Soulstorm – Fall of the Rebel Angels

Fall of The Rebel Angels
Due for release/Released: September 2012
Death Metal/ Industrial Metal
Released via Label: Metal Blade Records

‘Fall of The Rebel Angels’ is the third album from the Canadian industrial death metal band Soulstorm. The band was originally formed back in 1991 but the project was on hold from 1999 after the release of the EP ‘Under The Killing Sun’ until 2006. According to a recent press release ‘Fall of The Rebel Angels’ joins together “the brutality of classic Death Metal with the eerie coldness of Godflesh inspired industrial madness.”

Industrial noise seems like a fitting way to describe the raw intro to the opening track ‘Soulless’. The other thing which struck me about this song is that it doesn’t really sound much like death metal at all. I mean, ok… sure the vocals fall in the death metal category but the programming gives it that raw industrial metal feel. Looks like the description in the press-release was very accurate as this really does remind me of Godflesh. There’s a certain uneasiness about the tracks. Take title track ‘Fall of the Rebel Angels’ for instance, the guitars and programming create this grim, haunting atmosphere whilst the vocals maintain help to maintain a sense of discomfort in the listener.

Then there’s that creepy yet powerful guitar solo at the start of ‘Kingdom of Rats’. Other noteworthy tracks include the bleak, lengthy ballad ‘Control. Suppress. Deny’ which really puts the emphasis on the droning guitar riffs; the atmospheric ‘Descent to Desolation’ and ‘The Nihilism Quotient’ which sees a haunting duet between the singer and guest vocalist Rob Urbinati (Sacrifice).

3.5/5 – this album makes for some very uneasy listening but if Godflesh is your thing then I would strongly recommend it.

Iza Raittila

Iza Raittila

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