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New exclusive Zonaria video available

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The video for the track Silent Holocaust taken from Zonaria’s release Arrival of The Red Sun can now be seen.

Guitarist Emil Nyström comments : “We’ve been looking forward to working with Jakob for ages. He’s a really talented producer and director and we cant wait to show you the end result. It’s nuclear!

Arrival of the Red Sun available on listenable Records e-shop here.

Broken Links release new video online and give single away for FREE!

Posted in News on 31st August 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

Playing industrial rock with under-currents of post-punk and new wave, Broken Links are as melodic and hook laden as they are dark and haunting. Atmospheric guitars, melancholic vocals and electronic soundscapes form a musical vehicle for psychoanalytical and emotionally complex lyrical themes, resulting in a dark and powerful aural experience.

The new single We’re All Paranoid is taken from their upcoming album Disasters: Ways To Leave a Scene, set for release this Autumn via Devil Theory Records, and is available to download for FREE from the band’s bandcamp. The band have also released the cinematic accompanying video online, which tells the story of a dying man watching his life flash before him in the aftermath of a car smash-up.

Originally taking influence from an array of acts ranging from Joy Division, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails to Manic Street Preachers and Bush, Broken Links have evolved a sound that’s very unique to themselves and unlike anyone on the scene today. Mark Lawrence (vocals / guitar), Lewis Betteridge (bass) and Phil Boulter (drums), have been slowly but surely building a strong loyal fanbase on their own steam following the release of three self release EPs, and playing shows with the likes of British Sea Power, The Boxer Rebellion, InMe, My Vitriol, and The Xcerts in the UK, Germany, and Italy.

Sister release Sonisphere video

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Swedish sleaze and punk influenced metal band Sister recently filmed a video for the track Werewolves on Blackstreet during the band’s recent performance at this year’s Sonisphere Festival in Madrid, Spain. Shot and edited by Jimmy Johansson, Werewolves on Blackstreet highlights the band’s experience at the festival both on and off stage.

The band commented “The trip to Madrid and Sonisphere Festival was an awesome experience. We definitely had a fucking blast! To share the stage with giants like Slayer, Soundgarden, Limp Bizkit, The Offspring and Metallica is just wicked. Check out our video and catch some of the highlights from our travel. Sonisphere is indeed a great festival both on and off stage. We want to send out a big thanks to the festival organizers and to our Spanish fans! And of course Jimmy, son of K, Johansson for shooting and editing all of our stupidities. See you guys next time!

Sister, who hail from Stockholm/Jönkoping Sweden, formed in early 2006 working hard to build up a name as a strong act both live and in the studio. The band consists of 4 members- Jamie on vocals, Lestat on guitars and backing vocals, Rikki on bass and backing vocals, and Cari on drums and backing vocals- who combine the sounds of Punk, Glam, Rock, and Metal with an end result sounding something like the bastard child of GG Allin and Guns N’ Roses. The band’s Metal Blade debut, Hated, was released in June 2011 and was met with strong praise from press and fans alike.

The Chant – A Healing Place

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The Chant
A Healing Place
Released August 2012
Atmospheric Rock
Released via Secret Entertainment

Having never heard of The Chant, I was a bit apprehensive to listen to their newest album A Healing Place since I’m pretty picky about atmospheric music. However, this album was absolutely nothing like I expected it to be, and it incorporated many different rock and metal band sounds that meshed wonderfully together. With the rock influences of Chevelle and A Perfect Circle mixed with the more progressive and a bit heavier sounds of Opeth and Katatonia, this album is refreshing from a lot of other newer bands who try to take beautiful, atmospheric music and add it onto a more hardcore/deathcore based songs. It’s evident that this band has worked their way up to create their own kind of sound that could not only appeal to fans of lighter rock music but to also fans of melodic and progressive metal.

Right from the start of the album, the song Outlines does exactly what the title intends and outlines a picture of what this album will sound like. Starting off softly and then working up to a faster paced sound, it sounds captivating and almost a bit spiritual in a way. Paired with the clean vocals of lpo Paasela, I was instantly hooked into the album.

The other 7 tracks had that same consistent sound as Outlines which gave me the impression that the band is pretty confident in their development as a group. They didn’t try so hard to add random solos and other instruments as most new atmospheric bands will try and do. I see a bit of an Opeth influence in that this album has only 8 songs and most of those songs span over a period of 5 minutes, and fans of Opeth know that they are known for creating very long and beautiful pieces. The vocals derive from the sound of Katatonia’s Jonas Renkse which, again, adds that heavier sound to The Chant. The guitars reminded me a lot of Chevelle in that it had a heavier sound but not too heavy which is suiting for this album.

