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Interview: Chance Garnette [Skeletonwitch]

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After forming almost a decade ago, Skeletonwitch are still going hard in recording albums, constant touring, and staying just so damn sexy while doing it. My sister Megan and I were able to talk to vocalist Chance Garnette last week at one of their headlining shows of their most recent tour about upcoming plans for a new album, thoughts on today’s metal scene, embarrassing tour moments, and how he enjoys riding bikes.

Lauren: We’re gonna start this off with what’s going on with an upcoming album and tours?

Chance Garnette: Well, this is our headliner, and we haven’t done a real headliner in a long time meaning our show, our thing for an extended amount of time which you guys were at. *laughter*

Megan: All of them!

L: Yes! I saw you like three times this year!

CG: Yeah, you know, we managed to get out there quite a bit. So we’re gonna hit it real hard until the end of the year. I think this one ends like, what today’s the 20 something of September. I think we’re out middle of November so it’s about 2 months. 2 days off in 65 days.

L: Wow!

CG: So we’ll see if everybody is still in love afterwards, I hope so! *laughter* Then we’ll probably just chill through November, and then December, January, February, March we’ll write a new record, record it in April is the plan. As far as tours go, we need to get that one done first. You know, one thing at a time. If I get the offer of a century, I’ll be there, but I really need to get a record written. The attention span of people is a little bit lacking, so if you want to be a career musician, you have to work really hard and make sure you have something for people to listen to or they might forget you, and if they forget you, then I can’t pay the rent! *laughter*

M: I’ll never forget you!

L: Yeah exactly! So I know that you guys have been touring for a while now, so in the last like 3 years what’s the worst show that you played that you can think of and what’s the best?

CG: Well shit, I mean you never even thought you would go to see like Wacken Open Air, for example, much less be able to play the son of a bitch, and to behold 80,000 people at one time is amazing. So I would say that was probably just because of the history and what it actually is, biggest metal fest in the damn world, and to be a part of that and be there and to have a day before we played just to go dick around, so the whole experience, I would probably say that one sticks out the most. Other than the first show we ever did. I mean that was pretty goddamn exciting too! *laughter* I think we did 8 songs and then we did 4 with lyrics, and I think I even had a notebook on stage with the lyrics. So it’s come a long way in about 9 years. Worst show ever? I don’t know man.

M: Webster Theater? [In Hartford, Connecticut]

CG: That was probably the hottest. It’s funny man because you know that one was super hot, but two days later or the day after, it was even hotter. As soon as it was all over, Scotty [Hendrick] and I ducked out the back door and we were like, puking friends. We were like “Hold my hair and I’ll hold yours!” *laughter* It wasn’t really like that but we were definitely both were like “Oh my god, it was hotter than Webster!” and went out there and puked. I don’t know as far as a bad show you know, but sometimes you’re like awww I think I sounded like shit or maybe I was sick or one of your players didn’t really nail it like you had hoped. But in any show, when people come and see it, in my head, is a good show. You know what I mean? It’s good to know that if there’s 5 kids or if there’s 500 kids, they are there and you don’t want to short change them. You know I’m not even going to call one or other the worst ever just because those people don’t deserve that. They paid money to see my old ass *laughter* so just because it was under tended doesn’t make it worse. You want more people there obviously, but this is what I do for a living and everyone can’t be fucking going, right?

L: Right.

CG: So that was the best one and I would say the other ones, I’m glad to be at all of them.

L: That was actually a really good answer! *laughter* So people call you black thrash metal, so what influences you as far as lyrics and music style?

CG: Well when we started, we’ve never set out to be this band or that band. We kind of vary a lot in age especially back then because there were a couple of players who actually started the band with Nate [Garnette], Scotty, and myself. There’s still a decent amount of age gap between every player, but there used to be even more. So everyone had their own little group of influences. We all liked to hang out and party together and listen to the same things. You know, maybe my favorite is not his favorite, but I like what his favorite is and he likes what my favorite is. We never really started out as “Let’s be a thrash band” or “Let’s be a death metal band” or a black metal band or whatnot, but we like all these genres of heavy metal, so let’s just be a heavy metal band, and I’m going to write from my influences and what I like best and he’s going to write from his. When you put it together, you get Skeletonwitch. I guess if you really want to put it in the smallest box possible, like what does it fit the most, I guess it would be black thrash. I mean there’s a lot more going on there, I believe. I understand that there’s just so many people, journalists as well as kids, who just want to take your music and dissect it into the smallest possible little tiny piece and go “This is black thrash death post-something” and they’re like “What kind of band are you?” “Uh, a fucking metal band is what I am” *laughter* So I’m more influenced from older things. I turned 40 this year so you know my first metal show was DRI in 1989 I think.

M: I wasn’t a thought in ’89.

CG: I was in high school and it was either in ’89 or ’90, one of the two. I graduated in ’90 so it was one of the two. I was on the Thrash Zone album so that’s kind of where I start my influences from metal wise. Actually, even before then, I used to live in Arkansas and my mom for Christmas got me two records that came out that year. They were Michael Jackson – Thriller and Quiet Riot – Mental Health, and obviously one stuck more than the other. But I think Michael Jackson is still pretty brilliant.

L: I totally agree!

CG: That last DVD or video, you know, when he died, is incredible. When he’s out practicing and, what’s it called, This Is It or whatever it is. That’s killer. But probably way back from getting that first Quiet Riot cassette and watching that video on MTV when they actually fucking played videos is probably where my metal influences would’ve started and then just progressively on throughout there, man. There’s not a genre of metal that I really despise or anything like that. I mean there’s certain things that I like more than others, but we just put it all together. He likes this, I like that, you like this, he likes this, and put it together and it turns out to be Skeletonwitch.

M: Which I love!

L: Yes, which I also love!

CG: Good to hear, good to hear! *laughter*

L: Okay, so the metal scene obviously, you grew up in the older scene generation and it’s kind of evolved. So what do you think about it now? Do you still think it’s relatively the same or different?

