Red Eleven – “Stuck On This Feeling Of Feeling Nothing” [single]

Red Eleven
“Stuck On This Feeling Of Feeling Nothing” [single]
Release date: 31st August 2012
Released via Inverse Records


Red Eleven is a new Finnish band that I’m still not sure how to categorize. If I take the title-track of this single as reference, I’ll call them Southern heavy rock. They didn’t need to list Down as one of their influences, as it’s very clear. Although they speed up a bit the almost stoner pace of Down’s sound, and add some 70’s vibe in the form of Deep-Purple-ish keyboards in the background. It enhances the “rock” part, as rock is always associated with happy times and fun – which is also quite a contrast with the title and lyrics, as “stuck on this feeling of feeling nothing” sounds sad like hell to me. But the music itself has no melancholy in it and you’ll find yourself bouncing your head, maybe your whole body, to the rhythm of it.

But if I go for the “b-side”, “The Nest”, then I’d say we’re facing an alternative rock band in the likes of Faith No More (another of their known influences). The bass and vocal style bring to mind the San Francisco band in songs like “Evidence” or “Ashes To Ashes”, the deep tone and feeling enthralling your senses.

Also, another key-band in their history seems to be Pantera, which would then lead us into another direction. None of these songs show any sign of that, though, so I believe we’ll have to wait for the full-length to appreciate it, and determine once and for all what genre of music Red Eleven play. Or better, which main genre of music Red Eleven play. This single makes it clear that it’s a diverse and multi-influenced genre. And that it’s a quality one.

The album is currently in the end of the mixing process, so hopefully it won’t take long to have some more news about it.


By Renata “Pieni” Lino

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