Khroma – Chariots



Released 19th September 2012


Released via Inverse Records

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Khroma’s new single “Chariots” begins with a thin and raspy guitar intro that would seem to signify that start of what might be a Sludge Metal album. Only a few seconds later the electronics kick in and suddenly I find myself transported to that gothic nightclub that Neo visited in The Matrix. Trance like synths dance around the listener whilst haunting whispered vocals begin to play. Industrial, eerie, and…wait what’s this? Suddenly the band erupts into a crushing guitar breakdown reminiscent of a sludgier Meshuggah – or at least one of the numerous Meshuggah inspired Groove Metal bands that are everywhere these days.

The music then continues with this heavy guitar centric sound, more breakdowns than they are riffs; interrupted with a creepy atmospheric electronic interlude until the song is brought to its climax with a powerful, plodding outro. The vocals alternate between whispering and harsh, shouting. This is an interesting combination of synth laden industrial music and what might be described as modern Groove Metal, but I will admit I am not sure what this band is trying to communicate. The band hail from Helsinki, Finland and describe their music on their Facebook page as “metal, trip hop, electro, darkstep”. A quick search online reveals their page on Inverse Records, which states:

“2012. The Year of the Dragon. Societies on the brink of collapse. Natural resources scarce. The threat exterior, a campaign based on consumption and fear. Be it the ever more frequent floods or the burden of debt – all shall drown. Helsinki-Based Khroma conveys this decline in the 2010s into an assaulting soundtrack.”

I can see now why the band attempt to produce a chaotic sound infused with more electronic genres such as darkstep and electro. A 21st century soundtrack to the end of the world as we know it. Not really my thing, but if you like any of these genres, you might want to try it, particularly if you like the sound of electronic influenced Groove Metal.


By Paul Gibbins

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