CG: Well it’s definitely not the same because there was no internet then, so there was less bands then as far as, you know, maybe there wasn’t fewer I guess is grammatically correct. Maybe there weren’t fewer bands then. There were fewer bands that people knew of then because you either had to go to the show or you had to somehow get someone’s mailing address and send them a cassette back and forth. I think that’s the biggest difference is social networking and the internet. As far as the fans coming out to shows, other than a segregation of “I like this one!” or “I like them! I’m not going to go to it if it’s not this certain type of metal!” or whatnot. Like in Europe, it’s not that way at all. You’ll see kids that like everything. Even Canada as well. “You like metal?” “Yep.” “Do you like only death metal?” “Nope.” “Do you like only thrash metal?” “Nope, I like fucking heavy metal.” It was kind of that way then as well. A lot times someone doesn’t want to hear someone sing. A lot of times, those fans don’t want to hear someone scream, but it really didn’t matter as much then. I guess it’s less of, I don’t want to say less of a community because it’s the largest, in my opinion. It’s like the largest underground community in the world. You can move anywhere in the United States and be in a black shirt in a bar and what not. You’ll see someone else and now you met your friend for the night. Whether you end up liking them or not, you got something to talk about. I don’t know other, like, do construction workers go into bars and go “You’re a construction worker? Me too! Let’s talk about tools!” *laughter* No, I don’t think so because I’ve definitely been a construction worker and I don’t want to fucking talk about that shit when I’m not doing it! Metal is different, you know, and I’m sure you guys are the same. You guys go somewhere and you see somebody and are like “Cool band!” “Oh yeah, cool band for you!” And now you’re friends and you’re talking. So, I mean, as far as what is different, a lot of people have had babies and have kind of gotten out of it. *laughter* It’s not going anywhere. I know it sounds a little bit hokey or maybe even cliché, I wish more people got along and were just like “You like aggressive music? I like aggressive music. Just because I don’t like your bands and you don’t like my bands don’t mean we have to be fucking fighting each other.” We’re both into music and that’s the key, the glue that holds it together. So I kind of lost track of the damn question, but as far as what is different, you know it’s just obvious that some things have changed. It’s hard to get people to come to shows when gas prices are fucking 4 dollars a gallon. When we first started almost 10 years ago, gas was about $2.30. Maybe something like that? So that’s why we’re doing this tour and it’s so compact. We drove like 2 hours, and then we’re going to drive another hour and a half instead of doing the 6-8 hour drives because if they can’t come to you, then we’ll come to them. If they’re into it, they deserve to see shows too. Just because you can’t afford it like “I can’t afford the trip.” You hear that a lot from a lot of kids, so logistically that’s a pretty big difference. But it will always be, and it better be.

L: Yeah, exactly! Okay, just a couple more.

CG: Sure.

L: Again, you guys tour a lot. Any embarrassing moments that you would want to share?

CG: Sure! I remember one time, it was this year actually, it was our first time in Hungary. We actually played in Budapest which was pretty cool. You never figure you’d go to Europe and that’s a blessing in itself to be able to go fly on a plane and go some crazy places. But it’s my first time in Budapest. The show slammed, it was awesome, and some kids spilled a bunch of beer in the front and I fucking bit the dust real hard.

L: Oh no! *laughter*

CG: It was kind of like you know, I’m running to the edge of the stage to get right in their faces, hit that beer and did like a big ass split! Landed on my ass and no lie, I still cannot do a jumping jack because I’m pretty my ankle got fractured that day. So it was embarrassing but I wasn’t like if I had the choice to fall or not, I would’ve said no. I don’t want to fall! But do I lose sleep over it? Am I so embarrassed? You know shit happens. You can get online and like: “Axl Rose falls on stage.” How many times has that fool fell on stage? Like a ton! I mean it happens.

L: Or just doesn’t even show up.

CG: *laughter* Is that embarrassing? I don’t know but, primadonna or whatever you want to call it. Embarrassing things do happen, but it comes with a territory. I mean, you can do something embarrassing in the line at the god damn grocery, and if someone wants to laugh at it, okay maybe I’ll punch him for that! Probably not though. The last time I hit a kid, I went to fucking, well not the last time but not too long ago I hit a kid and went to jail for it. It’s not worth doing. Keep your hands to yourself, people!

M: You don’t want to pull a Randy Blythe!

L: Yeah exactly!

CG: That’s intense. Yeah, that’s an intense thing right there. We were over there playing that show in the Czech Republic with them, and that happened that day. It was supposed to be us, Lamb of God, and All Shall Perish.

L: Oh that’s right, you were there!

CG: Yeah we got the call in the van on the way to the show that he’s not going to make it for that reason, so that’s another thing in its own, man. It’s very unfortunate, I’m very glad he is home cause I know I’d be shitting bricks if it was me.

L: Oh yeah.

M: Especially in a different country.

CG: Dude, absolutely.

L: Okay, do you have any dorky hobbies at all? Like do you play card games?

CG: I despise playing cards. You know, people are like “let’s get together, have some beer and play some pinochle!” I’m not doing that. *laughter* “Let’s play Uno!” I’m not doing that either. The whole card game thing, I don’t like it. I really don’t like video games either. I’m not really into it. I had an Atari 2600 when I used to mow grass back when I was about fucking 10 maybe. I liked it pretty hard then. There’s a lot of cool ass things like that I just liked generationally. What I like to do now is I love to, I live out in the woods. Well not really in the woods but where I live is in the Appalachian Mountains and we have so many killer mountain bike trails, really aggressive ones. I can’t skateboard for shit but I can mountain bike the fuck out of those. *laughter* So that’s what I like to do.

M: And put it on Instagram!

CG: Yeah I like to do that a lot, man. I like to get out there by myself and just get in the woods, just me and the bike, and sometimes I’ll roll a joint and take it with me. I remember when I first got it I was like “I don’t need no helmet, I look dorky in this helmet!” No shit, the first day I crashed and hit my head on a stump.

L: Oh my god, who would’ve thought?!

CG: It wasn’t hard but I was just like “Get a fucking helmet, kid.” There’s no one out here seeing you anyway. *laughter* So I like to mountain bike quite a bit. I like to walk. I like to hike a lot.

M: You can walk for me!

