it that could only come from the hands of Simon Efemey… It’s clear, too good for a rehearsal… I restart the tape and listen through….. Yes, we’ve found it! The whole album and the extra tracks; WE FOUND IT!! So… Bearing in mind it’s from a cassette I set about mastering it and getting it ready for release!

The Lost Tapes (A Secret History) will only be for sale in hard copy at the merchandise desk on the band’s October tour, and once it’s gone it’s gone. Jase states that ‘It’s a very special moment in Wolfsbane’s history. It’s thrilling to have found it again and it sounds even better than we remembered it!!! So come on down and grab yourself a piece of thrilling history’.

Germanic metallers Dark At Dawn announce reunion with original line-up

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Germanic metallers Dark At Dawn announces their reunion as well as a new release.

In 2007, Dark At Dawn announced their disbanding after 14 years and five albums. It was too difficult for the members to handle the band as well as their day-jobs.  After several setbacks including line-up changes and business problems they lost the motivation to continue as band.

In the beginning of the 21th century the Harz-Mountain based band was called one of the most promising newcomer of the German scene. Shows at Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze and the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig raised their fame among the audience and their debut record Baneful Skies won praise from the print media. They managed to mix up traditional and typically Metal-Sounds with a unique note of power and melancholy.

Now five years after their disbanding the five musicians decided that the time has come to get back together with new energy and dozens of new ideas.

On the first of October the band releases a new EP with new songs in digital form, as well as a very limited amount of physical copies, which will be sold at their upcoming shows.

In 2013 Dark At Dawn will celebrate their 20th birthday with a new full length album and shows at different festivals. Be prepared!

Advocates (Ghost Music) release debut mini-album worldwide on 12 November

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Like a finely polished sledgehammer to the skull, Auckland’s Advocates combine the ferocity of metallic hardcore with tech metal stylings and straight up pummeling groove, and are about to unleash their eight track debut mini album ‘Mindless’ on 28 October via Ghost Music.

‘Mindless’ is a solid taster of this brutal five piece, whose musical hybrid of slamming grooves could be likened to Volumes and Veil of Maya as much asTexas in July or Memphis May Fire. The band released lead track ‘Deadweight’ on Metal Hammer‘s August cover CD; check it out here.

Formed in 2009 by five good mates with a mutual love of writing music, Advocates quickly gained huge amounts of attention in the Auckland scene and were quickly packing out local shows and jumping on support slots with every established band that passed through town. Having now racked up an impressive amount shows and tours at home with the likes of We Came as Romans, Dream on DreamerA Plea for Purging, Saving Grace,NorthlaneDelawareWolves and Antagonist AD, the band are poised to take on the rest of the world.

2013 will see Advocates hit the road throughout New Zealand and Australia before travelling to Europe for an extensive tour and festival appearances in support of their as yet untitled debut album, due for release in the spring.

Second album from Vonder & Bloom is coming

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The second album, Shouldn’t Say This, from Vonder & Bloom will be released on the 29th of October. The duo has been in the studio for months with producer Huub Reijnders and talented musicians as Jimmy van den Nieuwenhuizen ( Van Velsen), Kobus Groen ( Miss Montreal), Ed Struijlaart ea. ‘Shouldn’t Say This’ is mastered in New York City by Grammy award nominated engineer Dave Kutch (Alicia Keys/Milow).

The result are beautiful and modest songs: romantic, but with their feet on the ground, pure but definitely not innocent.

A lot has happened with Vonder & Bloom after the release of their debut album Simple Peace of Mind (2010). The song Do Much Better from their debut album is being used since 2011 for a national commercial campaign for Rivella with Chantal Janzen in the lead.

Vonder & Bloom are known for their beautiful songs and their community singing, but also for their original way of promoting their music. In March 2011 the ladies thought it was time to start an international tour, without leaving the Netherlands. The spectacular “AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS” tour was a fact. With a tiny living room they took place in the airport of Schiphol to play their songs. Everyone who bought an album placed a sticker on a huge map of the world. The end result was that their album spread across the world in 80 days, to 126 countries to be precise.

During their theatre tour the ‘Tiny Little Theatre Tour’ in 2012 they played for sold out venues. Because of this tour they sold around 10.000 copies of their debut album.

From January until March 2013 they have scheduled another grand theatre tour.

