Xandria and bassist Nils part ways

Symphonic metal titans Xandria announced earlier that they’ve parted ways with long term bassist Nils Middlehauve.

The band announced the new via Facebook: We sadly have to announce the departure of our yearlong bass guitar player Nils Middelhauve today. It was mainly due to personal reasons why Nils took the decision to split ways in the future. It gradually became obvious to him that some points of view vastly grew apart, concluding in Nils’ determination to not continue in XANDRIA anymore. Especially since all members are friends first and foremost, any more compromises had been even more hurtful. The band regrets Nils’ decision, yet is respecting it at the same time, even though everyone is really sad about it.

Us, the remaining members in XANDRIA, are still a bit shocked and paralyzed and we can hardly imagine to continue without our yearlong fellow. We went through so many good and rough times together – Nils always gave everything for the band and we all have to be very grateful for his work! Nils – we will never forget the times we had together and we wish you all the best for the future! Thanx for everything!

At this stage no replacement has been determined. We will carefully look for an adequate successor.

Nils kindly will play any show confirmed so far, if no replacement will be found by the time of these very shows.

Following the news, Nils stated the following on his personal Facebook: My dearest friends, knowing a decision to be right does not necessarily make it less painful. To cut it short, I decided to leave XANDRIA. I want to express my dearest thanks to every single band member (and also to everybody involved) for incredible and unforgettable years and memories, and for everything we had and experienced together. And also I thank all of you for your fantastic support and friendship. Keep the dream alive! Up the Xandrians!

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