Dead Summer Society Signs with Rain Without End Records

We are very pleased to announce the signing of the Italian gothic/doom metal project DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY. DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY is the solo project of Mist (guitarist of How like a winter) and features collaborations with various male and female vocalists. Rain Without End Records will release DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY’s next full length album in 2013 and future releases after that.

DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY is a doom/gothic/dark/atmospheric/metal one man project from Italy created by guitarist and composer Mist (also guitarist in How like a winter). Mist writes and performs all of the music and instruments himself and collaborates with multiple vocalists.

DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY’s music can be described as a multiform soundscape with a dark, experimental approach. Folk, ambient and electronic elements blended with a hint of death/black metal build upon a main architecture of doom metal. Growls, screams and clean male vocals are sometimes enriched with beautiful female singing to create a fascinating, yet obscure, balance. The music features a captivating, evocative musical structure which makes for a mutable kaleidoscope of styles and sounds.

After the debut album “Visions from a thousand lives”, self released in 2012, which got very good feedback, Mist is now working on the second DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY’s album with more singers/musicians collaborations.The new album will be released by Rain Without End Records in 2013.



Rain Without End Records is a new doom metal based sub label of Naturmacht Productions.


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