CG: *laughter* I like to do those things alone. I guess, is it dorky? I don’t know. Maybe it is. But I just like to get out and disappear for 2-3 hours a day when I’m at home. Sometimes, when I’m walking especially, I’ll have one of those tiny Steno pads, the tiniest ones that you can put in your back pocket, and I will listen to our demos and construct patterns and rhythms and lyrics while I’m, I guess, burning calories. *laughter* Trying to kill a couple birds with one stone! But what’s dorky to some may be the coolest thing in the world to others so who am I to say what’s dorky or not? I guess I would say video games are. I just said I don’t like them! *laughter* But yeah I don’t really like those kinds of things. I like to ride motorcycles. I’m looking at one now hopefully which will be good to me and I’m trying to get another one, and there’s one I want to work on and chop it up and turn a nice bike into a piece of crap for some reason. I really want to do that. Pretty much the band is my full time everything: job, hobby. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up and pretty much the last thing I think about when I go to sleep. I’m on the phone and emailing and just doing anything I can do to make it go a little further every day. So it’s definitely not a hobby but it’s my biggest focus. So that’s what’s going down!

L: Alright last one! You’re probably sick of me.

CG: No no!

L: Anything you want to say to your fans or haters?

CG: You know, haters gonna hate! *laughter* What’re you going to do!? I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. If you like it, thank you so much. I mean, without having fans, I couldn’t do this for a living and they’ve given me the opportunity to have the best job in the world. I want to say 100% from everyone in the band, because I know we’re all like-minded on this one, is thanks a lot for giving us this opportunity. I wasn’t in a touring band at age 23 or age 18. We started touring when I was 32 or something like that, so it kind of came late. So thanks for coming out and seeing this old man! I appreciate it! *laughter* I’m going to do it as long as they’re there and they want to see me do it, I’m going to fucking do it. So, you know, big thanks and I appreciate the opportunity. As far as the haters go, what haters? There are none! *laughter* You know, just got to brush that off! There are definitely things that I don’t like but I don’t have some fictitious screen name that I’m using saying “Fucking sucks! This is the worst band I’ve ever heard!” I’m just not going to invest any energy into that kind of shit because all it does is it gets you nowhere and if someone finds out who you are, you’re going to get punched or they’re going to think you’re an asshole, and being an asshole really gets you nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. So I guess, just thanks a lot, man, for supporting the band and coming to see us, buying the records, and wearing the shirts.

M: And the panties!

CG: And the panties! *laughter*

M: I’m sorry, I had to throw that in there!

CG: So yeah just thanks for everything because without the fans, I would probably be home probably hammering nails. Or riding motorcycles. *laughter* And thanks for the interview, I appreciate that so much!

L: Oh you’re so welcome! Thank you!

CG: Not a problem!

L: Alright, well that’s the end of that. Hail Satan and all that good shit.

[Band photo and live, red photo were taken from Skeletonwithch’s Facebook. Collage was made by me. All others were taken by Megan]

Candlemass – Psalms for the Dead

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Psalms for the Dead

Released 8 June 2012

Doom Metal

Released via Napalm Records

Being the epitome of doom metal for more than 25 years, Candlemass has once again proven that they are in fact the masters of doom with their new album Psalms of the Dead. Every song on this album is haunting, captivating, and memorable and is written exactly like doom metal should be written. Although it is sad that they are no longer producing albums, they definitely left their mark with this one.

I initially only heard a couple of songs from this album, “Black as Time” and “Psalms of the Dead”, before I actually gave the entire album an entire listen. Right from Black as Time, I knew this album would be amazing. The intro to the song is of a clock ticking followed by a bit of a rant about how time is black and pretty much an enemy. The song then goes right into the familiar Candlemass sound of spine-chilling riffs and commanding vocals. This song gave me goosebumps the first few times I heard it from its shear awesomeness, and while Messiah was my personal favorite vocalist, I give Robert Lowe a lot of credit for really making the songs sound powerful.

Psalms of the Dead was also catchy in its riffs and memorable chorus, which I pretty much knew after listening to the song a few times. Being one of the slower tracks on this album, it still had that heavy doom sound that made it easy to headbang to or to even just sing while you are in the shower. Robert Lowe’s vocals were most impressive in this song and he definitely won over my respect for being the new vocalist. I then gave the rest of the album a listen and didn’t think that every single song would match up to the previous two songs that I already have listened to. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised that the rest of the songs were just as amazing/if not better than I thought it was going to be. This album has something that a lot of albums do not have: every song is in some way memorable or catchy in its production.

Usually, I give some kind of criticism when it comes to reviews, but I can honestly say that I can’t find anything to criticize about this album. The production and quality of Psalms of the Dead are phenomenal the whole way through and each song is charismatic in its delivery and message. From what I have seen, many older death metal bands try and change up their sound to make the band grow and to further improve their musicianship. However, Candlemass is an exception to this. While they are growing in their musicianship, they still have that same doom metal sound that they originally had since the band formed many years ago. I highly recommend this album to anyone and everyone who loves metal, no matter what kind you may listen to. It’s haunting, heavy, and will be forever black.


Hammer Smashed Lauren

Access Denied – Touch Of Evil

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Access Denied
Touch Of Evil
Due for release/Released: May 2011 (Poland), November 2012 ( worldwide re-release)
Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock
Released via Label: Pitch Black Records

‘Touch of Evil’ is the second album from the Polish classic heavy metal band Access Denied. The album was originally self-released only in Poland back in 2011. After the band signed to Pitch Black Records, the label decided to re-release the album worldwide in November 2012.

So, after the symphonic ‘Intro’ I was half expecting to hear some sort of gothic metal (read old Nightwish-style) vocals. Oddly enough I couldn’t have been more wrong! Instead of the expected symphonic keyboards and operatic vocals, ‘Messenger of Death’ starts off with a scream followed by some guitar riffs. Yes, make no mistake this is definitely heavy metal with some powerful, though not in the slightest bit operatic, vocals. ‘Suicide Mind’ continues along the same path with more catchy guitar riffs plus some solos.

‘Secret Place’ offers a good balance of guitar riffs and solos without losing the emphasis on the vocals making this track one of the most memorable of ones here. Other noteworthy tracks include: ‘Don’t Tell Me’, which features an interesting mix of acoustic guitar and symphonic elements in the intro, and ‘Violence Of Mind’ which has some symphonic metal undertones thanks to the keyboards mixed in with the usual guitar, drums and vocal combo. Then there’s the melodic ballad title track ‘Touch of Evil’, which seems like a very fitting way to end what has been a very enjoyable heavy metal album.