28 September 2012,Theater Cultura Ede@EDE
11 January 2013,Theater De Lievekamp@OSS
13 January 2013,Stadsschouwburg@UTRECHT
19 January 2013,Theater De Bussel@OOSTERHOUT
24 January 2013,Chasse Theater@BREDA
26 January 2013,Schouwburg@ALMERE
1 February 2013,Parkstad Limburg Theaters@HEERLEN
13 February 2013,Theater Odeon De Spiegel@ZWOLLE
14 February 2013,Theater Odeon De Spiegel@ZWOLLE
20 February 2013,Stadstheater@ZOETERMEER
22 February 2013,De Flint@AMERSFOORT
23 February 2013,Theater aan het Vrijthof@MAASTRICHT
28 February 2013,Theater De Kom@NIEUWEGEIN
1 March 2013,Theater de Speeldoos@VUGHT
2 March 2013,Ledeltheater @OOSTBURG
3 March 2013,Thalia Theater@IJMUIDEN
7 March 2013,Theater Agora @LELYSTAD
8 March 2013,Theater De Willem@PAPENDRECHT
16 March 2013,De Goudse Schouwburg@GOUDA
20 maart 2013,Posthuis Theater@HEERENVEEN
23 maart 2013,Theaters Tilburg@TILBURG
26 maart 2013,Theater Het Heerenlogement@BEUSICHEM
12 april 2013, Schouwburg Amphion@DOETICHEM
13 april 2013, Kennemer Theater@BEVERWIJK

Sabbath Assembly premier new track from Ye Are Gods and change release date

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Today, Sabbath Assembly premiere a new track from their forthcoming second album, Ye Are Gods. Entitled We Give Our Lives, this eerie, next glimpse into the magick and majesty of Ye Are Gods can streamed in its entirety here. Tastemaking website Invisible Oranges fittingly states that they “just can’t decide if they are kvlt or just creepy.”

Due to the elaborate packaging, the release date for Sabbath Assembly‘s Ye Are Gods has been adjusted to September 28th for Europe and the UK (through Svart Records) and October 5th for North America (through The Ajna Offensive).

As on the critically acclaimed Restored to One debut, released in 2010 by The Ajna Offensive, Ye Are Gods presents the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a religious movement that emerged in the late 1960s as an apocalyptic shadow-side to the flower power and New Age movements.

Reaching beyond the scope of Restored to One, Ye Are Gods incorporates the ritual text and structure of the Process Church’s highest and holiest mass, the “Sabbath Assembly” liturgy from which the band is named.

Ye Are Gods is led by vocalist Jamie Myers, a veteran of Hammers of Misfortune (The Locust Years) and Wolves in the Throne Room (Diadem of 12 Stars, Malevolent Grain). Dave “Christian” Nuss remains drummer and co-producer.

The album features Genesis P-Orridge serving the role of High Priest(ess), aka “Sacrifist,” Eyvind Kang plays viola for the liturgical “Declaration of the Gods,” and guitarist/vocalist Imaad Wasif offers a chilling rendition of the hymn We Give Our Lives. In addition, Timothy Wyllie, an original Process Church member, provides a homily from Process Church founder Robert DeGrimston’s Gods on War. Mr. Wyllie is the author of Feral House’s LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH, which offers an insider’s perspective of the Church and its true leadership.

The album offers a first-ever glimpse into the Process’s most sacred liturgical text, taking the astute listener through the mysterious Gnostic journey of the unification of Christ and Satan; the bliss of total submission to the gods Jehovah, Lucifer, Satan, and Christ; the wilds of the Apocalypse and a face-to-face encounter with the Angel of Death; and finally the moment of spiritual renewal in which the Process’s “Law of the Universe” is revealed.

The influential Process Church opened chapters in London, Europe, and across the USA, dressing in black cloaks and walking the streets with German Shepherds. To promote their controversial theology, they sold intricately-designed magazines, three of which are documented in full-color reproductions in the recently issued Propaganda and Holy Writ of the Process Church of the Final Judgment (Feral House/Ajna).

