Zonaria – Arrival Of The Red Sun

Arrival Of The Red Sun
To be released: 23rd July
Melodic death metal
Released via Listenable Records


If you had lost all hope in Zonaria, it’s time to find it again. Without new releases in four years nor a solid tour in two, one could think the band wouldn’t get to suffer from the “difficult third album syndrome”. Well the third album is here, but I think they dismissed that infamous syndrome – “Arrival Of The Red Sun” is the “most defined” (in their own words) and most mature (my words) of them all.

The opening track is the richest in thriving guitars, maybe the reason why the album is named after it.

The drums are massive throughout the whole piece, but if I needed to choose one song to advertise Cebbe Isaksson’s skills, “Full Spectrum Dominance” would get the gold medal, as it has a lot more than just speed. And “Gunpoint Salvation” would probably get silver.

“Silent Holocaust” is a more heavy metal tune than death metal, with a strong chorus and worked-up guitar solo. And “Desert Storms” also has that “classic-heavy innuendo” to it, although it’s definitely a melodic death metal song.

“Liberation Zero” is pure rage, and “A Lullaby To Those Still Alive” is anything but. But of course it sounds a lot more poetic to say “lullaby” than “angry hymn” or something like that. And speaking of poetic, I think “The Blood That Must Be Paid” classifies as the epic track.

Renowned Jonas Kjellgren was in charge of the production, and I could bet that a handful of the arrangements and details in this album came from his mind. Like the keys/synths in “My Vengeance Remains”, for instance – I could be wrong, but those are just like his style. This song has also some of the coolest shredding moments, really mosh-friendly, to contrast with those keys. It’s my favourite, by the way.

The album finishes with the darkest track, “Face My Justice”, but if you get your hands in the limited edition of the cd, then you have an 11th song called “CC Cowboys”.

In a nutshell… don’t miss this!


Renata “Pieni” Lino

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