Heretic – A Time of Crisis

A Time Of Crisis
Released: July 2012
Thrash Metal
Released via Metal on Metal Records

‘A Time Of Crisis’ is the long-awaited second album from the American thrash metal band. Heretic originally started out back in the 1980s before taking a long break then re-forming with the core members plus some new faces.

It’s very difficult to judge an album based on the opening track, especially if the said track is an instrumental like ‘The Divine Inquisition’. So far, so epic movie soundtrack… Then suddenly the thrash metal riffs kick in at the start of ‘Tomorrow’s Plague’ offering good guitar solos, consistent drum-work and vocals, all with that old school thrash metal feel. Think early Metallica/ Anthrax or any of the Big Four and you will get an idea of what this sounds like.

The rest of the album continues with the same formula. ‘Remains’ has a slow start then picks up gradually but what really makes it stand out are the vocals. It almost sounds like the singer is attempting a softer, cleaner vocal style in the beginning before abandoning it later in favor of the tried and tested method used on the other tracks. Other noteworthy tracks include: ‘For Your Faith’ which features an intro with what is quite possibly the best guitar solo on the album; the catchy guitar centered ‘Heretic’ where the vocals make a brief towards squeakier climates and the politically themed ‘Police State’.

Overall, whilst this may not be flawless, it’s a good thrash metal album. Welcome back, Heretic!


Iza Raittila

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