Gypsyhawk – Revelry & Resilience

Revelry & Resilience
Released: 28th August 2012
Traditional Heavy Metal/Heavy Rock
Released via Metal Blade Records


Gypsyhawk is that kind of heavy rock band that you expect to hear in a motorcycle club – classic loud guitars over a groovy and mid-fast rhythm section, empowered by a clean voice but with a raspy edge.

The first drum beats on the opening track, “Overloaded”, can easily kick off a live performance, as it has that introductory “something-big-is-on-its-way” feeling. And then the rest of the instruments attack and you can imagine the crowd raising their beer mugs or fists (or both) in the air while headbanging happily.

The next track, “The Fields”, which was recently posted online for streaming, has these melodic catchy riffs that you find yourself humming after listening to them just once.

“Hedgeking” was also made public on youtube, in order to promote the forthcoming album. Although I still think “The Fields” is a much stronger track, “Hedgeking” also impersonates Gypsyhawk’s loose seventies vibe.

“1345” sounds a bit like stoner rock in the beginning, but soon resumes the energy of pure rock’n’roll. Funny thing is, “Night Songs From The Desert” is stoner-ish but it starts out as a rock ballad.

And as we talked about their sound being influenced by the rock produced four decades ago, the band chose Suzy Quatro’s “Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo” to close this second album of theirs, in a cover that is both very loyal to the original and very Gypsyhawk-ish. Cool!


by Renata “Pieni” Lino

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