Interview: Early Seasons

Rising in the French hardcore and metal scenes come Early Seasons, who have supported the likes of While She Sleeps and Funeral For A Friend. Nico catches up with the French upstarts for a quick chat.

Nico: What are your biggest influences?

Early Seasons: We all have different influences but those we have together and which could have inspired us in our sound are Memphis May Fire: for their energy and power, and For The Fallen Dreams and The Ghost Inside: for the melody and the epicness they create.

N: What’s the song writing process like for you? Do you spend time in the studio writing new material or do you write it as and when you can?

ES: The song writing process in the band usually starts on Guitar Pro, as we all use it to compose; one of us will compose a structure of a song with some guitar riffs and a basic drum and then he will share to the others who will tell what they think about it and then modify it. When the final structure and all the guitar and bass riffs are validated, Térence modifies the drums and then Marty comes with his vocal lines.

N: Which bands would you like to tour with in the future?

ES: Memphis May Fire, I See Stars and all the other bands we love!

N: Do you feel you differ from bands in the same genre as you? If so, how?

ES: Of course we feel a little different than the other bands and we hope not being only the copy of an other band, even if in this genre of music a lot of bands seems to sound the same… But we really do try to create our own sound by mixing together energy and melody, with some heavy riffs and some melodic arpeggios. And even on the vocals Marty mix some clear singing and pretty powerful screams, besides Julien adds his heavy growls.

N: Is there any sort of image you’re trying to portray with the band name: EARLY SEASONS?

ES: Yeah it deals with nature and how the world on this earth evolve and rebirth behind the seasons, and as the world is changing a lot we wanted to represent this changing through our music. Both heavy and melodic cause even if Life in this world could be harsh sometimes, for us there will be always some new seasons of rebirth and hope. It’s a pretty positive message!

N: You’ve played with a lot of the big names in the metalcore and hardcore scene such as Funeral For A Friend and While She Sleeps, which one, would you say, was your favourite to share the stage with?

ES: It was the show with While She Sleeps, we really love this band so it was a big honour to share the stage with those guys, on top that it was also the release party of our EP And The World Stops so it was a great show and a great night!

N: What are your plans for the rest of the year? Will you be playing any festivals or touring?

ES: Yeah we’ve just played on an amazing festival this summer in Luxembourg, called the Dudelange on Wheels Festival, there were skating and BMX contests, great music with DJs, bands and we had a lot of fun. We are also planning some tours in France and other countries in Europe for pretty soon. But the most important, is that we are actually hardly working on our first album and on a new music video so we hope that the fans will like all what we are preparing for them!

N: What would you say is the most challenging thing about being in a band?

ES: For us we guess that the most challenging thing about being in a band is to all manage by ourselves, especially for a French band like us cause the Metal scene out there isn’t as developed as in The States even if there are more and more French people listening to metal. But the all scene is growing up over here and that’s a very good thing.

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