Lakes – These Minutes

These Minutes
Released: 2nd October, 2011
Released via The Militia Group

Lakes is one of those bands who tries to add different music styles to their songs to hopefully create a sound that is not only unique but also appealing to their fans. However, after listening to their debut album These Minutes, it sounds to me like the different uses of metal, hardcore, and melodic styles were randomly thrown about rather than executed into a consistent sound and style.

Their opening track Silence is anything from silent and starts the album off with an instrumental of keyboards, heavy guitar riffs and solos which seemed to suit the band’s claimed style. Further into this album, however, there is a pattern of one instrumental song followed by couple heavier songs with vocals. This pattern would be more fitting for an album with an abundance of tracks, but since These Minutes only has a total of nine tracks, it seemed really unnecessary to split up such a small amount of songs. The vocals also drowned out the guitars and keyboards which it made it harder to listen to the music itself.

Overall I feel like this band does in fact have a different sound that appeals to people interested in heavier, melodic music. However, I feel that this album would have been exceptionally better if they either stuck with heavier songs with some melodic parts incorporated into each song, or if they went more mellow and kept the instrumental melodic tracks instead. The way they combined both into this album made it hard for me to listen to and to see how well their musicianship really is.


Hammer Smashed Lauren

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