Liv Kristine – Libertine

Liv Kristine
Released: September 2012
Gothic Rock/Goth Pop
Released via Napalm Records

‘Libertine’ is the fourth album from the gothic singer Liv Kristine who is better known for her involvement with the gothic metal bands Theatre of Tragedy, Atrocity and Leaves’ Eyes. Unlike her other projects, her solo work tends to lean in the direction of goth rock rather than metal.

Now, just one more thing before I start. When listening to this, forget everything you know about Leaves’ Eyes or any of Liv Kristine’s other bands and don’t be fooled into thinking that this will sound like anything even remotely resembling metal.

Most of the songs tend to emphasize Liv’s voice whilst the accompanying music is of the radio-friendly rock variety. Kate Bush is probably the closest thing I would compare this to. There’s tranquil, lullaby-esque piano tracks like the aptly named ‘Silence’. In contrast to these, there are some slightly more upbeat guitar-driven songs such as ‘Vanilla Skin Delight’ which features guest vocals by Tobias Regner. The latter is one of the highlights of the album. Then there’s the somewhat cheesy-sounding, pop-rock track ‘Paris Paris’.

Other noteworthy tracks include: the sombre-sounding ‘Love Crime’ and the title track ‘Libertine’ where the guitar riffs work well to complement Liv Kristine’s vocals. Overall this is one those albums which you can safely play to anyone who doesn’t like metal. Hell, I bet even your mum and younger siblings would like this.

3/5 – Not to my personal taste but check it out for yourself and see if it takes you to places where it couldn’t take me.

Iza Raittila

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