Arktau Eos set to release two special albums through cult-label Svart Records

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Underground cult music – literally. After three albums – Mirrorion (2006), Scorpion Milk (2006), and Ai Ma Ra (double-CD, 2009) – on the acclaimed Finnish underground label Aural Hypnox, Arktau Eos return with not one but two albums simultaneously on Svart Records: Ioh-Maera, a CD-only release out October 26th, and Unworeldes, a vinyl-only release out November 3rd. Respective covers and tracklistings are as follows:

Tracklisting for Arktau Eos’ Ioh-Maera (CD)


1. Unbinding Kaamos
2. Noxfaros
3. Sunken Luminaries
4. Ioh-Maera
5. Otherstone Refraction

Tracklisting for Arktau Eos’ Unworeldes LP (vinyl-only)

1. The Cypress Watcher
2. Cove of the Seven-winged
3. Black Leaf Gaze
4. Geometry of Emptiness

Arktau Eos came into being in 2005 in Oulu, Finland, the work of two men known by the initials A.I.H. and A.I.L. Longtime live percussionist Iwowi officially enters the fold with the Ioh-Maera album. Arktau Eos, always outlaws, present a curious blend of archaic elemental music, performance, and artwork which has been received exceptionally well among listeners of many genres, such as experimental/minimalistic, dark ambient, or the old-school ritual music typified by early Ain Soph or the Nekrophile Records roster from the mid-’80s.

ForIoh-Maera, a special record release evening including a live performance and an art exhibition will be held in Bucharest, Romania on October 20th. It is a joint effort with the artist Costin Chioreanu, who has worked closely with Arktau Eos on the exquisite artwork ofIoh-Maera. Unworeldes features front-cover artwork from another distinguished artist of the underworld, known by many names, here simply Ktl. Arktau Eos always choose their collaborators with great care: on Ioh-Maera, guest vocals in the Enochian language have been provided by Barry William Hale, one of the great contemporary artists working within various fields of esoteric study.

Arktau Eos have never considered themselves a “band” in the usual sense of the word, although their experience in many bands has certainly lent them an edge in working with sound as a transmitting medium. Arktau Eos did not begin as a “band” and certainly not as a “project”; behind the scenes, it is more akin to an esoteric exploration unit, a vessel of initiation. Since the beginning, the group has enjoyed a great rapport from outside the music scene, with many independent researchers confirming or augmenting their observations. Like a past bio put it: “The fact that Arktau Eos is not concerned only with the musical dimension can not be stressed enough – taken to the extreme, one could even be justified in claiming that creating music is just an extension of hand from us towards a common context, in which ‘those in the know’ may recognize each other – in silent understanding. Arktau Eos is – should be, will be – pure being, a stream flowing through us, even if by default coloured by our own predilections.

Having said that, Arktau Eos firmly believe in the power of music as much more than entertainment, given it is nurtured in a proper environment and treated as sacred, with a focused, serious spiritual intent. To this end, Arktau Eos work meticulously in the confines of their special temple-laboratory, an analog studio built by A.I.H., and employ field recordings and snapshots of unheralded apparitions in the mix. Most of the time, they record on real, old-time reel tape, using a host of unusual, ethnic, and self-built instruments of wood and bone, gongs, large-frame drums, as well as synths from the ‘70s.

A right “vibe” always takes precedence over technical proficiency. Importance is also place on other mediums of art, such as statuary, draperies, paintings, etc., either created by the group or acquired by fortuitous chance from various strange places on Earth, which equally channel the desired presence into the music. There is always a touch of traditional handicrafts to Arktau Eos‘ works, which has also extended to unusual and handmade record covers, and non-musical “special releases.”

Never prophets on their own homeland and not interested in being such, either, Arktau Eos have held the majority of their performances overseas: in the U.K. (including London’s Equinox Festival) and Russia, in places ranging from clubs to museums. Privately, Arktau Eos have also performed at a chapel and a haunted house in their native Finland. This Autumn, Arktau Eos will perform for the first time in the United States at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, and the Stella Natura Festival in Sierra Nevada, with appearances in Bucharest, Romania and Västerös, Sweden following. Scheduled for February 2013 are dates in Sankt-Petersburg, Moscow and Volgograd. The music of Arktau Eos has also been used at Muzeum Alchymie in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. Recently, they were invited to contribute a track to Tesserae 1.0, a musical supplement to Abraxas: International Journal for Esoteric Studiesno 2. (Fulgur Limited 2011).

Sister Sin announce North American tour with Doro!

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Sister Sin will be making their way back to North America continuing their crusade for real heavy metal. The Swedish quartet will be direct support for Doro on her upcoming nineteen city tour beginning February 2nd, 2013 in Tampa, Florida. Check out the full listing of tour dates here and prepare to rock.

Sister Sin has toured with Doro throughout Europe and are now bringing their united metal mission to North America.  Front-woman Liv Jagrell couldn’t be happier and comments on the upcoming experience. "We’ve been waiting a long time to get back to the US and to tour with one of my all-time idols is just a dream come true. We are so happy to get on the road again and see all of our fans out there. We’re ready to give them a good ol’ time of rock ‘n’ roll! We will be promoting our new album Now and Forever that we are all extremely proud of.

