Farseer – Chthonic Visions EP

Chthonic Visions EP
Released: May 2012
Power Metal

‘Chthonic Visions’ is the second EP from the Scottish power metal band Farseer.

So after the symphonic, melodic and… for lack of a better word – ”epic” intro that is ‘Omen of the Reaper’, you are treated to some cheesy power metal. Ok, so the first full length track ‘Nightmares Collide’ might be missing the dragon theme and the squeaky vocals but all the other elements are there including some good guitar riffs and solos.

Oh, and looks like I spoke too soon about the supposed lack of squeaky vocals because here they come, in all their cheesy glory! Luckily there’s also more guitar solos like the one half-way through the ‘Second Strike’ which makes the song memorable. Then there’s the energetic title track ‘Chthonic Visions’. Yes, good things come to those who wait, all you have to do is get past the cheesy vocals.


Iza Raittila

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