Iza Raittila

Khroma – Chariots

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Released 19th September 2012


Released via Inverse Records

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Khroma’s new single “Chariots” begins with a thin and raspy guitar intro that would seem to signify that start of what might be a Sludge Metal album. Only a few seconds later the electronics kick in and suddenly I find myself transported to that gothic nightclub that Neo visited in The Matrix. Trance like synths dance around the listener whilst haunting whispered vocals begin to play. Industrial, eerie, and…wait what’s this? Suddenly the band erupts into a crushing guitar breakdown reminiscent of a sludgier Meshuggah – or at least one of the numerous Meshuggah inspired Groove Metal bands that are everywhere these days.

The music then continues with this heavy guitar centric sound, more breakdowns than they are riffs; interrupted with a creepy atmospheric electronic interlude until the song is brought to its climax with a powerful, plodding outro. The vocals alternate between whispering and harsh, shouting. This is an interesting combination of synth laden industrial music and what might be described as modern Groove Metal, but I will admit I am not sure what this band is trying to communicate. The band hail from Helsinki, Finland and describe their music on their Facebook page as “metal, trip hop, electro, darkstep”. A quick search online reveals their page on Inverse Records, which states:

“2012. The Year of the Dragon. Societies on the brink of collapse. Natural resources scarce. The threat exterior, a campaign based on consumption and fear. Be it the ever more frequent floods or the burden of debt – all shall drown. Helsinki-Based Khroma conveys this decline in the 2010s into an assaulting soundtrack.”

I can see now why the band attempt to produce a chaotic sound infused with more electronic genres such as darkstep and electro. A 21st century soundtrack to the end of the world as we know it. Not really my thing, but if you like any of these genres, you might want to try it, particularly if you like the sound of electronic influenced Groove Metal.


By Paul Gibbins

ACCESS DENIED joins Pitch Black Records

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The female-fronted classic heavy metal band ACCESS DENIED was originally formed in 2003 in Poland and after a series of demos released their debut album (“The Memorial”) in 2009. Their style quickly evolved from hard rock to classic heavy metal and they have been performing regularly in recent years.

Their second album “Touch of Evil” was originally released in their home country in 2011 as a self release in limited quantities. It’s been re-released now by Pitch Black Records and it features an exclusive bonus video of the song “One Night” (explicit version).

The album will be released on November 6th 2012 and it will be available through Pitch Black Records and its distribution partners as well as through major mp3 stores.

Album track list:
1. Intro
2. Messenger of Death
3. Suicide Mind
4. One Night
5. Secret Place
6. Don’t Tell me
7. My Dreams
8. Violence of Mind
9. Touch of Evil
10. One Night Video (explicit version) – bonus

Agnieszka Sulich – vocals
Jacek “Jaca” Kolankiewicz – guitars
Mateusz “Matolek” Krauze – guitars
Pawel “Wolv” Nejczew – bass
Michal Lysejko – drums

HOLY DRAGONS joins Pitch Black Records

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HOLY DRAGONS – Zerstörer

HOLY DRAGONS hail from Kazakhstan and their blend of metal ranges from heavy metal to power and speed metal with some killer “Halford-esque” vocals.

The band was formed in 1992 and they have a large number of releases since then, including albums, singles and EPs. “Zerstörer” is the first album to feature new vocalist Ian Breeg and it will be released on November 6th 2012, again available through Pitch Black Records and its distribution partners as well as through major mp3 stores.

Album track list:
1. Voices of Lie
2. Doomsday Angels
3. The Man Who Saved the World / Crush Of Chrome Dome
4. Project A119
5. M.A.D. Mutual Assured Destruction / AN602 – Wind Of Hate
6. Cuban Crisis / Insomnia
7. F.R.A.G.I.L.E.
8. NORAD Alert
9. The Day After
10. HL 7442
11. DEFCON 1 / Zerstörer

Ian Breeg – vocals
Jürgen Thuderson – guitars, keyboards
Chris “Thorheim” Caine – guitars
Anton Repalo – drums

Heidevolk confirmed for closing weekend of Jorvik Viking Festival

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Saturday 23rd February sees Asgard Promotions inject another shot of metal into the closing weekend of the annual Jorvik Viking Festival.

Headlining the show this time will be Gelderland’s finest, Heidevolk. They’ll be bringing their distinctive brand of dual-vocal pagan folk metal to York for their long overdue debut U.K headline show.

Support comes from Celtachor – rising stars of Ireland’s Folk Metal scene, and York’s own Cryptic Age.

Tickets are £14 and available from the venue, the usual outlets or direct from Asgard. Advance ticket purchase strongly recommended.

Interview: Celtachor

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Before their epic Celtic-sounding set at Warhorns Festival, Valkyrian Music editor Nico Davidson was able to catch Irish black metallers Celtachor for an interview where they discussed the band’s upcoming new album, Irish mythology and films.

Celtachor will also be supporting Heidevolk at Fibbers, 23rd February 2013. For more info and tickets, click here.

Veil Of Maya to tour with August Burns Red and The Devil Wears Prada in Europe

Posted in News on 25th September 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Following their highly successful headline tour back in April, Veil Of Maya return to Europe to support August Burns Red and The Devil Wears Prada this October and November, touring their highly acclaimed third album Eclipse, out via Sumerian earlier this year. Make sure you get down to a show and check out this sickeningly good live band!

10/18 Nottingham UK @ Rock City

10/19 Glasgow UK @ Garage

10/20 Wolverhampton UK @ Wulfrun Hall

10/21 Manchester UK @ HMV Ritz

10/22 Bristol UK @ Academy 1

10/23 London UK @ Electric Ballroom

10/25 Esch Sur Alzette LUX @ Rockhal

10/26 Cologne DE @ Luxor

10/27 Eindhoven NL @ Effenaar

10/28 Brussels BE @ AB

10/30 Hamburg DE @ Markethalle

11/1 Arhus DK @ VoxHall

11/2 Goteborg SE @ Brewhouse

11/3 Oslo NO @ Fabrikken

11/5 Stockholm SE @ Klubben

11/6 Malmo SE @ KB

11/7 Copenhagen DK @ Pumphuset

11/8 Berlin DE @ C Club

11/9 Chemnitz DE @ Suedbahnhof

11/10 Warsaw PL @ Progresja

11/11 Krakow PL @ Fabryka

11/13 Frankfurt DE @ Batschkapp

11/14 Munich DE @ Backstage Halle

11/15 Vienna AT @ Arena

11/16 Zurich CH @ Komplex

11/17 Milan IT @ Tunnel Club

11/18 Karlsruhe DE @ Substage

11/19 Paris FR @ Le Bataclan

Mephorash – new album “Chalice of Thagirion” out in October

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Grom Records are proud to announce that the Swedish black metal band Mephorash has just finished their second album. The new album entitled “Chalice of Thagirion” will be out on October 2012 in both CD and digital format.

