Necroriser – Suicide

Released – 2011
Thrash/Death Metal
Self Released

Necroriser are a 3 piece Thrash/Death Metal band who originally come from Brazil, however they now reside in London. They formed in 2010 when frontman/bassist of the Band, Vermeyo and Mighell on Guitar teamed together from their previous band. Then in late 2010 they find their third and final member, Ruben,
on drums and the band have steadily been gigging around the UK ever since.

Necroriser have gigged with bands such as Abgott, Primitive Graven Image and Warbringer, among many others!

Their 2011 E.P Suicide opens with a track called, Horror, which starts with a fading in piece of drumming, which is clearly very skilled. Then a meaty and very thrash metal guitar chops it’s way into the track, which gets you headbanging straight away, next up are the vocals which can only be described as brutal but with a startling clarity to it. The pace of this first track is unrelenting, then it slows down towards the middle of the song and then the rythym changes to a very pleasing gallopping riff which then gives way for a blistering old school thrash metal solo. As the track continues it sucks you further and further into it’s unrelenting brutality, it grabs you by the throat and say’s, “we are f*cking Necroriser”.

A very pleasing first track to say the least!

Track two is the title track for the E.P, Suicide, which instantly rips its way in with a blistering ferocity, the drums, guitar and bass are instantly thrashing away and is very reminiscant of some Old School Death Metal bands. The vocals then come in unusually half way through the song which nicely blends its way from a brutal old school death metal riff into a more well known thrash metal sound.

The third track on this E.P is called, Cleanse, which I think starts off with quite a standard death/thrash metal style riff, however that soon gives way to a really nice riff where the drums perfectly compliment it with some double bass pedal work, it is clear Necroriser are a bunch of skilled Musicians with this track. Towards the middle of the track it slows its pace down and is very reminiscant of early Sepultura, a guitar solo then kicks in which sounds awesome! The vocals are truely brutal and lend a sharp edge to the overall sound.

The final track is called, Pain, unfortunately this is my least favourite track on the E.P, it is still brutal and gives the listener a smack in the face and sounds very old school death metal, the riffs are nice and choppy, the double bass work on the drums are very well done and the vocals keep lending that brutal sharpness to the music.

My overall thoughts about this E.P are very positive and to be honest I am struggling to find any faults.

The production on this cd has been done to a high level and it doesn’t sound amatuer in any way, even though the band mixed and produced this E.P themselves, on this I applaud them.

Each track is an unrelenting blend of Thrash/Death metal and it pummels you into submission, it’s very old school and it is clear that the musicians are very skilled at what they do.

Necroriser are a very tight and well honed outfit, every member plays their instrument superbly and they all fit very well together, each one lending a boosted brutality to the other. If you are an old school thrash/death metal fan then this band is most definately for you, if your into bands such as Sepultura, Slayer or Carcass then you have found your new favourite band in Necroriser, Go out and see this band play live, buy their cd’s and support them as this is a band that truely deserves that support.

I have tried to keep the similarities to old school Sepultura out of this review up until this point, Necroriser are in a very similar vein as the aforementioned band, if you love old school Sepultura then you will love Necroriser, as they are keeping the spirit alive for this style of music, this is a band who I can see are not going to soften their style, they are not going to sell out, they simply will be…




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