However, I found that the saxophone solo in the song Distant Drums was a bit unnecessary and seemed out of place in the song, though the one in Outlines was incorporated very nicely. The most memorable track from this album was Ocean Speaks in that it was the shortest song on the album (just over 4 minutes) and it got right to the point while still incorporating that same beautiful sound heard throughout this entire album. The Black Corner was also another song I enjoyed from this album in that it included a bit of chanting and collective singing towards at the end of the song that can be arguably annoying to some people but it was an element I felt that made the song memorable and unique.

This album definitely took me by surprise to say the least. This album is definitely recommended for anyone who is into lighter rock, progressive, atmospheric, or melodic metal. Hopefully The Chant continues to progress in their music and keep on making albums just like this one.


Hammer Smashed Lauren

Carbid! release debut album ‘Breaking Walls’

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It’s time again for Classic Old School Heavy Metal!

Carbid! hail from Germany and list their influences as: Motörhead, Judas Priest, Manowar, Queensryche, Megadeth and many more! The latest album from the Braunschweig-based band “Breaking Walls” delivers a strong mixture of traditional & timeless Heavy Metal at its most authentic.

The tracklisting will be as follows:

1. Creatures of the Light 03:57
2. Green Hill 04:25
3. Dark Night 04:02
4. Never Regret 04:51
5. Over and Out 02:55
6. Angry Nature 04:12
7. Pirates! 03:22
8. Rock Forever 03:11
9. Fight for Your Right 02:44
10. Sin City 04:37
11. Rebel Yell 04:29
12. Stand Up and Shout 03:08
13. Bark At the Moon 03:53

Kui – vocals
Micha – guitar
Carsten – bass
Werner – drums

NHSH – Rasende Kraft

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Album: Rasende Kraft
Due for release/Released: September 2012
Black Metal
Released via Label: Naturmatcht Productions

‘Rasende Kraft’ is the debut album from the German black metal project NHSH. The album has been dedicated to Friedrich Nietzsche whose works continue to be a huge inspiration for the band.

First up is the title track ‘Rasende Kraft’ offering some mid-paced, “rocking” black metal. There’s also hints of thrash metal present in the guitar riffs which adds to the appeal. By contrast to the previous track, ‘Hinaus’ tends to drift towards more melodic climates as the guitars and drumming slow down briefly as if to compensate for the evermore coarse sounding vocals. Satanic Warmaster is probably the closest thing which I could compare this to.

‘Wanderers Heimkehr’ continues with the tone set by the previous track with some melodic or, dare I say it, atmospheric guitar riffs. This combined with the steady drumming and harsh vocals produces what I could only describe as a continuous “wall” of sound. This is a very powerful mix, which makes this song one of the highlights of the album. Other noteworthy tracks include the guitar driven, melodic ‘Just Craving Is Mine’, rhythmic instrumental ‘Black Blues’ and the dark ambient style ‘Frühlingsabend’ which creates a sense of calm after a what felt like a long storm.

Overall this is a very promising debut album. I wasn’t sure what to expect from NHSH and I’m pleased to say that it was a very positive surprise.

Iza Raittila

Ill Nino join Emmure and Static X on the Noise Revolution tour and release new track for streaming

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For nearly fifteen years, Ill Nino has gained a loyal and dedicated fan base while creating their own unique style of Latin-influenced, aggressive metal. They are preparing for the release of their sixth full length album titled Epidema, out October 22nd. Utilizing bilingual vocals, Latin/tribal rhythms and powerful melodies, Epidemia is bound to spread worldwide. Listen to their brand new track The Depression here.

Ill Nino will join Emmure and Static X on the Noise Revolution tour beginning September 19th in Billings, MT. The tour will hit over twenty-one cities throughout the US before wrapping up in Lubbock, Texas on October 17. Fans will a chance to see new songs from Epidemia performed live on stage.

Tour Dates as followed

9/18- Cheyenne, WY @ Atlas Theater **
9/19- Billings, MT @ Babcock Theater
9/22- Fargo, ND @ The Venue
9/23- Omaha, NE @ Sokol Auditorium
9/24- Bloomington, IN @ Castle Theater
9/27- Joliet, IL @ Mojoe’s
9/28- Circle Pines, MN @ Bamboo Betty’s
9/29- Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
9/30- Jackson, MI @ Rak’s
10/01- Columbia, MO @ The Blue Note
10/03- Louisville, KY @ Headliner’s Music Hall
10/04- Green Bay, WI @ Riverside Ballroom
10/05- Traverse City, MI @ Ground Zero
10/06- Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
10/07- Portage, IN @ Camelot Arena
10/9- Fayetteville, AR @ George’s Majestic Theater
10/11- Shreveport, LA @ Riverside Warehouse
10/12- Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music Hall
10/13- Dallas, TX @ Palladium Ballroom
10/14- Farmington, NM @ Top Deck
10/17- Lubbock, TX @ Cactus Courtyard

**Ill Nino will not be performing