Thorondir – 3rd album in focus!

Thorondir, the epic Pagan Metal from Germany, is still alive & determined to stay!

Currently the band is working on new songs for the upcoming 3rd album, the material for it is 50% finished so far.

It is foreseen to contain total of 13 tracks, delivered in the approved Thorondir style.

Pre-Productions will be online for the fans from time to time.

Release date of the 3rd Thorondir album is scheduled for autumn 2013.

Good Pagan-Metal does not necessarily has to come from the northern hemisphere, which is best shown by the band THORONDIR! The six bavarian guys founded their band back in 2007 and already got a deal with the Austrian label CCP-Records (former bands: XIV Dark Centuries, Riger) the following year.
In spring 2009 THORONDIR released their debut album “Düsterwald” on the national and international market. The debut album got good to very good reviews in respective print- and online magazines (LEGACY, EMP, Metalmessage, etc.). The band was able to challenge several live performances in the same as well as in the following year. That is why Thorondir can look back to concerts and festivals (Legacy-Fest 2009, MetalForce, Boarstream) with bands like Ensiferum, XIV Dark Centuries, Satyricon, Eisregen, Belphegor, Gernotshagen, Black Messiah.

In 2010 the band decided to record their new album in the Woodshed Studio of Viktor Bullok alias V. Santura (Tryptikon, Dark Fortress).
After a successful debut two years ago, Thorondir then vociferously released their second album “Aus jenen Tagen” and is about to set new and distinctive standards in German Pagan Metal. The band shows itself from a much harder, more melodic and much more perfect side, however they remain true to the style of their album “Düsterwald”. With an unchanged instrumentation cast the six warriors want to bring the myths and legends of their homeland to the metal world.

In terms of music THORONDIR has grown since the first album and presents itself more versatile than before. They emphasize an unprecedented arrangement of profound lyrics, which combine old-Bavarian legends and pagan traditions, with a powerful and skillful mixture of pagan- and black metal. The guitars are more aggressive and more melodic. Hard guitar riffs and striking leads create an impressive atmosphere. In terms of the bass-guitar, the instrument comes more to the fore and gives everything a more vivid touch. All this is lead by a storm of drums consisting of fast blastbeats and series of doublebasses as well as rhythmic and silent accompaniment. The vocals with their variation from screaming to deep growling are even more brutal than before. With the folkloric and harmonic keyboard sounds the whole album gains its perfection.

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