Hammerhed – Fennoscandian Badass

Fennoscandian Badass
Due for release/Released: June 2012
Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal
Released via Label: Inverse Records

‘Fennoscandian Badass’ is the second album from the Finnish thrash metal band Hammerhed.

After the dark ambient intro it’s straight into some fast-paced, thrash metal with ‘FBA’ treating the listener to some fierce-sounding guitar riffs and Slayer-style, shouting vocals. The mean thrash metal machine ‘Dollarizer’ is so catchy that you can easy look past the cheesy lyrics and head-bang along. Then there’s ‘Bastardophobia’ which bulldozes its way through your eardrums right before soothing them with an atmospheric part towards the end of the track.

Other noteworthy tracks include: ‘Inch by Bloody Inch’ which sounds like a tribute to ‘Roots’-era Sepultura complete with similar sounding guitar patterns and the promised land of guitar solos that is ‘Legal Piece’. The only things that let this album down slightly are the hard-core elements such as the guitar style on tracks like ‘Primitive’.


Iza Raittila

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