Emina – Take #1

Take #1
Released: March 2012
Classic Rock/ Hard Rock
Released via: SixtySix Records

‘Take # 1’ is the new album from the Austrian hard rock band Emina who take their name from their lead singer. It is the follow-up to last year’s EP ‘I’m Leaving’.

What stuck me first during the opening track ‘Speeding On A Highway’ was the power of Emina’s voice and her impressive vocal range. Think Gwen Stefani but with more classical vocal training…Emina offers the full package of hard rock with a great singer and skillfully executed, catchy guitar tunes. There’s even a touch of groove/blues rock on here such as the guitars at the start of ‘Action Girl’ and the slow intro to the ballad ‘Long Lost Race’.

Then there’s the catchy, energetic rock tracks like ‘I Am The Future’ and ‘(That’s Why) I’m Screaming’ where the vocals work well in conjunction with some good guitar solos resulting in very enjoyable and memorable songs. Even the ballads on here are not without merit. Take ‘Carry Me’ for instance, the slower pace of the acoustic guitar adds more emphasis to Emina’s vocals proving that she is just as good at singing ballads as she is at fast and catchy hard rock.

Hard rock fans take note: Emina is no teenage, softly spoken girlie-rock, this is the real deal!


Iza Raittila

2 Responses to “Emina – Take #1”

  1. Here is the link to Emina’s homepgae – http://www.emina-rock.com
    Thxs for the review Iza !

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