Here is a short video preview of what’s to come next month:

“Straight From Within” release party

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Bands: Revolution Within, Web, Echidna, Equaleft
Location: Hard Club, Porto (PT)
Date: 22nd September 2012

Death/thrashers Revolution Within have just released their second album, “Straight From Within”, and they put up a great party in order to celebrate it – which means they invited a few fellow bands for a concert at the mythical Hard Club. As singer Raça said, there are many talents in the Portuguese underground, but sadly they couldn’t have them all up there on stage with them. So the chosen brothers-in-arms were Equaleft, Echidna and Web.

Equaleft got on stage at 21:30, which is somewhat early for an underground concert around here. So the band was quite surprised to see how many people were there already, raising hell right from the first song, “Alone In Emptiness”. Personally, I was counting on that – Equaleft has built a considerable fan base in the last couple of years, both because of their groovier distinct sound and their hyped-up live performances. And after seeing them on stage so many times before, I can say this has been the best concert so far! With only half an hour to play, they managed to compact 8 songs by playing them fast and furiously, almost without a break.

When introducing “Uncover The Masks”, singer Miguel made the crowd scream every syllable of the title, and in “Suffer No More” the screaming happened during the chorus. The set ended with the mandatory “Invigorate”, Miguel orchestrating the mosh circles with a Jedi lightsaber. And after putting it down, he couldn’t leave the stage without crowdsurfing a little.



Last year Echidna released their own second album, “Dawn Of The Sociopath”, already with Capela on vocals. But for one reason or another, I’d never managed to see him with the band until that night. I already knew him from Damnull, and from getting on stage precisely with Revolution Within before that, to growl in the chorus of “Monsters And Demons” or “Surrounded By Evil”. So I knew how excellent his voice is, how expressive he is on stage… I knew how well I would enjoy it.

Me and the crowd, who once again was relentless. More recent songs such as “Commanded By Demons” and oldies like “Purifier” sponsored the moshers and the headbangers. Every time the chorus of “Evolution: Reload” was near, Capela would turn his microphone to the crowd and someone would always scream his/her lungs out.



Web were sharing material with Equaleft, meaning that Victor was playing with the Fractal FX amp. Guess he’s now considering getting his own, given the power and definition he got from it that night!

I’d missed “Life Aggression” last time I’d seen Web, so I was happy to hear it in this concert. It’s still my favorite song from the latest album, “Deviance”, with its combination of shredding and melody.

Nuno, former guitarist in grinders Holocausto Canibal, played a third guitar in “Awake”, a song he chose to be guest on. Nando took the chance to taunt the audience, saying the title was what he hoped it would happen to them. And afterwards, he even whispered to Filipe to play at a lower volume, ‘cause some people there were asleep. An exaggeration, of course, but the violence had indeed dropped a notch. My guess is that the crowd was saving energy for the headliners, as Web themselves were great as ever.

The last songs, “(In)sanity” and “Beautiful Obsession”, seemed to revive the mosh flame, though.



“Disappearance”, the intro of the album we were celebrating, opened the way to “Pure Hate” and all hell broke loose. And if that was so with a brand new song, imagine right afterwards, with a track from the previous album, so well-known by the crowd – “Silence”. Chaos was launched and there was no turning back.

Some of the songs in “Straight From Within” had been played live before, like “Only The Stronger Will Survive” and “Without Recognition”, so the audience was familiar with them. So familiar that they asked for one that the band wasn’t even intending to play – “Evil(ution)”. But as Raça said, that wasn’t just the band’s party, this was our party too, so if we wanted that song, we would get it.

Echidna-Capela got on stage to co-sing “Anger Mode: On”, with a microphone lent by Equaleft-Miguel. When thanking him, Raça said that “one of these days I’ll invite you to sing with me”. Many understood the hint that “the day” was that very one, and a few sons later, Miguel guested on “Pull The Trigger” – originally recorded by Switchtense-Hugo, who couldn’t be there that night.

Another highlight was “Bleed”, introduced as the slowest song in the album (“things need to calm down a bit now”) and obviously being the exact opposite. Also the stage invasion in “Surrounded By Evil”, with Raça letting them sing up there while he joined the mosh pit. And him saying he would try to keep up with the crowd’s energy, but he had turned 36 that week and it wouldn’t be easy – people cheered and sang happy birthday.

Raça thanked several times to everyone for being there, guest bands included. But given the happiness in everyone’s faces, I guess the gratitude was mutual.




Dead River Runs Dry – Winter (demo)

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Dead River Runs Dry
Winter (demo)
Due for release/Released: June 2012
Black Metal
Released via Label: Self-Released

‘Winter’ is the first demo from the Australian black metal band Dead River Runs Dry.

Now, why is it that whenever I see the words “black metal” and “demo”, I have this image of a battered old CDR or worse still tape recorded in someone’s garage or bedroom? Based on my experience, the sound quality on these tends to be somewhat raw.

Luckily this doesn’t seem to be the case here. The sound quality is surprisingly good for a self-financed demo release. The style tends to vary a little depending on the track. ‘The Weapon Black’ has slightly different vocals which, though still very much in the black metal ilk, sound a bit deeper on here compared to the other tracks. This is also the only song to feature guitar solos and thrash metal-esque melodies. ‘Paradigm of Barbaric Antiquity’ picks up the speed and adds more emphasis on the guitars whilst ‘Dying Gleam Of The Sun Eternal’ has some atmospheric undertones. ‘Way of The Plunderer’ is the slowest track on the here and by far the most monotonous with its eerie guitar riffs and guttural vocals.

3.5/5 – a very promising demo. Much better than I expected.

Iza Raittila

Ill Nino release The Depression lyric video

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image001 (2)

Ill Nino has released a lyric video, which can be viewed here, for their new single The Depression from their forthcoming coming album Epidemia, out October 22nd.

Twelve years and five studio releases later, Epidemia has all the harsh elements and dark Latin rhythms that make Ill Nino‘s Latin metal sound different in this genre of metal“, drummer and founding member Dave Chavarri said of the upcoming release. The band’s sixth full length album is infused with contagious and aggressive lyrics along with sharp melodies that will pierce through your ears. Pre-order the album here now.

