Aliases announce departure of vocalist

UK metallers Aliases have announced that due to personal commitments, vocalist Jay Berast is to leave the band.

Comments guitarist Pin: "After 2 awesome years we have to announce the departure of our vocalist and friend, Jay Berast, from Aliases. There’s no bad blood whatsoever and he’s made the decision to leave, to ensure the band is not hindered by his growing work and personal commitments.
We are working relentlessly on our first full length album which is coming along amazingly and as such Jay decided to leave now to allow a new vocalist to come in and immediately get involved with the songwriting …. we certainly don’t want to be presenting his successor with an album of finished music to just slap vocals on. This is a real band which benefits from the contribution of all members.
Jay has been like a brother to us however we are fully committed to putting everything into the band and therefore every member has to be in the same mindset. Ultimately this will allow us to write better music, perform better shows and simply propel Aliases where we want it to go."

Jay Berast adds: "I am sad to announce that I am leaving Aliases. The past two years have been more than amazing, travelling Europe, meeting such great people and making music with such talented friends. My life has changed and with it, my priorities, which means I can no longer be fully committed to the band, so it’s time to step aside to let someone else take Aliases forward for the next stage of the journey.
I have been incredibly lucky to share some great times with these crazy (but lovely) dudes and dudette. I really want to thanks you guys for always following, spreading the word and supporting the band by your messages (and pokes…too much pokes !!!). Thanks also to the Basick Records and Hold Tight PR team, and the many great bands I shared a stage and after show with. Get ready for the new Aliases, the album will kick your ass properly."

Catch Jay’s final gig with Aliases in London on September 8th at the Metal Hammer sponsored Basick Records vs Siege of Amida Records All Dayer – for more info – check here.

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