Satan’s Wrath stream new single

Satan’s Wrath have just launched the first single and pre-orders for their new album Galloping Blasphemy. Head over here to stream Between Belial And Satan. Also make sure to check out the pre-order links.

Formed in 2011 by multi-instrumentalist Tas Danazoglou (vocals, drums & bass) & Stamos K (guitars), Satan’s Wrath deal in a style of heavy metal music which harks back to the times when the death, black and thrash genres were all considered one in the same, and only leather, spikes and bullets were real!

The band’s debut release Galloping Blasphemy contains nine tracks of unholy terror and is to be released on September 24th in the UK.

All Tas Danazoglou had to say about the new album was: “REAL METAL! DEATH TO POSERS!

Galloping Blasphemy tracklisting:

Leonard Rising – Night of the Whip
Between Belial and Satan
One Thousand Goats in Sodom
Hail Tritone, Hail Lucifer
Galloping Blasphemy
Death Possessed
Death to Life
Slaves of the Inverted Cross
Satan’s Wrath

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