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Interview: Celtachor

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Before their epic Celtic-sounding set at Warhorns Festival, Valkyrian Music editor Nico Davidson was able to catch Irish black metallers Celtachor for an interview where they discussed the band’s upcoming new album, Irish mythology and films.

Celtachor will also be supporting Heidevolk at Fibbers, 23rd February 2013. For more info and tickets, click here.

Veil Of Maya to tour with August Burns Red and The Devil Wears Prada in Europe

Posted in News on 25th September 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

Following their highly successful headline tour back in April, Veil Of Maya return to Europe to support August Burns Red and The Devil Wears Prada this October and November, touring their highly acclaimed third album Eclipse, out via Sumerian earlier this year. Make sure you get down to a show and check out this sickeningly good live band!

10/18 Nottingham UK @ Rock City

10/19 Glasgow UK @ Garage

10/20 Wolverhampton UK @ Wulfrun Hall

10/21 Manchester UK @ HMV Ritz

10/22 Bristol UK @ Academy 1

10/23 London UK @ Electric Ballroom

10/25 Esch Sur Alzette LUX @ Rockhal

10/26 Cologne DE @ Luxor

10/27 Eindhoven NL @ Effenaar

10/28 Brussels BE @ AB

10/30 Hamburg DE @ Markethalle

11/1 Arhus DK @ VoxHall

11/2 Goteborg SE @ Brewhouse

11/3 Oslo NO @ Fabrikken

11/5 Stockholm SE @ Klubben

11/6 Malmo SE @ KB

11/7 Copenhagen DK @ Pumphuset

11/8 Berlin DE @ C Club

11/9 Chemnitz DE @ Suedbahnhof

11/10 Warsaw PL @ Progresja

11/11 Krakow PL @ Fabryka

11/13 Frankfurt DE @ Batschkapp

11/14 Munich DE @ Backstage Halle

11/15 Vienna AT @ Arena

11/16 Zurich CH @ Komplex

11/17 Milan IT @ Tunnel Club

11/18 Karlsruhe DE @ Substage

11/19 Paris FR @ Le Bataclan

Mephorash – new album “Chalice of Thagirion” out in October

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Grom Records are proud to announce that the Swedish black metal band Mephorash has just finished their second album. The new album entitled “Chalice of Thagirion” will be out on October 2012 in both CD and digital format.

Here is a short video preview of what’s to come next month:

“Straight From Within” release party

Posted in Gig, Live on 24th September 2012 by Pieni

Bands: Revolution Within, Web, Echidna, Equaleft
Location: Hard Club, Porto (PT)
Date: 22nd September 2012

Death/thrashers Revolution Within have just released their second album, “Straight From Within”, and they put up a great party in order to celebrate it – which means they invited a few fellow bands for a concert at the mythical Hard Club. As singer Raça said, there are many talents in the Portuguese underground, but sadly they couldn’t have them all up there on stage with them. So the chosen brothers-in-arms were Equaleft, Echidna and Web.

Equaleft got on stage at 21:30, which is somewhat early for an underground concert around here. So the band was quite surprised to see how many people were there already, raising hell right from the first song, “Alone In Emptiness”. Personally, I was counting on that – Equaleft has built a considerable fan base in the last couple of years, both because of their groovier distinct sound and their hyped-up live performances. And after seeing them on stage so many times before, I can say this has been the best concert so far! With only half an hour to play, they managed to compact 8 songs by playing them fast and furiously, almost without a break.

When introducing “Uncover The Masks”, singer Miguel made the crowd scream every syllable of the title, and in “Suffer No More” the screaming happened during the chorus. The set ended with the mandatory “Invigorate”, Miguel orchestrating the mosh circles with a Jedi lightsaber. And after putting it down, he couldn’t leave the stage without crowdsurfing a little.



Last year Echidna released their own second album, “Dawn Of The Sociopath”, already with Capela on vocals. But for one reason or another, I’d never managed to see him with the band until that night. I already knew him from Damnull, and from getting on stage precisely with Revolution Within before that, to growl in the chorus of “Monsters And Demons” or “Surrounded By Evil”. So I knew how excellent his voice is, how expressive he is on stage… I knew how well I would enjoy it.