Ill Nino is currently touring alongside friends Static X and label-mates Emmure on the Noise Revolution Tour. The tour goes through the end of October destroying cities and igniting audiences across the US.  Vocalist Cristian Mercado comments, “Ill Nino fans get ready to rumble! We’re back and are going to be tearing the roof off at venue near you!” See a full list of tour dates here.

TDV suffer issues with Latin American tour and rebook for next year

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Following a string of issues with what was meant to be their 2012 Latin American tour, Theatres Des Vampires have been forced to rebook their Latin American tour for next year due to issues with customs in Venezuela. The issues first began when Venezuelan Customs Officers deported the band back to Italy, after the passports, belonging to all members of Theatres Des Vampires were marked as “INAD” – Inadmissible, meaning they aren’t allowed entry to the country, though no reason for this marking has been shown on the databases.

Theatres Des Vampires’ Latin American tour has been rescheduled for February and March next year, beginning 23rd February in Buenos Aires, Argentina and will end 3rd March in Bogotà, Argentina, with other dates to be announced. The band offer their deepest apologies to all their fans who had bought tickets to the shows and express that they hope to see all their fans on the rescheduled tour.

Frontwoman Sonya released the following statement on her personal Facebook page, explaining the situation: “Dear friends, as you know Theatres Des Vampires has been victims of a deportation last week in Caracas, where we were supposed to start our Latin American Tour.

The Venezuelan authorities refused us to enter Venezuela, and even to go ahead with the tour flying to Buenos Aires, deporting us back to Italy. For this reason we had no choice than cancel the show in Caracas and suspend the shows in Buenos Aires and San Paolo. Our Management has been working all these days together with the Latin American Promoters in order to let us fly to Mexico tomorrow and save at least the shows in Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia but a new problem came up yesterday:
During the “issue” with the Venezuelan Border Police, Simon’s passport has been damaged , once back to Italy he went to the Italian Passports Office to ask for a new one with “urgency matter” to have the new one on time for tomorrow (in order to leave again on Tuesday) but during the procedure of the release of the new passport, we discovered that ALL the TDV passports has been marked by the Venezuelans as “INAD” (Inadmissible in Venezuela as not welcome in that country), the mark was not visible on the passport pages because it goes on the international database that is visible only when the passport is scanned through the electronic chip.

The reason because they are considered “INAD” is not shown in the database, so once at the passports control of any country the Custom Police can’t see the reason why they were not admitted in Venezuela and it can be for any kind of reason (terrorism, criminal or whatever) so the risk now is that we buy new flights to fly back to Latin America to play Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia and once there, because of this passports problem, the Mexican or Guatemaltese or Colombian Border Police could not accept us and deport us to Italy again because previously marked as INAD in Venezuela. As you can understand this is a risk that we can’t take. Our manager has been at the Urgency Affairs Office of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs for the whole day trying to find the way to fix this unfortunately, even if they are very cooperative with us and they completely understand the situation (that we are not talking about terrorists or criminals) they need a lot of documents and paperwork that we are not able to provide in just one day, because this process will take a few weeks. For this reason the only solution we have is to POSTPONE the whole Latin American tour in a few months. This is mean that all the shows are suspended and will be rescheduled between February and March. The new tour will start from Buenos Aires on February 23rd and will finish in Bogotá on March 3rd. The other rescheduled dates will be announced very soon. All the tickets bought for the concerts in September will be valid for the rescheduled concerts in February/March or eventually refundable. We want to thank our management (Swex Booking) and all the promoters involved in this tour (NWM Productions, Beauty in Darkness Productions, Hominis Nocturna Productions, Helado Productions, Vintage Music and Bogotá Gothic Fest) for their understanding and all their efforts to save these concerts and then we want to thank all our Latin American fans, you’ve been waiting for us for many years and we were very close to come back, we will just have to wait a few months then we really hope to see you all there!”

Everyone at Valkyrian Music wishes Theatres Des Vampires luck for the rescheduled tour.

Aeon prepared to unleash the sonic severity of their fourth full-length

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Aeon, are pleased to unveil the details of their fourth studio offering , Aeons Black. Set to drop via Metal Blade Records on November 22, 2012, the mammoth 15-track Aeons Black was recorded at Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström (Garageland Studios) and features cover art by Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin (Bathory, At The Gates, Dissection, Emperor et al).

Notes founding guitarist Zeb Nilsson of their latest offering of irreverence: “This is definitely our most varied albums to date; it has heavier songs yet it also has lots of fast blastbeats and double bass drumming. It’s groovier this time, which I think we lacked on our last album, Path of Fire, which was fast paced almost all the way through. That and the amazing mix by Ronnie Björnström makes me feel pretty confident that this album will appeal to more people than our previous albums. And no, we have not gone softer in any aspect; it’s just easier to catch with all this grooviness. It’s metal right up your ass!”

The first single, title track Aeons Black, premieres today via the band’s official landing page. Comments guitarist Daniel Dlimi of the tune: “‘Aeons Black’ is the first song that I started to work on as we began writing for this album, and it’s also one of the very last to get finished. My goal was to create a somewhat heavier, odder, not-so-typical Aeon song. Once happy with the musical arrangement, I handed it over to [vocalist] Tommy [Dahlstöm] to let him write some lyrics and vocal patterns for it. He managed to get it even darker and more eerie. The lyrics are all about how everything living eventually must face the inevitable, which is death. There will be no savior, no heaven nor hell… just a pitch black, silent empty void.

Witness the sonic severity of Aeons Black as well as pre-order info here.

Aeons Black track listing:

01. Still They Pray
02. The Glowing Hate
03. The Voice of the Accuser
04. I Wish You Death
05. Garden of Sin
06. Neptune the Mystic
07. Nothing Left to Destroy
08. Passage to Hell
09. Aeons Black
10. Dead Means Dead
11. Sacrificed
12. Aftermath
13. Blessed By the Priest
14. Maze of the Damned
15. Die By My Hands

Catch Aeon live in the UK and Ireland in January:

Aeon + Dyscarnate + Ageless Oblivion

January 2013

16th LONDON – Garage

17th CARDIFF – Bogiez 18th


19th DUBLIN – The Pint

20th BELFAST – Voodoo

21st LIVERPOOL – the Lomax

22nd BRISTOL – The Croft

23rd PLYMOUTH – White Rabbit

Declamatory debut “Human Remains” out on Oct. 13th 2012

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Melodic Thrash Metal from Germany!
DECLAMATORY‘s upcoming debut album “Human Remains” marks a big milestone in the band’s evolution.
With a new concept around the post-apocalyptic war between the “Raiders” and the “Crystal Gods” fought in the world after the collapse of the industrialized civilization, “Human Remains” is the first in a series of concept albums to be released in the future.