Watch Sister Sin perform Motörhead’s Rock ‘N’ Roll alongside Doro below. The video was produced last year- encapsulating the relationship between these two, true metal torch bearers. Sister Sinhas been hard at work preparing to unleash their fierce new album Now and Forever, which drops on October 22nd. Mixed by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Danzig, Social Distortion), this will be one of the most memorable, true, heavy metal albums of the last decade.  Listen to their new single End Of The Line here and download the track from iTunes or Amazon.

Tour Dates w/ Doro:

2/01- Tampa, FL @ Brass Mug

2/02- Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

2/03- West Springfield, VA @ Empire

2/04- New York, NY @ BB Kings

2/05- Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage

2/07- Toronto, ON @ Mod Club

2/08- Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall

2/09- Columbus, OH @ Al Rosa Villa

2/10- Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s

2/12- Detroit, MI @ Blondie’s

2/13- Joliet, IL @ Mojoes

2/14- St. Paul, MN @ Station 4

2/15- Waterloo, IA @ Spicoli’s Grill and the Reverb

2/17- Englewood, CO @ Moe’s

2/19- Seattle, WA @ El Corazon

2/20- Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre

2/21- San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside

2/22- West Hollywood, CA @ House Of Blues

2/23- Tempe, AZ @ Rocky Point Cantina

Dr. Acula announce European Vacation Tour

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Long Island, New Yorkers Dr. Acula have announced that they will be headlining the European Vacation Tour starting November 21st with Mexican deathcore band, Here Comes The Kraken.

Dr. Acula is more ready than ever to get back out on the road and show everyone what they are made of.  With new additions vocalist Chris Brea and bassist Oli Miclette on board they are ready to continue taking their performance to the next level. The band will be performing songs from their recent release NationLIVE for the first time in Europe on the upcoming trip overseas. The band is looking forward to the opportunity to spread their message worldwide, meet new fans and turn the world into a DA Nation.

Nationis availablethrough the Victory Records webstore along with additional merchandise.

Headlining Tour Dates w/ Here Comes The Kraken:

11/21- St. Petersburg, RU @ Arktica **

11/22- Moscow, RU @ Plan B **

11/23- Frankfurt, DE @ Elfer

11/24- Esch Alzette, LUX @ Bang Your Head Festival

11/25- Buizingen, BEL @ Jh Eenders

11/26- London, UK @ Underworld

11/27- Liverpool, UK @ O2 Academy

11/28- Exeter, UK @ Cavern

11/29- Glasgow, UK @ Ivory Blacks

11/30- Milton Keyes, UK @ Crauford Arms

12/01- Munster, DE @ Sputnikcafe

12/02- Bremen, DE @ Tower

12/03- Dessau, DE @ Beatclub

12/04- Prague, CZ @ TBD

12/05- Wien, AT @ Aera

12/06- Gleisdorf, AT @ Kulturkeller

12/07- Millstatt, AT @ Bergwerk

12/08- Castelfidardo, IT @ On Stage Club

12/09- Fusignano, IT @ Brainstorm

12/10- Lustenau, AT @ Culture Factory

12/13- Koln, DE @ MTC

12/14- Haldensleben, DE @ Der Club

12/15- Lichtenstein, DE @ JZ Riot


Forgotten Tomb premier new track via Agonia

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Deprived is the premiere track from Forgotten Tomb‘s forthcoming album, due out on October 30th in Europe/UK and November the 6th in North America via Agonia Records. The album is entitled …And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil… and the track can be streamed here.

Forgotten Tomb‘s …And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil… includes 7 new tracks and almost 50 minutes of music. It’s one of the band’s darkest, most eerie albums to date, still with doomish and rock vibes.

The album was recorded in Elfo Studio (Italy) by Daniele Mandelli (Love’s Burial Ground, Negative Megalomania, Songs To Leave, etc.) and mastered at Finnvox Studios (Impaled Nazarene, Amorphis, Children Of Bodom, Finntroll, HIM).

…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil… will be available as a regular jewelcase CD, limited to 1000 copies digipack CD with exclusive bonus track, digital download, and double 12" LP with an alternate bonus track. First 66 copies will be available on a multicolour splatter vinyl. The album can be pre-ordered here.

New 7" EP from Forgotten Tomb entitled Deprived will be released on the 25th of September. Limited to 300 copies only (100 green, 100 white, 100 red), it can be pre-ordered here.

