Brid Rocks 2012: Day Two

Ravenage, Edge of 13, Whiskey Dogs and More
Bridlington Sports & Community Centre
Sunday 19th August

BEN PARCELLUp bright and early, I was ready was day two of Brid Rocks which was featuring a mix of cover acts and original bands. The first act of the day was Bridlington-based acoustic pop punk act Ben Parcell and it all honesty, I was confused to as why he was on so early in the day. His strong vocals, which was amplified by the crisp, clean sound of the PA, carried out well over the small number that were in attendance at the beginning, as he performed the laid back song The Only One and a soulful version of Driftwood by Travis. The acoustic folky styled songs such as Painted By Numbers and Love Song went down well with the crowd, virtually keeping them in a trance with his unique, harmonious sound.

Remix followed after, summoning up a slight country orientated old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll sound. The vocals weren’t particular impressive, especially when they attempted to harmonise. I’m not sure if I didn’t appreciate their performance because I wasn’t brought up on that style of music or because I was expecting something different. The staunch-voiced Frank Martin brought some life to the festival once he ascended upon stage, moving almost hypnotically to the music as he performed songs by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Van Morrison.

Loose Covers also did their part to zest up Brid Rocks with raw, callous versions of songs such as Sex on Fire, Rocking All Over The World and Human. The vocals were strained at the beginning of their set but soon became more solid sounding later on in the set. Rebecca Arundel brought something new to Brid Rocks this year with a mix of covers, such as a mystifying performance of The A Team and a unique sounding rendition of ET which really exhibited her voice. However, it was Rebecca’s own song Photograph that really won me over with its creative blend of acoustic guitar, percussion and electric bass. In all honesty, I thought it was a shame that most of her set was dominated by covers.

Substitute by The Who was the opening to Pandemonium’s set. For a while, the band’s frontman showed some form of vocal talent, though it soon waned further on in the set. The sharply dressed band presented some noticeable talent though overall their set sounded dull. Generator-3 brought a punk edge to each of their covers, including an enthralling portrayal of Teenage Kicks.

No one really knew what to think when Whiskey Dogs appeared on stage with their banjo, mandolin and double bass but they soon put on a foot tapping good performance of what could easily be described as “hillbilly” songs, though the frontman Pete did tell a little history about some of the songs, talking about how they would be played in the brothels and bars of 1920s America. Voodoo Stripe proved to the real deal a combination of Hexdrixesque solos and funky riffs, as well as catchy vocal melodies. Their song I Don’t Wanna Miss You Anymore proved to be a crowd pleaser with its emotive chorus.


There was somewhat of a mishap with Dylanesque which led to them leaving the stage for whatever reason which I never found out, so to keep the gathered masses entertained, Ben Parcell took to the stage once more, performing a few select covers such as Wonderwall and Driftwood. Bridlington’s own indie-rockers Edge of 13, who have had the privilege of playing venues like The Cavern in Liverpool, paraded a blend of clean, memorable riffs and poignant vocals topped with a strong indie sound.


When Ravenage marched on stage, it seemed like it was going to be the raid on Lindisfarne all over again, only with less casualties. With a slightly different line-up, with session keyboardist Articus, who had joined them to support Tyr earlier this year, at the keys and Windrider on guitar and new bassist Ragnar II were clearly ready to send the horde at Brid Rocks to Valhalla. Opening up with the catchy yet heavy as hell Viking Dream, the Heathen warband ploughed on through to Northbound and the more archaic sounding Shieldwalls Collide. Nearing the end of an energetic, aggressive and somewhat heathenlicious set, Ravenage performed an aggressive, Viking-themed version of Drunken Sailor, which went down well with the kids, and More Beer which got the crowd singing and dancing along.


If the Valhalla-residing gods were watching Brid Rocks that night, even they would have approved of such a fitting end to a brilliant festival. With rumours flying around that it won’t be happening next year, one can only hope that they are just rumours.

Nico Davidson


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