Toni Watzinger – guitar
Robert Scholich – vox
Gregor Sommer – bass
Eric Klieme – drums
Sebastian Fischer – guitar

DECLAMATORY – short bio:
The Berlin (Ger) based Melodic Thrash Metal band “DECLAMATORY” was founded in 2000 by Toni Watzinger (guitar), Robert Scholich (vocals, guitar), Marcus Kuscherka (bass) and Fabian Weber (drums) during a school project. None of the four guys had professional knowledge of their instruments at all but they had one thing in common: the will and the determination to play some kick-ass Metal!

After releasing their first serious and well-received and reviewed demo “Nevolution” in 2004, DECLAMATORY won three band contests in a row in 2005: the VS Music contest, Rockt’On Band Contest and the Berlin Summer Battle. But still, despite all the success, DECLAMATORY would not be blessed with the fame and glory they surely deserved. While other bands around them in a similar situation failed and broke up, DECLAMATORY never even thought of quitting. They just decided to get better and continued to live their dream in the Berlin underground scene.

“Human Remains” also shows off the great diversity and maturity that Toni Watzinger’s song writing has evolved to over the last ten years.

Interview: Jonas Albrektsson [King Of Asgard]

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Since forming in 2008. the musical warband that is King of Asgard have seen nothing but success, inking a deal with Metal Blade Records in 2009, followed by the release of their debut album [Fi’mbulvintr] in 2010 and the release of their latest album …To North earlier this year. Nico has a quick chat with the bass wielding warlord Jonas Albrektsson about the new album, the meaning behind the band’s name and Norse mythology.

Nico: Is there a meaning behind the band’s name; King of Asgard?

Jonas: The first and foremost reason for picking this name up was just that we wanted a brand that at its first look tell what we’re dealing with so to say. King of Asgard is one of a thousand names for one of the major Gods in Norse mythology, of whom you all probably already know; Odin, the mightiest of the æsirs. The band name somewhat represents our musical approach and even more targeting our part lyrical concepts as well as it is sure a powerful [image of] what to expect, a first quick impression of what you’re imagining or rather what you’re about to explore. We thought it well represented and worked as a band name and that’s all behind it actually. So there’s no deeper meaning or thought that is to be revealed in its first direct approach. Also we want the abridgement, KoA, to work as our name which kind of comes natural as people want to write as brief as possible.

N: What are the main themes and concepts on the new album “…To North”?

J: On …to North we continue in the tracks we started to stroll with Fi’mbulvintr, no bigger differences really. A continuation and furthermore a broader way of presenting it as well as we have taken another step away from the direct and obvious theme/concept presentation. But for sure our main source of lyrical inspiration is based upon Norse mythology, legends and sagas and thus the majority of our songs still deal with such concepts. There’s no absolute concept in King of Asgard or on …to North specifically that we’re bound to follow nor is the albums content strictly characterized by only one subject. There are main themes that is Norse mythology based, prehistoric tales and/or believes as well as, of course, more to that. It could be retelling of such or simply reflections of destinies and the struggles of the specific era. Still we do not limit ourselves on just these topics so there are other matters to reflect upon and we do. It is probably or certainly the name King of Asgard that has kind of made us pain ourselves into that corner, no doubts on that but we‘re aware of it. There are already lyrics that extend outside the subject on both albums but maybe more on …to North where for example one of mine, Plague-ridden Rebirth is more or less a plain black/death metal lyric. Anyway, we’re open for almost whatever as long as we can stand behind it and present it under the King of Asgard moniker, limitation is futile, and thus our tentacles reaches far!

N: How do you feel that …To North differs from the debut album Fi’mbulvintr?

J: Well it’s not really breaking any boundaries nor is there any greater key changes; it’s rather protecting the ways of old which is something we’re focusing on! The base of King Of Asgard is the same, both musically as lyrically, but the album as a whole is way much better than Fi’mbulvintr when one really gets into it though.

When we started working on the songs for …to North we just let creativity flow and didn’t set any boundaries. We appointed some small goals of what we wanted to accomplish and achieve, such as building atmosphere, power, aggression – alone or combined. We wanted to build sensations and more of a feel to the songs of …to North and hopefully, I our eyes a success, we delivered it in such a way as well. So the base really are just making strong songs that we can all stand behind and from there it goes in different directions, which also was the case on the predecessor, Fi’mbulvintr. What differs North from the debut is basically as I said, that it is a much better album and the songs are much more thought through as well as worked through. We’re proud of our achievements on this one and feel we’re doing something out of satisfaction and worth both for us and our fans.

N: Where do you see the band in five years?

J: I never look very far into the future to be honest but sure some speculations on possibilities could well fit in here. I guess King Of Asgard, if nothing drastically changed,  probably would be around releasing its fourth, astonishing, album. Hopefully followed by a promotional tour this time around, meeting up all the King’s followers. Well, what more… our sound will of course still be close to origin but surely there will be things happening there as well, we’re talking five years which is for sure a long time. Hope our future look bright and interesting, with kept heart and devotion… the one who liveth may see.

N: As King of Asgard‘s lyrics deal with Norse mythology and all things Viking, what would you say is your favourite Nordic myth or folktale?

J: The mythology as a whole I would say if so. I believe all the myths and mythological elements are of importance, as far as my interest goes, based upon the Poetic Edda for example. The mythic past, present and the future, covering more or less everything. From the inception of the universe until its very destruction. Could be that the more destructive and darker moments get more personal attention though if I should be more precise. I’m far from any expert or oracle on these subjects and thus maybe this vivid and wide answer.

N: If could replace the sound track to any film, which one would it be and why?

J: Hrafn Gunnlaugsson’s Icelandic film trilogy Hrafninn flýgur (the Raven flies), Í skugga hrafnsins (the shadow of the Raven) and Hvíti víkingurinn (The White Viking) would for sure be honourable to be featured in and probably very appropriate at certain moments as well. That’s what first comes to mind at least. The TV series, Game of Thrones would probably be Karl’s sound track of choice at the moment I believe, which would provide additional authority to the scenes set in the north illustrating the frostbitten landscapes and such…

N: Are there any plans for a UK tour in the future?

