NoiseArt presents Varg – Guten Tag, plus new album out in November

Things couldn’t look any better and Varg leave all their competitors way behind them by having taken song writing, production, mastering, bonus DVD and packaging to yet another level!

The band is currently premiering the video for the title track Guten Tag on their YouTube channel, which is taken from their upcoming album Guten Tag.

Varg are confirmed to play the HEIDENFEST tour 2012 alongside Wintersun, Korpiklaani,Trollfest, which is coming to mainland Europe in October/November. In addition to the standard CD, the new album will also be available in a limited edition digi pack with 20-page booklet and bonus DVD, both will be released via NoiseArt Records on November 5th.

Tracklisting CD:

01. Willkommen
02. Guten Tag
03. Frei wie der Wind
04. Was nicht darf
05. Blut und Feuer
06. Angriff
07. Horizont
08. A thousand eyes (feat. Jonne/KORPIKLAANI)
09. Wieder mal verloren (feat. Päde/ELUVEITIE)
10. Gedanke und Erinnerung
11. Leben
12. Anti
13. Apokalypse

Tracklisting DVD:
“Live at Wolfszeit Festival 2011″ (approx. 60 Min.)

01. Jagd
02. Wir sind die Wölfe
03. Schwertzeit
04. Sieg oder Niedergang
05. Wolfszeit
06. Blutaar
07. Viel Feind viel Ehr
08. Donareiche
09. Nagelfar
10. Wolfskult
11. Skal

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