Anger Cell – A Fear Formidable

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Anger Cell
A Fear Formidable
Due for release/Released: October 2012
Melodic Death Metal
Released via Label: Inverse Records

‘A Fear Formidable’ is the debut album from the Finnish melodic death metal band Anger Cell.

The opening track ‘Worth the Pain’ sets the tone for some In Flames style melodic death metal. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin, there’s some groove metal elements here mixed in with the stereotypical growls and thrash metal riffs. ‘Absolution Thru Vengeance’ has a melodic, slow intro but then quickly picks up the pace with some decent guitar riffs. I’m not sure what to make of the clear backing vocals though, they don’t seem to fit this song at all.

I can also detect an Amorphis influence here particularly in the vocal style and the melodic guitar elements on tracks such as: ‘The Skin of My Knees’ and towards the latter half of ‘Trailblazer’. The tracks tend to be fairly uniform, all following a similar pattern of mid-paced melodic death metal. It’s the little details which make individual songs stand out such as the guitar solo on ‘Constant Collision’ and the atmospheric intro to ‘Wake Up Screaming’. Another noteworthy track is the band’s energetic, melo-death anthem ‘Anger Cell’ which will definitely be a hit in the mosh-pit.

3/5 – a worthy addition to the world of melodic death metal.

Iza Raittila

Metal Blade 30th anniversary campaign with

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Metal Blade Records have teamed up with to celebrate the label’s 30th anniversary to bring you almost a hundred titles in great prices starting from £4.99 each.

Classic albums from the following are all included:

Across The Sun



Amon Amarth


Arch / Matheos

As I Lay Dying


Austrian Death Machine

Barn Burner


Bison BC

Bolt Thrower


Cannibal Corpse

Cattle Decapitation

Charred Walls Of The Damned

Corrosion Of Conformity

Darkest Era


Eryn Non Dae

Evergreen Terrace



Glorior Belli


God Dethroned


Hail Of Bullets

Hammers Of Misforntune

Hate Eternal

In Solitude

Job For A Cowboy

King Diamond

Lazarus AD

Lightning Swords Of Death

Lizzy Borden

Mercyful Fate

Molotov Solution








Six Feet Under


Soilent Green

The Absence

The Black Dahlia Murder







Snap them up here.

Arch Enemy announce release of video for Cruelty Without Beauty

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Arch Enemy’s Khaos Legions campaign gathers more steam as the band announce a new video for the song Cruelty Without Beauty from the band’s latest album Khaos Legions. Vocalist Angela Gossow of the Sweden based melodic death metal quintet comments, “I’m very pleased we got this video done for one of my favourite songs off the Khaos Legions album. The video is quite raw and extreme as it reflects the lyrics very well I believe, dealing with a subject matter close to my heart – animal cruelty and vivisection.

Angela adds, “We want to thank the good folks at Peta2, Hardforce, Metalitalia and The Metal Circus for supporting a serious subject. All of us have been well aware that a video like this doesn’t find everybody’s acceptance. But rock music was always more than guitar riffs – it’s also the voice of the voiceless.

This autumn will be see the band trail blaze across European soil with 4 shows in Spain with special support from extreme metal legends Voivod. The year will close with a South America tour ending in Mexico City (where despite the Mayan Calendar the world doesn’t end).

05/10/12 – Hell Inside Festival, Würzburg – Germany
10/10/12 – L’Usine, Geneva – Switzerland
12/10/12 – Blackout Rock Club, Rome – Italy
13/10/12 – Fillmore Live Club, Piacenza – Italy
14/10/12 – Z7, Pratteln – Switzerland
16/10/12 – Gemeindesaal, Kundl – Austria
17/10/12 – Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg – Germany
19/10/12 – Kulturfabrik, Krefeld – Germany
21/10/12 – Le Bataclan, Paris – France
23/10/12 – Totem, Pamplona – Spain
25/10/12 – Capitol, Santiago de Compostela – Spain
26/10/12 – La Riviera, Madrid – Spain
27/10/12 – Razzmatazz 2, Barcelona – Spain
21/11/12 – Teatro Caupolican, Santiago – Chile
23/11/12 – Teatro Flores, Buenos Aires – Argentina
25/11/12 – Carioca Club, Sao Paulo – Brazil
27/11/12 – Club Platense, Montevideo – Uruguay
29/11/12 – Centro De Convenciones Scencia De La Molina, Lima – Peru
01/12/12 – Club Peppers, San José – Costa Rica
04/12/12 – Circo Volador, Mexico City – Mexico