J: We always try to do as many shows as possible it’s just that we have fully booked private lives as well to say it in short, especially lately. We’ll try our very best to come out as much as possible as the music of King Of Asgard is one that really is powerful with a live setting. Easiest for us is one off shows like festivals and such but we sure want it to happen as often as possible! So, hopefully we’ll make it to UK within the near future but for now there’s none on schedule unfortunately. Actually there are a short one on request in UK but still nothing we can confirm. So keep your eyes open.

N: As Norse mythology was written down by Christian scholars, do you find it challenging to separate the actual myth from the Christian influence when writing new lyrics?

J: Ah, no not really, never seen upon this as a problem or something that is bothering when writing lyrics. Christianity has for sure had great impact and twists in a lot of these matters unfortunately and has harmed way more than just the mythological writings. This could bother me more or rather does but it doesn’t affect my lyrical writings. Sure, if it should be to the core one need to think twice maybe but the lyrics for King of Asgard isn’t really the ones going to the depths in that sense, they’re rather retelling, reflecting or exploring, which still of course could be or probably are affected anyhow, whether you like it or not. They get their share in return, lest we forget! As said in the song; Snake tongue, “ See through the lies of the snake tongue.”

N: Is there any you’d like to say to our readers?

J: Well not more than thanks a bunch to you and all the Valkyrian readers and the followers of the King – for supporting King of Asgard! If you haven’t checked us out, our albums and channels, make sure to give it a try! Hope for some shows ahead, to meet our followers and that the album get the attention we believe it deserves. Horns up!

King of Asgard’s new album …To North is out now via Metal Blade Records and can be ordered here.

As I Lay Dying stream Awakened via AOL

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As I Lay Dying, who recently debuted their new single and video for A Greater Foundation (which can be viewed below) to an overwhelming response by fans, have launched an exclusivefull-album stream for Awakened. Fans can listen to the album now by clicking here.

Awakened is in-stores and online today!

Awakened–which marks the group’s sixth studio album– is garnering early critical acclaim. In his 4/5 star album review for Alternative Press magazine, writer Jason Schreurs hailed, “Screamer Tim Lambesis has never sounded better than on a metal anthem like ‘Overcome,’ his shattered scream completely ripping faces. …Awakened is the best As I Lay Dyingalbum you can point to as metal both modernized and maximized.” (October 2012). Elsewhere, in his 4/5 star album review for Artist Direct , Rick Florino singled out the preview track “Cauterized” as “An unshakable anthem, the song is the best kind of aural assault and battery from one of heavy metal’s most dynamic outfits. Morphing from a steamrolling six-string storm courtesy of Nick Hipa and Phil Sgrosso, the track shifts into a polyrhythmic crusher fueled by drummer Jordan Mancino and bassist Josh Gilbert’s immortal groove. Tim Lambesis seamlessly segues from a gruff growl into one of the group’s tightest and toughest clean choruses to date.” Florino adds, “‘Cauterize’ is a metallic remedy of the highest order.As I Lay Dying prove to be a genre leader by progressing while pummeling, and it’s evidence that Awakened is another level altogether. They’re set to wake up the genre with a landmark album.” (September 2012) – Click here to read Renata’s review of Awakened.

For Awakened, the San Diego-based band Nick Hipa (guitar), Tim Lambesis (vocals), Jordan Mancino (drums), Phil Sgrosso (guitar) and Josh Gilbert (bass) holed up in the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO with renowned rock producer Bill Stevenson (Descendents) and mixer Colin Richardson. Awakened marks the follow-up to the Decas EP (2011) which reached #2 on the iTunes Rock Chart. The group’s last LP, 2010’s immensely successful The Powerless Rise, debuted on the Billboard Top 200 at #10. The Powerless Rise also reached #2 on Billboard’s Independent Albums Chart and #3 on Billboard’s Hard Music Albums Chart.

Catch As I Lay Dying in the UK with Trivium:

Trivium + As I Lay Dying + Caliban + Upon A Burning Body

October 2012

15th         MANCHESTER – Ritz

16th         GLASGOW – O2 ABC

17th         BIRMINGHAM – HMV Institute

19th         BRISTOL – O2 Academy

20th         NORWICH – UEA

21st         LONDON – O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

Wintersun official album teaser available

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The new Wintersun album TIME I will be out on October 19 via Nuclear Blast. The band will headline the so-called Heidenfest Tour in Europe October/November and embark on a North American run with Eluveitie end of 2012.  

TIME I will be available as follows:
–          Limited Mediabook (Hard cover, wide format) CD + DVD
–          Limited Mediabook (Hard cover, wide format) CD + DVD + Instrumental CD of ‘TIME I’, Certificate (Limited to 500 copies, exclusively available at Nuclear Blast)
–          Limited Mediabook (Hard cover, wide format) CD + DVD + signed photo card Jari Mäenpää (Limited to 1.000 copies, exclusively available at
–          Limited Mediabook (Hard cover, wide format) CD + DVD + WS Logo Shirt gray/black (exclusively available at Levykauppa Äx)
–          CD Jewelcase
–          Digital download
–          iTunes digital download w/ ‘TIME I’ booklet
The bonus DVD includes:
1. Land Of Snow And Sorrow (Live At Rehearsals, Helsinki)
2. Darkness And Frost & Time (Live At Rehearsals, Helsinki)
3. Sons Of Winter And Stars (Live At Rehearsals, Helsinki)
4. Licks & Tricks Of TIME I With Each Band Member
5. Sons Of Winter And Stars – Project Demonstration (Interview at Jari´s Home Studio)
6. Photo Gallery (Live At Rehearsals, Helsinki)
Pre-order the album TIME I at the following locations:
Nuclear Blast Europe
Nuclear Blast USA
Levykauppa Äx, exclusive CD/logo shirt bundle 
EMP limited edition

Interview: Pēteris Kvetkovskis [Skyforger]

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Valkyrian Music editor Nico has a quick chat with Pēteris Kvetkovskis, frontman for Latvian folk metal heavyweights Skyforger, at Warhorns Festival in York. The two discuss all things Skyforger, as well as Latvian mythology and other things.