The Gathering releasing new single, album info and cover artwork!

‘Meltdown’ – the single

The Gathering proudly presents the brand new song ‘Meltdown’ as a taster from their upcoming album ‘Disclosure’! Again they  release an epic song with emotional atmosphere and a typical the Gathering  touch. This time though, the band also has a brand new voice colouring the song;  Frank Boeijen (keyboards)!

You can listen to ‘Meltdown’

Like ‘Heroes for Ghosts’ (the bands previous single  released last year) this song is available as a free download at the Gathering bandcamp page!

‘Disclosure’ – the album The new album will be released through Psychonaut Records the 12th of  September 2012.

‘Disclosure’ is the most personal soundscape the band ever made, both  lyrically and musically’, Frank Boeijen says. He continues: ‘The album is a  great marriage between electronic and organic sounds, and has a wide range of  colourful songs. With long epic songs we stayed close to ourselves. We are  incredible proud of this album which is a reflection of what we do best, and our  urge for experiment. The album will be released September 12th and will feature  tracks like: Paper Waves, Meltdown, Heroes for Ghosts, Gemini, Missing  Seasons, See for Miles, Paralyzed. This time the beautiful art work for the  album is made by the artist Carlos Vergara Rivera ( Chile ). The  handcrafted cover art is inspired by our track ‘Heroes for Ghosts’ released last  year.’

The Gathering: Frank Boeijen – keyboards, vocals, Marjolein Kooijman – bass, Hans Rutten – drums, René Rutten – guitars, Silje Wergeland – vocals

The album can already be pre-order before it goes on retail with  exclusive packages from the bands webshopright now. All package orders will get a poster and sticker for  free. If you order a Full Package you’ll also get a brand new 10 inch vinyl EP  ‘Afterlights’ for free! This EP is pressed on coloured vinyl, contains  exclusive tracks. It will be hand numbered, and limited to 1000 copies. Webshop  orders and packages will be shipped the 28th of August.

Produced by René Rutten Drums recorded with Studio 2 mobile at  Studiobizz Engineered by René Rutten Silje’s vocals recorded at Conclave & Earshot studios Engineered by Herbrand Larsen & Arve Isdal Additional recordings at Studio 2 Engineered by René Rutten Mixed by  Guido Aalbers at GieSound Mastered by Paul Matthijs Lombert at The Mastering  Factory
Tracklist (could change):

  1. Paper Waves
  2. Meltdown
  3. Gemini I
  4. Heroes For Ghosts
  5. Missing Seasons
  6. See For Miles
  7. Paralyzed
  8. Gemini II

-The Gathering’s 10th studio album -Marriage between organic and electronic sounds -Personal album, both  musical and lyrical -Diverse: epic, long tracks but also ‘small’  songs -Frank (keyboard) is doing main vocals on ‘Meltdown’ -Harmony  vocals by the whole band

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