Anger Cell – A Fear Formidable

Anger Cell
A Fear Formidable
Due for release/Released: October 2012
Melodic Death Metal
Released via Label: Inverse Records

‘A Fear Formidable’ is the debut album from the Finnish melodic death metal band Anger Cell.

The opening track ‘Worth the Pain’ sets the tone for some In Flames style melodic death metal. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin, there’s some groove metal elements here mixed in with the stereotypical growls and thrash metal riffs. ‘Absolution Thru Vengeance’ has a melodic, slow intro but then quickly picks up the pace with some decent guitar riffs. I’m not sure what to make of the clear backing vocals though, they don’t seem to fit this song at all.

I can also detect an Amorphis influence here particularly in the vocal style and the melodic guitar elements on tracks such as: ‘The Skin of My Knees’ and towards the latter half of ‘Trailblazer’. The tracks tend to be fairly uniform, all following a similar pattern of mid-paced melodic death metal. It’s the little details which make individual songs stand out such as the guitar solo on ‘Constant Collision’ and the atmospheric intro to ‘Wake Up Screaming’. Another noteworthy track is the band’s energetic, melo-death anthem ‘Anger Cell’ which will definitely be a hit in the mosh-pit.

3/5 – a worthy addition to the world of melodic death metal.

Iza Raittila

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