Pathology – The Time of Great Purification

The Time of Great Purification
Released: September 2012
Brutal Death Metal/Death-core
Released via Victory Records

‘The Time Of Great Purification’ is the sixth album from the American death metal band Pathology. The band features the founding members of Cattle Decapitation, I Declare War and The Locust.

Only a few seconds into the opening track ‘Imprisoned By Fear’ and you immediately know what you’re in for. Fast paced, brutal death metal with the occasional guitar solo. The only thing that separates this from your stereotypical death metal band are the vocals which, I Declare War fans will be pleased to know, are performed in same deathcore style as used in the band’s previous album ‘Awaken To The Suffering’.

Sadly it’s precisely the death-core elements which let this album down. The squealing vocals and the frequent breakdowns or slamming (as some people call it) tends to pierce its way through each track, wrecking some of the good parts such as technical guitar riffs on ‘Asphyxiation Through Consumption’. The songs are short, clocking in at an average of just over two minutes, and to a large extent they all tend to follow the same pattern making it difficult to tell them apart. ‘Distorted Conscious’ is a noteworthy exception, being an instrumental complete with some decent guitar riffs and steady drumming but minus the headache inducing death-core squeals.

Then the aptly named ‘A Bleak Future’ marks a return to the aforementioned death-core vocals thus paving the path to more suffering for my ears. Even the odd, good guitar riff like the one towards the second half of ‘Cultivating Humanity’ does not make up for the appalling vocals.


Iza Raittila

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