Derelict – Perpetuation

Released April 2012
Technical Death Metal/ Progressive Death Metal

‘Perpetuation’ is the third album from the Montreal-based, Canadian death metallers Derelict.

Now, why is it that whenever I hear of a band described as ‘progressive’ and compared to the likes of Strapping Young Lad, I get these alarm bells ringing in my head? Let’s hope that’s not the case here…

The title track ‘Perpetuation’ is one hell of a nasty piece of work complete with fast, brutal death metal guitars and vocals which resemble a mix of grindcore and black metal. The progressive element comes from the guitars such as the solos in the intro and during selected intervals on ‘Spoils of War’. The drums on the other hand are all performed in a standard, consistent death metal style.

Luckily, despite the inclusion of the odd progressive style guitar solo such as the ones at the start of ‘Intricate Decay and throughout most of ‘Olympic’, the album’s main focus seems to be death metal which is a massive relief. Some tracks like ‘Digital Birthright’ and thrash metal-esque ‘Ergogenic’ remind me of other technical death metal bands such as Decapitated, only these happen to feature some Grimfist style vocals. The album’s main highlight is ‘Recreated’ which is the closest thing on here to standard death metal. One thing which lets this album down is the aforementioned ‘Olympic’ due to the overwhelming amount of progressive guitar riffs.

3.5/5 – more death metal, less progressive and you’ll have yourself a winner!

Iza Raittila

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