Coredust – Decent Death

Decent Death
Due for release: June 2012
Groove Metal/ Death Metal/ Thrash Metal
Released via Inverse Records

‘Recent Death’ is the debut album from the Finnish groove-death metal band Coredust. The album features Children Of Bodom’s Jaska Raatikainen as a guest drummer.

So what exactly can one expect from a band which has ‘-core’ in the name? Death-core is not a far of from what this sounds like. Luckily there’s hints of melodic death metal in the vocals on tracks such as ‘Without Disguise’ and some groove metal style guitars akin to Machine Head. Both of these things make the album that much more listenable.

Surprises include the melodic part half way through ‘Dead End’ in which we are subjected to some female backing vocals; and a temporary change in style to a more soft approach to the guitar and main vocals. What’s interesting is how the lead vocals switch from clear to the melo-death metal style during tracks like ’03:00 AM’. The transition between the two is not always the easiest and at times, like in the aforementioned ’03:00 AM’ the clear vocals just don’t gel well with the rest of the music. The melo-death/groove metal vocal style seems to be more befitting for the band. Another noteworthy track is ‘It’s Not Good’ which features some decent guitar riffs.


Iza Raittila

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