PRC Music Owner Issues Statement On Passing Of Steeve Hurdle

We are very sad to announce the death of guitarist and composer Steeve Hurdle on May 20, 2012. Founding member of PURULENCE and NEGATIVA, and ex-GORGUTS, Steeve leaves a rich and original musical heritage. But he will be remembered mostly for his friendly and unreserved character.
Metal fans of the world are losing a monument of the scene, an exemplary composer and a creative mind that knew no boundaries. Relatives are mourning the man, the son, the brother and the beautiful soul that he was.
“Losing a friend like Steeve is a shock for me. We knew, cheered for and supported each other for the last 23 years. Steeve was wholehearted: a true musician, a true passionate being. He was gearing up for the next chapter of NEGATIVA. We were discussing it after deciding to reedit the first mini-CD: studio, promo, events, concerts, etc. We were getting ready to work together, just like in the good old days of PURULENCE. I was really excited at this perspective, but mostly, I was looking forward to sharing laughs, ideas and all these moments where you know you are at the right place, the right moment with the right person.”
Thank you for crossing my path, Steeve. Rest in peace, Brother.” Rémi – PRC MUSIC
You can view pictures and videos of Steeve at
You can send condolences to Steeve’s family and friends here: groups/176341639162283/


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