Me and the crowd, who once again was relentless. More recent songs such as “Commanded By Demons” and oldies like “Purifier” sponsored the moshers and the headbangers. Every time the chorus of “Evolution: Reload” was near, Capela would turn his microphone to the crowd and someone would always scream his/her lungs out.



Web were sharing material with Equaleft, meaning that Victor was playing with the Fractal FX amp. Guess he’s now considering getting his own, given the power and definition he got from it that night!

I’d missed “Life Aggression” last time I’d seen Web, so I was happy to hear it in this concert. It’s still my favorite song from the latest album, “Deviance”, with its combination of shredding and melody.

Nuno, former guitarist in grinders Holocausto Canibal, played a third guitar in “Awake”, a song he chose to be guest on. Nando took the chance to taunt the audience, saying the title was what he hoped it would happen to them. And afterwards, he even whispered to Filipe to play at a lower volume, ‘cause some people there were asleep. An exaggeration, of course, but the violence had indeed dropped a notch. My guess is that the crowd was saving energy for the headliners, as Web themselves were great as ever.

The last songs, “(In)sanity” and “Beautiful Obsession”, seemed to revive the mosh flame, though.



“Disappearance”, the intro of the album we were celebrating, opened the way to “Pure Hate” and all hell broke loose. And if that was so with a brand new song, imagine right afterwards, with a track from the previous album, so well-known by the crowd – “Silence”. Chaos was launched and there was no turning back.

Some of the songs in “Straight From Within” had been played live before, like “Only The Stronger Will Survive” and “Without Recognition”, so the audience was familiar with them. So familiar that they asked for one that the band wasn’t even intending to play – “Evil(ution)”. But as Raça said, that wasn’t just the band’s party, this was our party too, so if we wanted that song, we would get it.

Echidna-Capela got on stage to co-sing “Anger Mode: On”, with a microphone lent by Equaleft-Miguel. When thanking him, Raça said that “one of these days I’ll invite you to sing with me”. Many understood the hint that “the day” was that very one, and a few sons later, Miguel guested on “Pull The Trigger” – originally recorded by Switchtense-Hugo, who couldn’t be there that night.

Another highlight was “Bleed”, introduced as the slowest song in the album (“things need to calm down a bit now”) and obviously being the exact opposite. Also the stage invasion in “Surrounded By Evil”, with Raça letting them sing up there while he joined the mosh pit. And him saying he would try to keep up with the crowd’s energy, but he had turned 36 that week and it wouldn’t be easy – people cheered and sang happy birthday.

Raça thanked several times to everyone for being there, guest bands included. But given the happiness in everyone’s faces, I guess the gratitude was mutual.




Dead River Runs Dry – Winter (demo)

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Dead River Runs Dry
Winter (demo)
Due for release/Released: June 2012
Black Metal
Released via Label: Self-Released

‘Winter’ is the first demo from the Australian black metal band Dead River Runs Dry.

Now, why is it that whenever I see the words “black metal” and “demo”, I have this image of a battered old CDR or worse still tape recorded in someone’s garage or bedroom? Based on my experience, the sound quality on these tends to be somewhat raw.

Luckily this doesn’t seem to be the case here. The sound quality is surprisingly good for a self-financed demo release. The style tends to vary a little depending on the track. ‘The Weapon Black’ has slightly different vocals which, though still very much in the black metal ilk, sound a bit deeper on here compared to the other tracks. This is also the only song to feature guitar solos and thrash metal-esque melodies. ‘Paradigm of Barbaric Antiquity’ picks up the speed and adds more emphasis on the guitars whilst ‘Dying Gleam Of The Sun Eternal’ has some atmospheric undertones. ‘Way of The Plunderer’ is the slowest track on the here and by far the most monotonous with its eerie guitar riffs and guttural vocals.

3.5/5 – a very promising demo. Much better than I expected.

Iza Raittila

Ill Nino release The Depression lyric video

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image001 (2)

Ill Nino has released a lyric video, which can be viewed here, for their new single The Depression from their forthcoming coming album Epidemia, out October 22nd.

