Dark Days Ahead – The Long Road South

Dark Days Ahead
The Long Road South
Due for release/Released: June 2012
Thrash Metal/ Groove Metal
Released via Label: Inverse Records

‘The Long Road South’ is the debut album from the Finnish metal band Dark Days Ahead.

Right from the start of the opening track ‘Hail The Lone Star’ it’s clear that there’s one big problem with the music and it’s the vocals, which are the typical metal-core style squeals. The guitars might contain a hint of thrash metal along with the occasional Machine Head -style riff like the ones on ‘Enemy of the Nation’ but other than that this is severely lacking in originality.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the best part of a track is the one without the vocals such as the groove metal instrumental part at the end of ‘Bastard Son of Disaster’ or the thrash metal guitar intro to ‘M M M’. The vocals go from bad to worse with some bizarre attempts at what sounds like an attempt at southern rock or possibly even grunge. It’s a tough call as to which one is worse, the ‘southern rock’ style or the metalcore squeals.

‘Chaos Caravan’ is the one of the few semi-decent tracks on here mostly due to the thrash metal guitar riffs, so long as you look past the vocals. Then there’s the slower paced, groove metal style ‘Until You Come Full Circle’ which features some pleasant sounding acoustic guitar elements towards the latter part of the song.


Iza Raittila

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