Soulhealer – The Kings of Bullet Alley (Special Edition)

The Kings of Bullet Alley (Special Edition)
Released: June 2012
Melodic Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock
Released via: Inverse Records

‘The Kings of Bullet Alley’ is the debut album from the Finnish melodic metal band Soulhealer. The album was originally self-released last year before the band signed to Inverse Records who decided to re-release a special edition of the album featuring the ‘Dreamcatcher’ EP.

The title track ‘Kings of the Bullet Alley’ has a catchy rock feel to it thanks to the stereotypical hard-rock style vocals and melodic guitar solos. ‘Nightfall’ sounds like one of those ballads during which the band would probably ask the audience to sing along to the chorus. It also features a memorable guitar solo towards the end.

‘Dirty Little War’ is equally catchy and once again you’re tempted to sing along. Ok, so the lyrics are a little bit on the cheesy side but that doesn’t change the fact that this is definitely another crowd-pleaser. Same thing goes for ‘The Die Is Cast’ which features some melodic guitar solos adding to the overall appeal of the song. Other noteworthy tracks include: the guitar solo infused ‘Blind Faith’; hard rock ballad ‘The Real Me’ which feels like a personal song for the singer featuring just his voice accompanied by an acoustic guitar; and the somewhat more upbeat rock song ‘Heading for Tomorrow’.

The last four tracks are from ‘The Dreamcatcher’ EP which as originally released back in 2010. Out of these ‘Snowdance’ serves as a catchy, upbeat hard rock song whilst ‘Dreamcatcher’ is one of those tracks that is easy and fun to sing along to.


Iza Raittila

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