Twelve years and five studio releases later, Epidemia has all the harsh elements and dark Latin rhythms that make Ill Nino‘s Latin metal sound different in this genre of metal“, drummer and founding member Dave Chavarri said of the upcoming release. The band’s sixth full length album is infused with contagious and aggressive lyrics along with sharp melodies that will pierce through your ears. Pre-order the album here now.

Ill Nino is currently touring alongside friends Static X and label-mates Emmure on the Noise Revolution Tour. The tour goes through the end of October destroying cities and igniting audiences across the US.  Vocalist Cristian Mercado comments, “Ill Nino fans get ready to rumble! We’re back and are going to be tearing the roof off at venue near you!” See a full list of tour dates here.

TDV suffer issues with Latin American tour and rebook for next year

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Following a string of issues with what was meant to be their 2012 Latin American tour, Theatres Des Vampires have been forced to rebook their Latin American tour for next year due to issues with customs in Venezuela. The issues first began when Venezuelan Customs Officers deported the band back to Italy, after the passports, belonging to all members of Theatres Des Vampires were marked as “INAD” – Inadmissible, meaning they aren’t allowed entry to the country, though no reason for this marking has been shown on the databases.

Theatres Des Vampires’ Latin American tour has been rescheduled for February and March next year, beginning 23rd February in Buenos Aires, Argentina and will end 3rd March in Bogotà, Argentina, with other dates to be announced. The band offer their deepest apologies to all their fans who had bought tickets to the shows and express that they hope to see all their fans on the rescheduled tour.

Frontwoman Sonya released the following statement on her personal Facebook page, explaining the situation: “Dear friends, as you know Theatres Des Vampires has been victims of a deportation last week in Caracas, where we were supposed to start our Latin American Tour.

The Venezuelan authorities refused us to enter Venezuela, and even to go ahead with the tour flying to Buenos Aires, deporting us back to Italy. For this reason we had no choice than cancel the show in Caracas and suspend the shows in Buenos Aires and San Paolo. Our Management has been working all these days together with the Latin American Promoters in order to let us fly to Mexico tomorrow and save at least the shows in Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia but a new problem came up yesterday:
During the “issue” with the Venezuelan Border Police, Simon’s passport has been damaged , once back to Italy he went to the Italian Passports Office to ask for a new one with “urgency matter” to have the new one on time for tomorrow (in order to leave again on Tuesday) but during the procedure of the release of the new passport, we discovered that ALL the TDV passports has been marked by the Venezuelans as “INAD” (Inadmissible in Venezuela as not welcome in that country), the mark was not visible on the passport pages because it goes on the international database that is visible only when the passport is scanned through the electronic chip.

The reason because they are considered “INAD” is not shown in the database, so once at the passports control of any country the Custom Police can’t see the reason why they were not admitted in Venezuela and it can be for any kind of reason (terrorism, criminal or whatever) so the risk now is that we buy new flights to fly back to Latin America to play Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia and once there, because of this passports problem, the Mexican or Guatemaltese or Colombian Border Police could not accept us and deport us to Italy again because previously marked as INAD in Venezuela. As you can understand this is a risk that we can’t take. Our manager has been at the Urgency Affairs Office of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs for the whole day trying to find the way to fix this unfortunately, even if they are very cooperative with us and they completely understand the situation (that we are not talking about terrorists or criminals) they need a lot of documents and paperwork that we are not able to provide in just one day, because this process will take a few weeks. For this reason the only solution we have is to POSTPONE the whole Latin American tour in a few months. This is mean that all the shows are suspended and will be rescheduled between February and March. The new tour will start from Buenos Aires on February 23rd and will finish in Bogotá on March 3rd. The other rescheduled dates will be announced very soon. All the tickets bought for the concerts in September will be valid for the rescheduled concerts in February/March or eventually refundable. We want to thank our management (Swex Booking) and all the promoters involved in this tour (NWM Productions, Beauty in Darkness Productions, Hominis Nocturna Productions, Helado Productions, Vintage Music and Bogotá Gothic Fest) for their understanding and all their efforts to save these concerts and then we want to thank all our Latin American fans, you’ve been waiting for us for many years and we were very close to come back, we will just have to wait a few months then we really hope to see you all there!”

Everyone at Valkyrian Music wishes Theatres Des Vampires luck for the rescheduled tour.